Collection Title: Women’s Christian Temperance Union of Chester County

Collection Number: Ms. Coll. 147

Box Numbers: 14 boxes

Repositiory: Chester County Historical Society, West Chester, PA

Language: English

Project Archivist: Margaret Miles Baillie


The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) was initially established in August 1874 at Lake Chautauqua, New York, following a brief season of successful moral suasion by national women against the sale and use of alcohol.  A formal national convention took place in Ohio on November 18, 1874, where goals were solidified and officers elected.  These goals,[i] which were founded upon the desire to protect the home, were to promote total abstinence, temperance education in Sunday School and public schools, distribution of literature, continued mass suasion and temperance columns in newspapers along with press coverage of meetings.

Although organized temperance unions outside the church structure existed in the United States as early as 1808, the WCTU was the first organization which was exclusively female.  Other societies had women members or female auxiliaries, but they did not allow women to hold office or speak to a mixed audience.  Occasionally men were invited as guest speakers or to officiate in prayer for the WCTU, but only women held office.  The first officers elected at the National Convention in 1874 were Annie Wittenmayer, president, Frances Willard, corresponding secretary, Mary Johnson, recording secretary, and Mary Ingham, treasurer.

Alcohol had a strong presence in post-Civil War America.  Production of liquor had increased from the antebellum period and therefore, was more readily available and cheap.  It was thought to give energy for hard work and was freely used for all types of medicinal purposes.  Liquor interests influenced politics and saloons became a social gathering place for men.  Women did not have a voice in politics and many saw their loved one’s wages squandered on alcohol.  The WCTU gave them the vehicle they needed to act against these evils.  Its fight against the retail liquor industry is well known, but they also enacted prison reform, which included facilities for women, started the Kindergarten movement, established social rooms for the poor and fought for the eight hour work day.[ii]

The WCTU of Chester County, which was established May 29, 1884, in West Chester, was initially compromised of the West Chester, Phoenixville, Coatesville, Parkesburg, Downingtown, and Oxford Unions. Chester County is in close proximity to Philadelphia, approximately thirty miles, and it was there in the spring of 1874, that nearly 25,000 women “accomplished more for temperance than any other eastern city.”[iii]  Perhaps this inspired the women of Chester County to initiate reform in their own region.  In any case, Chester County had a well established population which was already active in their churches and community.  They were also starting to enjoy some prosperity in their businesses and ease in their lives.  The women, who had been exposed to leadership opportunities in organizations such as church missionary societies, were ready to adopt the WCTU as a means to improve their communities and, inadvertently, became part of the largest woman’s group at that time.


“The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union is divided into six main departments, which in turn are subdivided as follows: IOrganization, which includes work among foreigners and miners and work among colored people; II—Prevention, which deals with heredity and with medical temperance; IIIEducational, the largest and most important department, deals with scientific temperance instruction in schools and colleges, summer assemblies, temperance work in Sunday schools, temperance literature, presenting the cause to influential bodies, education through the press, anti-narcotics, W. C. T. U. institutes, school savings banks, medal contests, Union Signal, and Young Crusader; IVEvangelistic, which covers prison work, cooperation with missionary societies, systematic giving, rescue work, juvenile court work, work among railroad employers, sailors and soldiers, Sabbath observance, mercy, and purity in art and literature; VSocial, which includes the flower missions, fairs, open air and social meetings;[sic] VILegal, a very important department, carrying on active propaganda work along the lines of legislation, equal suffrage, peace, petition work in favor of various laws, and measures and Christian citizenship.”[iv]

[i] Bordin, Ruth.  Women and Temperance:  The Quest for Power and Liberty, 1873-1900.  Temple University Press, Philadelphia 1981. pp. 37-38.

[ii] Ibid. pp. 13-14.

[iii] Pp. 25-26.

Collections Scope:

The Chester County Historical Society’s WCTU Collection encompasses the years of 1884-1992 through a varied collection of Local, County, Regional, State and National records. It is organized by region and chronologically.  In addition to this collection, there are previously numbered manuscripts which are archived separately.  An index of these items is included in this finding aid. 

Collection Arrangement:

File Box 1:  County and Regional WCTU

File Box 2:  State and National WCTU 

File Box 3:  Printed Material

File Box 4:  Minutes of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Chester County 1884-1913

File Box 5:  Minutes of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Chester County 1914-1944, WCTU Cochranville Chester County Minutes 1945-1958

File Box 6: Minutes and Ephemera of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of   Chester County Coatesville, Malvern, and Oxford Unions. Picture from Russellville Union

File Box 7: Minutes and Treasurer’s Records of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Chester County, West Chester Union

File Box 8: Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Chester County, Cochranville Union Minutes 1889-1950

File Box 9: Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Chester County, Cochranville Union

File Box 10:  Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Chester County, Cochranville Union

File Box 11:  Non-Partisan Conference and Woman’s Christian Temperance League

File Box 12:  Woman’s Christian Temperance League Lyndell

File Box 13:  Woman’s Christian Temperance League Lyndell

File Box 14:  Woman’s Christian Temperance Union Scrapbook re: Francis Willard


Numbered Manuscripts:

Women’s Christian Temperance Union (Chester County/West Chester)


#9191-9193     Three letters from Rachel Price to Mrs. Yeatman, 1894-1900.

                        Letter #9193, 1894, discusses political problems in the WCTU and the

                        “Keeley Cure.”  Letter #9192, n.d., lists Mrs. Price as the V. P. of

                        the Women’s Christian Temperance Allegiance.


#5155-5159     31st Annual Convention held in West Grove 1915

#5160-5162     37th Annual Convention held in Oxford 1922

#78134            1888-1906

#76239            1906-1910

#76240            1921-1932

#78136            1933-1938

#78135            1910-1920 (With Index)

#78137            1939-1944

#78138            1944-1956

#78133            1884-1897 (Treasurer’s Report)

#76273            1920-1931 (ledger)

#76274            1920-1927 (ledger by union)

#76275            1884-1889 (ledger by fund)

#76276            1889-1903 Treasurer’s book

#76277            1903-1918 Treasurer’s book

#76278            1918-1927 Treasurer’s book


#76262            1887-1889 West Goshen

#76262a          1951-1955 Chatwood Loyal Temperance Legion YTC Scrapbook

#76527            1890- 1898 West Grove

#76528            1898 -1904 West Grove

#76529            1887-1893  West Grove

#76528a-b       1905-1944  West Grove

#76272            1888-1893  West Grove Treasurer’s book

 #76251            1896-1900  Russellville          minutes: also folder of items from book

#76252            1902-1907  Russellville          minutes w roll call

#76253            1907-1911  Russellville          minutes w roll call

#76254            1912-1916  Russellville          minutes w roll call

#76255            1916-1925  Russellville          minutes w roll call

#76256            1925-1930  Russellville          minutes w roll call

#76258            1937            Russellville          minutes

Christian Temperance League of Chester County

#76530            1889-1929       Treasurer’s Account Book

#76531            1890-1896       Minute book

#76532            1896-1904       Minute book

#76533            1890-1901       Treasurer’s Account Book

Collections Contents:

File Box 1:  County and Regional WCTU

Folder 1:   Constitution and By-Laws, n.d.

Folder 2:   Transcripts

-History, Purpose and Scope of Woman’s Christian Temperance Union

-Polygot Petition

Folder 3:   Directories:  n.d., 1916-1917, 1918-1919

Folder 4:   Unions and Number of Members 1921

Folder 5:   Diamond and Silver Medal Speech Contests 1922, 1943

Folder 6:   County Officers:  n.d., 1929, 1939

Folder 7:   County Secretaries and Directors: 1942, 1944

Folder 8:   County Educational Report:  1929, 1937

Folder 9:   Annual Treasurer’s Report 1943;  Semi-Annual Convention Treasurer’s Report 1943

Folder 10: Correspondence:  1922, 1925, 1932, 1939 

Folder 11: Paoli Encampment: 1890, 1891 

Folder 12: Temperance Institute and Ratification Rally: 1906, 1915, 1918

Folder 13:  Semi-Annual and Quarterly Conventions

-Semi-Annual:  1896, 1898, 1900, 1906, 1907, 1910, 1917, 1943

-Quarterly:  February and November 1890; February, July and December 1891; March 1892; August 1894

Folder 14: First Annual County Report 1884-1885

Folder 15: Twenty-Sixth Annual County Convention 1910 Minutes

Folder 16: Annual County Conventions Programs 1890-1913

-6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 22nd, 25th, 29th

Folder 17: Annual County Conventions Programs 1919-1943

-35th, 49th, 51st, 53rd through 59th 

Folder 18: Annual County Conventions Programs 1944-1957

-60th-65th, 67th, 68th, 72nd, 73rd

Folder 19: Southeastern Regional Convention Programs: 1939, 1941, 1942

Folder 20: Groupings of Unions for Institute Purposes 1934(?)

Folder 21: Institute Programs

-Tri-County 1946

-West Grove & Londonderry 1946

Folder 22: Regional Workshops Programs 1948, 1949; County Workshop Program 1952

Folder 23: Crusade Quilt News Photo 1953

Folder 24:  Scrapbook

-Small scrapbook contains a thank you card, WCTU catechism and principles, Frances E. Willard information, copy of the Polygot Petition, and clippings of writings of F.E. Willard and others.

-Photocopy of the Polygot Petition

Folder 25:  “The Early Life of Frances Willard” transcript, n.d.

Folder 26: West Chester #2 “A Colored Union”

-Date of reorganization and name of president, Mrs. Ella H. Gladman

-Program of Annual Meeting of the WCTU Organizations of West Chester, 1891 with name of Secretary and Treasurer of “2d Ys.”  Also lists officers of “1st Ys.”

-Ltr to Mrs. Ella H. Gladman from Dorothy B. Lapp, Corresponding Secretary, dated March 2, 1949, in reference to the start of  the West Chester #2 Union.

Folder 27: Annual Meeting West Chester 1904 (?)

Folder 28: West Chester Programs 1938-1958

Folder 29: Young Women’s Christian Temperance Union

-State Programme October 14, 1895

-West Chester Program April 30, 1885

Folder 30: History of Schuylkill Township, Phoenixville, W.C.T.U.

Folder 31: Russellville (Upper Oxford) W.C.T.U. Programs

-Program schedules for the years listed.  Includes names of officers and superintendents of departments, pledge and conditions of membership.





Folder 31: Octoraro Mid Winter Festival

Folder 32: Photocopies of items removed to Museum

-White ribbon that reads “New Unions”

-Small envelope with details of enclosed white ribbon that was pinned on E. Ralph Baker’s jacket when he was seven by F. E. Willard.

-Pennsylvania Youths Temperance Council medal 1941.


File Box 2:  State and National WCTU

Folder 1:    Roll Card Cards:  1943, 1947, 1950

Folder 2:   64th Annual State Report 1938

Folder 3:   65th Annual State Report 1939 “Frances E. Willard Centenary”

Folder 4:   66th Annual State Report 1940 (manuscript)

Folder 5:   67th Annual State Convention 1941 Program Booklet (Philadelphia)

Folder 6:   67th Annual State Banquet 1941 Program

Folder 7:   Pennsylvania Bulletin “The Official Organ of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union of Pennsylvania”.

-Vol. L, No. 3, March 1939

-Vol. L, No. 4, April 1939

-Vol. L1, No. 2, February 1940

Folder 8:   The Union Signal April 23, 1908, Vol. 34, No. 17. The official organ of the National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. Published weekly by the NWCTU, Evanston, Illinois.  Addressed to “Mis (?) Mary E. Barton 4709, 100 Main St.” [M. Barton may have been a member of the Coatesville Union as this paper was found among Coatesville items which are now filed in Box 6 of this collection.]

Folder 9:   National Report of 1898 – booklet (cover fragile) 

Folder 10:  National Annual Conventions

-61st, September 1935, Atlantic City, NJ

-75th, August 1949, Philadelphia, PA

Folder 11: National Annual Convention 1927 Minutes (manuscript)

Folder 12: National Annual Convention 1939(?) Minutes (manuscript)


File Box 3: Printed Material

Folder 1: The Moral Plague of Civil Society: or, the Pernicious Effects of the Love of Money on the Morals of Mankind: Exemplified in the Encouragement Given to the Use of ARDENT SPIRITS in the United States, With Proper Remedy for the Cure of This National Evil.  Philadelphus. Philadelphia. 1821, 16 pp.

Folder 2:  Sundry Thoughts on the Great Subject of the Day. Intemperance: Its Effects, Physical, Intellectual, and Moral; Its History and Origin, and How the Habit is Formed Together with a View of Redemption; or, The means of Its Cure. Emilio, Carolo. Philadelphia, 1856, 46 pp.

Folder 3:    Black Valley Railroad 1863. National Temperance Society

Folder 4:   Chester County Dry Lyrics to the song. By Rev. W. G. Nyce

Folder 5:   Signed Petition Protesting Bible Rationing (circa 1918)

Folder 6:   Christian Flag Pledge card and The Purpose and Scope of the Christian Temperance Union Tract

Folder 7:  What does it Matter? And Other Tales  and The Three Partners – Temperance Lessons for Boys and Girls  booklets by Margaret Baker, London, England. 40 pp. and 34 pp. respectively.

Folder 8:  Alcohol – It’s Action on the Human Organism  Medical Research Council. His Majesty’s Stationery Office, London. 1934, 170 pp.and History of the Amendment  Quilts of 1888. Darlington, Mrs. Richard. F. S. Hickman, West Chester, PA. n.d. 12 pp. 3 copies

Folder 9: Educate for Total Abstinence:  A Handbook of Temperance Education. Demerest, Ada Rose.  Standard Publishing Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.  1934, 94 pp. and Prohibition Facts Questions and Answers: Compiled for the Allied Forces for Prohibition. Calderwood, W.G., 1932.

 Folder 10: Stories about Frances Willard. Tinling, Christine I., Richard J. James & Son, London. n.d., 51 pp.; and Pioneer Girl The Early Life of Frances Willard. Judson, Clara Ingram, Rand McNally & Co., New York. 1939, 80 pp.; and She Became A Famous Woman 1839-1989 Centenary. Signal Press. n.d.

Folder 11: The Sweet Dry and Dry, or, See America Thirst!  McEvoy, J. P., P. F. Volland Company, Chicago, 1919.

Folder 12:  “Voter’s Warning!” n.d.

Folder 13:  Social Meeting Invitation 1892;  Undated Pledge.

Folder 14:  Seal “United We Conquer” 1942-1943

Folder 15: Rev. Anna H. Shaw Flyer (at Kennett)


File Box 4: Minutes of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Chester County 1884-1913

Folder 1:  Constitution and Minutes of the WCTU of Chester County 1884-1889

Folder 2:  Minutes of the WCTU of Chester County 1889-1893

Folder 3:  Minutes of the WCTU of Chester County 1893-1902

Folder 4:  Minutes of the WCTU of Chester County 1902-1913


File Box 5: Minutes of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Chester County 1914-1944, WCTU Cochranville Chester County Minutes 1945-1958

Folder 1:  Minutes of the WCTU of Chester County 1914-1931

Folder 2:  Minutes of the WCTU of Chester County 1931-1944. Includes notes on the “Victory Luncheon” January 14, 1932.

Folder 3:  Minutes of the WCTU of Chester County, Cochranville Union 1945-1958

File Box 6: Minutes and Ephemera of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Chester County Coatesville, Malvern, and Oxford Unions. Picture from Russellville Union

Folder 1:   WCTU Coatesville 25th County Anniversary program, envelope and photocopy of ribbon and party favor.  Photocopies of various delegate ribbons dated 1895, 1898, 1903, 1904, and 1908.  Actual ribbons transferred to curatorial.

Folder 3:   WCTU Coatesville:  Ballots for  June 18, 1889 with envelope that reads, “Ticket that was voted for and against on the 18th day of June 1889.”  Ballot read “Prohibitory Amendment to the Constitution.  For the Prohibitory Amendment”

Folder 4:   WCTU Coatesville:  Pinkerton Letter and Pricing Policy.  Letter dated December 26, 1885, to Mrs. Mary G. Worth, Coatesville, from R.J. Linden, Superindent of the Philadelphia office of Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency in regards to her inquiry to hire a detective.  Pricing Policy form letter gives the rates and procedures for items billed.

Folder 5:   WCTU Coatesville: List of signers to Application of Christian Shafer and Annie Ridgway for Liquor License at the Stephen House 1894, The Speakman Hotel,  and for J. Gravell and B. Vandever.

Folder 6:   WCTU and WCTL Malvern (Chester Valley): WCTU Minutes 1886-1889, WCTL Minutes 1889-1894.

Folder 7:   WCTU Malvern:  Minutes 1904-1913 with Constitution and Membership

Folder 8:   WCTU Malvern:  Minutes 1913-1919 with Membership

Folder 9:   WCTU Malvern:  Minutes 1934-1946 with Membership

Folder 10:  WCTU Oxford:  1892 Invitation to a reception at Mrs. Passmore’s home for the young people who signed the pledge during Mr. Burwell’s meetings.  Minutes 1914-1933.

File Box 7: Minutes and Treasurer’s Records of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Chester County, West Chester Union

Folder 1:   WCTU West Chester:  Minutes 1957-1969

Folder 2:   WCTU West Chester:  Treasurer’s Book 1916-1945

Folder 3:   WCTU West Chester:  Cash Book 1945-1969

File Box 8: Minutes of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Chester County, Cochranville Union Minutes 1889-1950

Folder 1:   WCTU Cochranville:  Minutes January 1889-February 1911. Includes members.

Folder 2:   WCTU Cochranville:  Minutes February 1911-April 1917. Includes members.

Folder 3:   WCTU Cochranville:  Minutes July 1917-March 1927.  Includes members.  Fragile cover.

Folder 4:   WCTU Cochranville:  Minutes March 1927-April 1932. Includes members.

Folder 5:   WCTU Cochranville:  Minutes May 1932-May 1937.  Includes members.

Folder 6:   WCTU Cochranville:  Minutes June 1937-December 1940.  Includes members.

Folder 7:   WCTU Cochranville:  Minutes January 1941-May 1944. Includes members.

Folder 8:   WCTU Cochranville:  Minutes June 1944-May 1950.  Fragile pages.  Includes members, news clippings and assorted certificates of recognition.


File Box 9: Minutes of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Chester County, Cochranville Union

Folder 1:   WCTU Cochranville:  Minutes June 1950-April 1954.  Includes news clippings and a leaflet on Bethany Acres, a Women’s Alcoholic Rehabilitation in Fallston, MD.

Folder 2:  WCTU Cochranville:  Minutes May 1954-May 1958. Includes news clippings, pledge coupon, and WCTU Life membership certificates.

Folder 3:   WCTU Cochranville:  Minutes April 1958-July 1961.  Includes some correspondence and news clippings, i.e. article on Eleanor Marie Henley, and the 1960 County Temperance Institute.

Folder 4:   WCTU Cochranville:  Minutes September 1969-November 1973.  Includes some correspondence, including form letter to NASA dated December 1968 thanking the Astronauts for reading from the Bible and a Christmas card/letter from a soldier, and clippings. Loose pages.

Folder 5:   WCTU Cochranville:  Minutes December 1973-May 1976

Folder 6:   WCTU Cochranville:  Minutes June 1976-March 1977. Loose pages.

Folder 7:   WCTU Cochranville:  Treasurer’s Book 1954-1980.  Includes memberships paid 1954-1980 and Union Signal subscriptions.

Box 10:  Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Chester County, Cochranville Union

Folder 1:   WCTU Cochranville:  County Constitution and By laws 1942

Folder 2:   WCTU Cochranville:  County Directory 1918-1919 and 1966

Folder 3:   WCTU Cochranville:  Programs 1931-1934

Folder 4:   WCTU Cochranville:  Miscellaneous Financial Records 1960s-1980s

Folder 5:   WCTU Cochranville:  Miscellaneous State and Local Committee Reports/Materials 1960s

Folder 6:   WCTU Cochranville:  Reports 1977-1979

Folder 7:   WCTU Cochranville:  Annual and Semi-Annual Convention Minutes 1958-59

Folder 8:   WCTU Cochranville:  Annual and Semi-Annual Convention Minutes 1970-82

Folder 9:  WCTU Cochranville:  Pennsylvania Annual Convention Materials 1963, 1971, 1978, 1982

Folder 10: WCTU Cochranville:  Atglen/Cochranville Minutes and Institute Reports 1967-1971

Folder 11: WCTU Cochranville:  Youth Temperance Council 1971 with news photo.

Folder 12: WCTU Cochranville:  Cochranville Literature

Folder 13: WCTU Cochranville:  Cochranville Executive and Central Committee minutes 1958-1982

Folder 14: WCTU Cochranville:  Southeastern Regional Workshop Minutes/Reports 1980-1983

Box 11:  Non-Partisan Conference and Woman’s Christian Temperance League

Folder 1:   Non-Partisan Conference 1890 Announcement and Constitution

Folder 2:   Non-Partisan Conference 1890 Record Book, Index page 136. Cover off.

-Report of Bureau of Correspondence and Non-Partisan Conference of Pennsylvania Christian Temperance Women January 16-17, 1890 at American Sunday School Union Hall, 1122 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

Folder 3:   Non-Partisan WCTU Parlor Meeting 1891 Announcement and Non-Partisan National WCTU tract, “A Letter to Young Women from the Y. Secretary  of the Non-Partisan National WCTU. West Chester, PA Jan. 1, 1891.”

Folder 4:   Woman’s Christian Temperance League Minutes of State Convention, n.d.

-Envelope and Report by Margaret W. Wood of Convention at Emlenton of  State organization of Women’s Christian Temperance Alliance (Chester Co. org. “League”)

-Mrs. Wood was part of the Concordville Union

Folder 5:   Woman’s Christian Temperance League Constitution and By laws 1889, 1891

Folder 6:   Woman’s Christian Temperance League Annual Convention Programs 1890-1910

Folder 7:   Woman’s Christian Temperance League Annual Convention Programs 1911-1929 and 2 undated.

Folder 8:   Woman’s Christian Temperance League Mid-Winter, Spring and Quarterly Convention Programs 1891-1915

Folder 9:   Woman’s Christian Temperance League Fall and Winter Conventions Program 1899-1927

Folder 10: The Life-Boat May 1890, “Whosoever Will, Let Him Take of the Water of Life Freely” Vol. 1, No. 1. Published monthly by the Christian Temperance League of Chester County.  Mrs. H. I. Hodgson, editor.

Folder 11: The Life-Boat January, February, March, May and November 1891. Address 109 Chestnut Street, Coatesville.

Folder 12: The Life-Boat January, March, May, June, September 1892

Folder 13: The Life-Boat February, April, August, November 1893

Folder 14: The Life-Boat October, December 1895

Folder 15:  Woman’s Christian Temperance League Concordville Cash Book 1890

-“Cash book of Isabel G. Shortlidge, Financial Secretary of the Non-Partisan National W.C.T.U. for the financial year beginning Jan. 24, 1890.  Concordville, PA, February 6, 1890”

-Envelope with it

-This cash book contains mainly household expenses.  Seems to be a later date. (1910s or 1920s)

Folder 15: Woman’s Christian Temperance League 1938 Liquor Statistics

-Leaflet printed by The National Reform Association, 209 9th Street, Pittsburgh, PA. Statistics given for amount of dollars spent by the people of Chester County in 1938 for intoxicating liquors and compares it with money spent on public schools and public relief.  Other comparison charts. 

-Gives number of licensed places in Chester County in 1939

-Give number of licensed places in Pennsylvania in 1938

Box 12:  Woman’s Christian Temperance League Lyndell

Folder 1:   WCTL Lyndell Minutes 1951-1955

Folder 2:  WCTL Lyndell Minutes 1955-1959

Folder 3:   WCTL Lyndell Minutes 1959-1963

Folder 4:   WCTL Lyndell Minutes 1964-1966

Folder 5:   WCTL Lyndell Minutes 1966-1968

Folder 6:   WCTL Lyndell Minutes 1969-1978

Folder 7:   WCTL Lyndell Minutes 1978-1986

Folder 8:   WCTL Lyndell Minutes 1986-1992

Box 13:  Woman’s Christian Temperance League Lyndell

Folder 1:   WCTL Lyndell Treasurer’s Book 1956-1992

Folder 2:   WCTL Lyndell Sunshine Treasury Book 1970, 1972

Folder 3:   WCTL Lyndell Sunshine Report 1973-1991

Folder 4:   WCTL Lyndell Scrapbook 1982-1985

Folder 5:   WCTL Lyndell Miscellaneous pamphlets and tracts

Folder 6:   WCTL Lyndell Schedules 1975-1977, 1989-1991

Folder 7:   WCTL Lyndell Certificate of Recognition

Folder 8:   WCTL Lyndell WCTU Materials

-Handbook and Catechism

-Suggestions for WCTU School Speech Contests

Folder 9:   WCTL Lyndell Correspondence

-Letter from East Brandywine Baptist Church, Robert H. Mertz dated November 13, 1968 re: donation to building fund.

-Draft of letter to Anna from Joy Thachick 1978

Legislative Report Third Quarter 1982, Christian Concern Committee, A Sub-Committee of the Pennsylvania Federated Legislative Committee.

Folder 10:  WCTL Lyndell News Clippings

-Photocopies of articles dated 1983 and 1986.


Box 14:  WCTU of CC Scrapbook

-Scrapbook with ephemera about Frances Willard