The Red Rose Girls: An Uncommon Story of Art & Love (virtual)

Artists Jessie Willcox Smith, Elizabeth Shippen Green, and Violet Oakley captivated early-twentieth-century Philadelphia with their brilliant careers and uncommon lifestyle. Nicknamed "The Red Rose Girls” by their mentor, illustrator Howard Pyle, they rented the Red Rose Inn on the city's Main Line and set up an unconventional household. Joined by their friend Henrietta Cozens, the […]

Howard Pyle and the Brandywine Tradition: An American School of Art (Zoom)

In 1900 at the height of his fame, illustrator Howard Pyle founded the Howard Pyle School of Art in Wilmington, Delaware. His bold purpose was to train promising young artists to produce uniquely American work that would echo the nation’s spirit and challenge Europe’s artistic supremacy. Towards that end, Pyle championed imagination over technique and […]

Paintings Preserved: Conserving Chester County’s Art History (virtual)

To highlight Conservation Week 2023, Mark Bockrath, paintings conservator, will discuss examples from the CCHC museum collection that he's worked on, and the challenges and rewards involved with art conservation. Ellen Endslow, CCHC's Curator, will join him to share the thought process behind how CCHC chooses which paintings to conserve first, and the detailed work […]