Mapping 1777 Chester County (virtual)

In 2020, the Chester County Archives staff unveiled their award-winning 1777 Chester County Property Atlas. This project highlights property owners, roads, and notable sites of interest (mills, taverns, places of worship, etc.) in existence in September 1777 during the Battle of Brandywine and succeeding events of the Philadelphia Campaign. Learn more about how this project […]

Horticultural Cousins: John Bartram, Humphry Marshall, and Early American Botany

Joel T. Fry, Curator at Bartram's Garden in Philadelphia, will explore the lives of botanists & cousins John Bartram and Humphry Marshall. Pennsylvania Quakers John Bartram (1699-1777) and Humphry Marshall (1722-1801) have been frequently connected in histories of early American plant science, but it is not always apparent how closely related the two botanists were. […]

Behind-the-Scenes at Chester County Archives and Records Services (hybrid)

Since 1982, the Chester County Archives has been preserving and making accessible the historic government records of the Chester County Government.  We’ll peel back the curtain for a behind-the-scenes look at the Chester County Archives. We’ll discuss the history of this unique department, explore the historic county government records available to researchers, and highlight some […]

Notable Houses of the du Pont Family (virtual)

This illustrated talk looks at some of the notable houses and gardens of the du Ponts. In the 19th century and first half of the 20th century members of this family created a wide variety of country houses in the Brandywine Valley. They chose architects such as T.P. Chandler, Harrie Lindeberg, Albert Ives, and R. […]

Profiles: Chester County Clothing in the 1800s (virtual)

Throughout time, clothing has revealed a great deal about who we are. In the early 1800s, clothing in Chester County represented individual identity, personal choice, and place within the community. People here had access to global trends through Philadelphia and other regional ports. They accepted or rejected fashion styles based on what they could afford, […]

Hinsonville’s Heroes: Agents of Emancipation and Civil Rights (virtual)

Dr. Cheryl Renée Gooch, author of Hinsonville’s Heroes: Black Civil War Soldiers of Chester County, Pennsylvania (The History Press), traces the stories of 18 residents of Hinsonville, a free black community in southeast Pennsylvania, who fought for the Union Army during the American Civil War. The former 19th century village of Hinsonville near Lincoln University […]

For the County of Chester: The Oldest Record at the Chester County Archives (hybrid)

Take an in-depth look at the oldest record preserved at the Chester County Archives and learn about its significance over 340 years. On February 14, 1683, local residents assembled at the House of Defense for their regular court session. When the court clerk, Thomas Revell, opened the court docket, however, he did something a little […]

Osborne Perry Anderson & the African Americans in John Brown’s Army (Zoom)

Author Eugene L. Meyer tells the story of Osborne Perry Anderson, a native of Chester County, who joined with abolitionist John Brown in an ill-fated raid on Harpers Ferry in October 1859 to seize its federal arsenal, incite a slave rebellion, and end slavery. Anderson was one of five African Americans soldiers in Brown's raiding […]

William Penn’s Treaties in Context

Professor Daniel K. Richter will explore the interactions and agreements between William Penn and the Native people of Pennsylvania.