Core Exhibits

Permanent Exhibits at CCHC in West Chester, PA

If you are looking for a place to acquaint yourself or friends with Chester County, explore our permanent exhibits in West Chester, PA, filled with nationally-recognized collections! Regardless of whether you’re a local resident or from the surrounding areas of Delaware, Bucks, or Montgomery counties, come to CCHC to understand the people, places, and events that made Chester County what it is today.

Core Exhibits That Recount the History of Chester County, PA

CCHC features permanent exhibits at our museum in West Chester, PA, that tell the story of the county’s roots, early beginnings, evolution, and more. From visible storage to our changing exhibits — and everything in between — our museum exhibits depict the rich history of Chester County, PA.   

Exploring History!

Becoming Chester County

From contact with indigenous people in the 1600s, local residents have recorded stories of daily life, work, and civic engagement. It’s all about choices — colonists made difficult choices to immigrate while indigenous people had to choose how to react to new people in their midst. Settlers decided in the 1700s if they were for — or against — British rule or were simply caught in the local crossfire of the largest American Revolution battle. Social reformers in the 1800s considered their position on abolition, slavery, women’s rights, temperance, and many others, as depicted in our museum’s permanent exhibitions. Today, people still do extraordinary things and still seek equal opportunity; we are still making history!

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Visible Storage

Visible storage bridges the tantalizing gap between public galleries and limited access spaces. More than 900 artifacts invite you to peer into the world of Chester County’s material goods from the late 1600s to the early 1900s. With Philadelphia nearby, early county settlers of economic means and their descendants made choices based on international design and personal values. Learn about international imports and local artisans with our permanent museum exhibitions.

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Changing Exhibits

Why do we care about Chester County’s history? Understanding history helps us connect past events to current situations; they reveal the long view. Our permanent exhibits in West Chester, PA, offer an in-depth look at ideas and trends that shaped local experiences. They delve into the heart of community choices, looking at all sides of the stories about the ways the community changed and reacted to larger trends. Beautiful artifact-focused exhibits show the materials of daily life and the creativity to make them. They reveal much about design, economics, and trade; they connect us to individuals, families, and places. Also of interest to collectors and contemporary artisans, these exhibits appeal to broad audiences as well.

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Whether you’re a local resident or from the neighboring regions of Bucks, Delaware, or Montgomery counties, the permanent exhibits at CCHC in West Chester, PA, in the Brandywine Valley allow you to discover, explore, and learn about Chester County, the surrounding areas, and beyond!

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Established in 1682 by William Penn, Chester County has a complex history.

Did you know… that the Battle of Brandywine was fought on September 11, 1777? …that Kennett Square is known as the Mushroom Capital of the world? …that penicillin was first mass-produced for humans in West Chester?

If you’re looking for a place to acquaint yourself or friends to Chester County, explore our permanent galleries filled with hundreds of objects from our nationally recognized 18th- and 19th-century artifacts, manuscript and photo collections. Learn about Chester County’s past and gain insights into our world today.