Educators are always looking for ways to keep students engaged — especially those teaching history and social studies. From group projects and presentations to assignments that inspire them to think critically about their worldview, pushing the envelope forward in terms of personal development, cultural understanding, and historical context is key in forming well-rounded individuals and shaping future leaders. While a traditional school environment is a haven of curriculum and routine, breaking the mold by getting out of the classroom is a most-welcome opportunity that can excite both teachers and students.

While museums in and of themselves are invaluable resources for everything from art, science, music, nature, and more, history museums offer unique advantages for school groups and educational programs at large.

Innovative Learning Experience 

Like most school field trips, taking students to a history museum is an excellent way to shake up not just what they learn but how they learn it. From awe-inspiring physical displays and intuitive walkthrough design to elements such as voice recordings, video, and interactive multimedia, museums are immersive experiences like no other. Students are energized by the excitement and anticipation of getting outside of the typical school environment, and their learning is ultimately enriched.

Historical Literacy

First and foremost, taking students on a field trip to a history museum gives them a front-row seat to events, stories, items, and traditions they may have not otherwise considered. Museums are considered an incredibly reliable source of historical information; with artifacts, testimonies, and expert guidance, museums work to improve the historical literacy of all who visit.

Cultural Understanding and Empathy

Historical literacy is a gateway to expanding worldviews, being perceptive to others’ sensibilities, and understanding the impact that all types of backgrounds have had on today’s conveniences, local societal landscape, and other modern-day commodities. Exposing students to a wide diversity of ideas, people, places, and time periods, their understanding of how the world works — and worked — shapes their outlook.

Supplement Your Lesson Plan With Chester County History Center

If you’re looking to take your students on a field trip to a history museum that is sure to inform, engage, and inspire, visit Chester County History Center! Our museum proudly showcases everything from period art and clothing to tools, toys, and games that have had a profound impact on the community. Furthermore, our history museum features interactive features and multimedia elements that tell the story of Chester County and the surrounding areas in a fresh, captivating way.

By learning more about local history, notable figures, and events that have had a ripple effect on the nation, students will undoubtedly have a more refined understanding of local and national history, but also be able to absorb the melting pot of cultures that shaped the area into what it is today. Our history center invites students of all ages to learn about the past, and use that information to change the future.

For more information about our school and youth programs or private tours and lectures, reach out to Chester County History Center today.