Spy Day (children’s event)

There have been spies in Chester County since the 1600s, but did you know that George Washington's own spy ring was once headquartered here? This brand new event will give children the chance to conduct spy missions through the museum, learn to read and write in cipher and code, explore the science of invisible ink […]

Stuffed Animal Sleepover (children’s event)

Have you ever wondered what happens at the museum when it's closed? We'll share its secrets with your stuffed friends at our Sleepover! On Friday, August 12th from 2:00pm to 4:30pm, drop off your stuffed animal or favorite toy at the front desk of the Chester County History Center.* We'll take them on an adventure […]

Age of Invention (family program)

A fun family day exploring some of history's most interesting inventions! What’s the greatest invention in human history? Some might say the wheel, the printing press, the airplane, or the internet. The truth is that every invention has changed the way you eat, work and play—even the way you brush your teeth! During this family […]

Festive Family Fun Day (children’s event)

'Tis the season--for creating wonderful crafts to give as gifts or hang in a special place at home! CCHC staff will guide visitors through the history and meaning of historic crafts (like tin punching) and children can make their own unique treasure to keep for themselves, or gift to a loved one. Tickets include all-day […]

Discovery in the Dark: A Children’s Event

This family evening event will show children what life was like in the past before electricity. Learn about all the different sources of light (like candles, lanterns, and rushlights), and what bedtime was like, from pajamas, to brushing your teeth, to tightening your rope bed. Walk through the museum and learn the stories of the […]

Have a Ball! New Year Family Event

Looking for a fun activity in anticipation of New Year's Eve? Kids will "have a ball" exploring the museum and making their own party kit for ringing in the New Year in Style!

Discovery in the Dark: A Children’s Event

Ever wonder about what life was like at night before electricity? Bring your flashlight to the Chester County History Center to explore the museum in the dark while completing a scavenger hunt. Other fun stations throughout the building will provide more illuminating fun for all!