Collection Title: Whitson/Russell Family Papers

Collection Number: 118

Dates of Collection: 1801-1891, bulk 1850 to 1875

Box Numbers: 1-5

RepositoryChester County Historical Society


John Russell (1804-1876)–farmer, Quaker and abolitionist–lived much of his adult life in Lancaster County, PA. It is believed that his home was a stop on the underground railroad.  Russell married Amelia Kirk of Cecil County, Maryland in 1831 and they had six children: Slater, Mary, George, Rachel, Ann and Hannah.  Slater (1834-1890) attended the Millersville Normal School and was later employed as the principal of the Locust Grove Academy and Pleasant Valley Seminary.  During the Civil War he worked in Washington DC as a clerk in the War Department.  He married Amelia Kirk Levis in 1861 and had four daughters.  He moved to the West Chester area after the war where he invested in railroads and later became a real estate agent.  Mary Russell (1840-1929) married Jacob Whitson (1832-1904) in 1863 and lived the majority of her adult life in West Chester, PA.  George Russell served during the Civil War then moved West to work in the mining and lumber industry in Arizona, Nevada and California.  He died in 1887 in Montana.  Rachel Russell, born in 1842, was employed as a teacher for the Pennsylvania Normal school in Millersville.  She married William Mortimer Hayes and lived in West Chester, PA.  Ann N. Russell married George Kirk of Philadelphia in 1891 and had two sons.  She died at the home of her sister Mary Whitson in 1908.   Hannah M. Russell the youngest daughter of John N. and Amelia Russell married Ellwood Smedley in 1868.  Ellwood was a soldier in the Twenty First Pennsylvania Calvary during the Civil War.  He owned and lived on a farm in Goshen, Lancaster County with his wife and four daughters.


Clippings Files, CCHS

Cope, Gilbert, Genealogy of the Smedley Family, CCHS

Collections Scope:

The majority of the collection contains correspondence to and from John N. Russell’s children with most addressed to Mary (Russell) Whitson and her sisters. The next largest bulk of the collection contains correspondence from cousins as well as classmates.  Letters among the sisters and their school friends include issues related to their schooling and social/family life.  Letters of John N. Russell and his son Slater, include correspondence regarding business and investing.  George Russell, son of John N. Russell includes correspondence written while he was working out west in the mining and lumber industry.  While the family Russell’s were Quakers, there is little direct references or in depth description related to their Quaker life. The letters of John B. Russell refer to his abolitionist principles but offer little detail. The collection has one folder of non-correspondence related to John N. Russell (bills, receipts, etc.)

Collection Arrangement:

The collection is arranged alphabetically by author.  Author’s with multiple letters or a primary family name are in their own folder.  Individual folders are labeled with the name of the author.  All other letters have been consolidated alphabetically into folders of approximately 15 to 20 letters.  These folders are labeled with the range of surnames they contain (ie: Anderson to Ashbrook) followed by the number of letters in that folder. 

Collections Contents:

NOTE: Collection contains many partial letters, a large number of unidentified letters or signed without a surname, a number of the authors are identified by first name, nickname or initials only. Box five includes a folder of correspondence that is likely by the Russell sisters but specific author is not identifiable.  Folder labeled as: Russell sisters, unidentified (folder 8, box 5).

Key to nicknames and surnames:

Kirk = cousins to the Russell family

Neal = cousins to the Russell family

Taylor = related to the Whitson family

“Em” = Emily Fell

“Nan”, “Annie” = Ann (Russell) Kirk

“Moll” OR “Mollie” = Mary (Russell) Whitson

“Han” OR “Hannie” = Hannah (Russell) Smedley


Folder 1/1/118 – Correspondence

Anderson to Ashbrook, 4 letters, 1864-1876

Includes the following:

Anderson, James, 1 letter, 1864 (from Philadelphia) to Ann (Russell) Kirk

Appleton, Wm., 2 letters, 1876 (from Bethesda, MD) to “Mr. Russell”           

Ashbrook, Joseph, 1 letter, 1869 (from Philadelphia) to Slater B. Russell

Folder 2/1/118 – Correspondence

Baily, A. to Baily, S., 13 letters, 1855-1867

Includes the following:

Baily, Anna R., 7 letters, 1855, 1857, n.d. (from Doylestown, PA; Sumberville,

PA) to Mary (Russell) Whitson; Topics include: teaching/education, courtship

Baily, Emily, 3 letters, 1868-1867 (from Birmingham School, PA) to Mary

(Russell) Whitson; Topics include: Atlantic City (NJ)

Baily, Mary W., 1 letter, 1867 (from Birmingham, PA) to “sister”

Baily, Samuel P., 2 letters, 1861, 1866 (from Birmingham, PA; West Chester,

PA) to “brother”; Topics include: business

Folder 3/1/118 – Correspondence

Baker to Brooks, 15 letters, 1857-1871

Includes the following:

Baker, Ruth, 1 letter, n.d. (from Spring Grove) to Mary (Russell) Whitson

Baughman, John, 1 letter, 1859 to Jacob Whitson

Black, James, 1 letter, 1869 (from Lancaster, PA) to Slater B. Russell

Blanchard, Harriett, 1 letter, 1864 (from United States Sanitary Commission,

Philadelphia) to “Miss Russell”

Boroman, J. Frank, 1 letter, 1864 (from Oxford, PA) to Ann (Russell) Kirk

Boyd, [S.], 4 letters, 1857, 1861, 1870 (from Lancatser, PA) to Slater B. Russell

Boyer, J.S., 1 letter, 1865 (from Brownsville) to Ann (Russell) Kirk

Brandt, John, 1 letter, n.d., to “Friend Russell”

Branson, R.J., 1 letter, n.d., to [unknown]; note: Page(s) missing

Brinton, Lewis, 1 letter, n.d. to [unknown]; note: Page(s) missing

Brinton, W.P., 1 letter, 1871 (from Christiana, PA) to John N. Russell; Topics

include: apple trees

Brooks, Edward, 1 letter, 1857 (from Lancaster County Normal Institute, PA) to

Slater Russell; Topics include: transatlantic trip

Folder 4/1/118 – Correspondence

Broomell, G to Broomell, L., 7 letters, 1801-1860

Includes the following:

Broomell, Geo. D., 1 letter, 1860 (from Chicago) to Slater B. Russell

Broomell, Isaac, 3 letters, 1801, 1807, 1819 to John Russell and Ann Russell

Broomell, Lizzie, 3 letter, 1852-1854 (from Sugartown and Little Elk Valley) to

Anne and Mary Russell; Topics include: Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Folder 5/1/118 – Correspondence

Brown to Burk, 21 letters, 1838-1891

Includes the following:

Brown, Howard, 6 letters, 1853-1860 (from Santa Cruz, CA; Coon Valley, IA;

Waterloo, IA; Fairfield) to Slater B. Russell; Topics include: impressions of California; studying law

Brown, L.K., 1 letter, 1838 (from Oxford, PA) to John N. Russell

Brown, R.M., 1 letter, 1860 to “respected friend”; Topics include:

1860 Presidential Election

Brown, Rachel M., 1 letter, n.d., to “Annie”

Brown, William R., 1 letter, 1853, 1859 (from Montgomery Valley, PA;

Clearfield, PA) to Slater B. Russell; Topics include: canal boat trip

Broom, Lizzie, 6 letters, 1853-1855 (from to Pennsgrove; Little Elk Valley;

            Willistown) to Mary (Russell) Whitson; “cousin Annie”

Topics include: school curriculum/education

Brubaker, George, 1 letter, 1862 (from Lancaster) to Jacob Whitson

Budd, Benj., 1 letter, 1891 to John N. Russell

Budd, E. Rose, 2 letter, 1859 (from to Marietta, PA) Mary (Russell) Whitson

Burk, Edward, 1 letter, 1859 (from Millersville, PA) to Slater Russell

Folder 6/1/118 – Correspondence

Cain to Clinger, 20 letters, 1827-1876

Includes the following:

Cain, Rachel A., 1 letter, 1869 (from Rowlandsville) to Mary (Russell) Whitson

Caldwell, A., 1 letter, 1861 (from Washington DC) to Mary (Russell) Whitson                                Topics include: Civil War

Carter, E.R., 6 letters, 1864 (from Fulton) to Mary (Russell) Whitson, Ann

(Russell) Kirk; Topics include: school curriculum

Carter, John, 4 letters, 1872-1876 (from Experimental Farm, West Grove, PA) to

John Russell; Topics include: agriculture

Chandler, Thos., 1 letter, 1827 (from to Washington County, PA) to John


Chandler, William, 1 letter, 1850 (from London Grove, PA)

            to “schoolmate”

Clark, E. C., 1 letter, n.d., to Ann (Russell) Kirk

Clark, J. H., 1 letter, 1874 (from Woodburn Farm, Baltimore County, MD)

            to John Russell

Clark, Sallie C., 2 letters, 1859 to Mary (Russell) Whitson

Clinger, Emma, 1 letter, 1854 (from Rosevale Cottage) to “cousins”

Clinger, S. E., 1 letter, 1851, 1864 (from Philadelphia) to Ann (Russell) Kirk,                                 Mary (Russell) Whitson

Folder 7/1/118 – Correspondence

Con__­__ to Cook, 19 letters, 1852-1866

Includes the following:

Con____, Jasper Yeates, 2 letters, 1852 (from Chesnut Level) to Slater B.

Cook, Anna Mary, 2 letters, 1854, (from Kennett Square, PA) to “Mollie”

Cooper, Caleb, 1 letter, 1852 (from London Grove, PA) to Slater B. Russell

Corrigan, J., 1 letter, 1866, to [J. W.] Whitson

Crawford, [J.] Taylor, 2 letters, 1854 to Slater B. Russell

Davis, E. M., 1 letter, 1854 to “sweet darlings”

Davis, Hessie, 1 letter, n.d. (from Ivy Institute) to “Nan”

Dickie, A. Malcolm, 9 letters, 1853-1858, n.d. (from Millersville, PA; Coon

Island; Sylvan Grove; North Henderson; Hazel Dell) to Slater B. Russell, “Cousin Moll”, “Cousin Nan”; Topics include: settling in the “great west”,   teaching

Folder 8/1/118 – Correspondence

Divine to Fell, E. Watson, 14 letters, 1855-1861

Includes the following:

Divine, James W., 2 letters, 1857-1858 (from Hagerstown, MD; Reading, PA)

to “Friend Russell”

Divine, Martina, 3 letters, 1861 (from Philadelphia, PA) to Mary (Russell)


Ewing, Alexander, 2 letters, 1855, 1861 (from Coatesville, PA; Rowlandsville,

PA) to [unknown]

Ewing, E. E., 1 letter, 1860 (from Rowlandsville, PA) to Slater B. Russell

Evans, Charles M., 1 letter, 1850 (from London Grove, PA) to “schoolmate”

Evans, David, 2 letters, 1860, 1861 (from Lancaster, PA) to Jacob Whitson

Evans, Tom, 2 letters, 1857, 1861 (from Poplar Grove, PA) to Annie N. Russell

Fell, E. Watson, 1 letter, 1860 (from Mount Airy, PA) to “Mollie”

Folder 9/1/118 – Correspondence

Fell, Emily S., 20 letters, 1848-1857

Recipient(s): Mollie [Russell]; Mary [Russell]; Ann [N. Russell]

Location/affiliation of author: Pleasant Valley [?]; Palestine [?]; West Rush [NY]; Locust

Grove [PA]; Sunnyside [?]; Oak Grove [PA]

Folder 10/1/118 – Correspondence

Fell, Emily S., 19 letters, 1858-1860

Recipient(s): Mollie [Russell]; Mary [Russell]; Ann [N. Russell]

Location/affiliation of author: “Hillside Cottage”; Doylestown (PA); “home”

Folder 11/1/118 – Correspondence

Fell, Emily S., 20 letters, 1861-1865

Recipient(s): “Mollie” [Mary (Russell) Whitson; Ann [N. Russell]

Location/affiliation of author: “Hillside Cottage”; Doylestown (PA); “Home”

Folder 12/1/118 – Correspondence

Fell, Emily S., 4 letters, 1867-1869, 1874; 16 letters, n.d.

Recipient(s): “Mollie”; Ann [N. Russell]

Location/affiliation of author: Bellevue [PA]; “Home”

Folder 13/1/118 – Correspondence

Fell, Emily S., 12 letters, n.d.

Recipient(s): “Mollie” [Mary (Russell) Whitson]; Ann [(Russell) Kirk]

Location/affiliation of author: “home”; Port Deposit [?]

Folder 14/1/118 – Correspondence

Fell, Emily S.

Note: Partial letters, page(s) missing

Folder 15/1/118 – Correspondence

Fell, Lucie to Fell, Newlin, 3 letters, 1859

Includes the following:

Fell, Lucie, 2 letters, 1859 to “Moll”

Fell, Newlin, 1 letter, n.d. to (from Buckingham, PA) “Mollie”

Folder 16/1/118 – Correspondence

Fell, William W., 16 letters, 1857-1863, n.d.

Note: Four letters missing page(s)

Recipient(s): Annie N. (Russell) Kirk; Mary [(Russell) Whitson]; Slater B. Russell

Location/affiliation of author: Clearfield; Carversville; Buckingham; Philadelphia [PA]

Topics include: United States’ presidents; the election of Lincoln

Folder 17/1/118 – Correspondence

Frick to Hale, 16 letters, 1850-1876

Includes the following:

            Frick, A.P., 1 letter, 1859 (Lancaster) to Slater Russell; Topics include: invitation

Geil, J. F., 1 letter, 1856 (from Doylestown, PA) to Slater B. Russell; note:

Letterhead includes a print titled: “View From Goat Island”; Topics include:

            publication of a map of Drumore Township and a “view of Mr. Ramsey’s birthplace”

Geist, Adam, 1 letter, 1859 (from Cloverdale) to Slater B. Russell

Geyden, Mary Virginia, 3 letters, 1853, n.d., (from Mt. Airy, PA; Chesnut

Level) to “Cousin Annie”; “Cousin Mary”

Groff, Levi W., 1 letter, 1876 (from Bareville) to John N. Russell;

Topics include: wood lot for sale

Guest, Amelia, 1 letter, n.d., to John Russell

Haines, Isaac, 1 letter, 1850 (from London Grove, PA) to “Friend and


Haines, J.B., 3 letters, 1863, 1866, 1868 (from Pleasant Grove) to Jacob T.                                    Whitson

Haines, M.S., 2 letters, 1862-1865 (from New Garden; Pleasant Grove) to Jacob

 T. Whitson

Haines, Sallie, 1 letter, 1856 to “Mollie”

Hale, Jennette, 1 letter, n.d. to “Mollie”


Folder 1/2/118 – Correspondence

Hambleton to Hayes, G., 20 letters, 1831-1876

Includes the following:

Hambleton, Ann R., 1 letter, 1831 (from Morgan County, OH) to John N. Russell

Hambleton, B.F., 1 letter, 1853 (from Pennsville) to “cousin”

Hambleton, Joseph W. 5 letters, 1849-1866 (from East Hampton, MA; New

York, NY; Chicago) to Slater B. Russell;  note: Photograph attached to letter dated 6/10/1860; Topics include: New York City, The Crystal Palace, Frederick Douglas lecture in Chicago, physical improvements in Chicago

Hambleton, Neal, 4 letters, 1863-1864 (from Philadelphia; Wilmington, DE) to

“Cousin Nan”; Topics include: conflicts in Wilmington over the 1864 Presidential election

Hambleton, M.R., 1 letter, 1857 (from “school”) to Annie [(Russell) Kirk]

Harlan, Ann K., 4 letters, 1855-1865 (from Mauch Chunk, PA; Freemansburg;

Brooklyn) to “Cousin Annie”

Harlan, Emma W.1 letter, 1859 (from Coon Valley) to Anne and Mary Russell

Harvey, Thomas, 2 letters, 1874, 1876 (from West Grove, PA) to John N.

Russell; note: author identified as breeder and shipper of Guernsey and Jersey Cattle 

Hayes, Geo. D., 1 letter, 1873 to (from The Oxford Press, Oxford, PA) to John N.


Folder 2/2/118 – Correspondence

Hayes, Rachel H. (Russell), 15 letters, 1852-1859

Recipient(s): “sisters”; Mary [(Russell) Whitson]

Location/affiliation of author: Lancaster County Normal Institute, Millersville (PA);

Normal Literary Society, Millersville (PA)

Topics include: school curriculum and activities at Lancaster Normal Inst.

Folder 3/2/118 – Correspondence

Hayes, Rachel H. (Russell), 19 letters, 1860-1863

Recipient(s): Mary [(Russell) Whitson]; “sisters”; Nan [Anne (Russell) Kirk]; “Moll [Mary

(Russell) Whitson]

Location/affiliation of author: Normal School (PA); Millersville (PA); Rose Hill [PA];

Christiana (PA); Philadelphia (PA); Washington

Topics include: employment as a teacher

Folder 4/2/118 – Correspondence

Hayes, Rachel H. (Russell), 20 letters, 1864-1868

Recipient(s): “Sister”; “Mother” [Amelia Russell]; “Sallie”; Hannah (Russell) Smedley;

Mary [Russell]; “Nan” [Anne Russell]

Location/affiliation of author: “Home”; West Chester (PA)

Topics include: Civil War

Folder 5/2/118 – Correspondence

Hayes, Rachel H. (Russell), 14 letters, 1869-1870

Recipient(s): “Mother” [Amelia Russell]; “Papa” [John Russell]; Amelia [Russell]

Location/affiliation of author: West Chester (PA)

Folder 6/2/118 – Correspondence

Hayes, Rachel H. (Russell), 15 letters, 1871-1873

Recipient(s): “Mother” [Amelia Russell]; “Papa” [John Russell]; “Sister”

Location/affiliation of author: West Chester (PA)

Folder 7/2/118 – Correspondence

Hayes, Rachel H. (Russell), 13 letters, 1874-1875; 7 letters, n.d.

Recipient(s): “Mother” [Amelia Russell]; “Papa” [John Russell]; Mary [(Russell) Whiston]

Location/affiliation of author: West Chester (PA)

Folder 8/2/118 – Correspondence

Hayes, William M., 6 letters, 1867-1876

Recipient(s): “Mother” [Amelia Russell]; “Father” [John Russell]; Mary [(Russell)


Location/affiliation of author: West Chester (PA)

Folder 9/2/118 – Correspondence

Heartman, Anne, 10 letters, 1871-1873

Recipient(s): Mary [(Russell) Whitson]

Location/affiliation of author: Samberville [?]; Normal School, Millersville (PA);

Wheatland Mills [?]

Folder 10/2/118 – Correspondence

Herr to Hess, 14 letters, 1856-1872

Includes the following:

Herr, Annie E., 7 letters, 1856-1861, 1 n.d., (from Normal School, Millersville,

PA) to Mary (Russell) Whitson; Topics include: courtship

Hersby, B. H., 6 letters, 1858-1859 (from Millersville, PA) to “Friend Russell”;

Topics include: publishing/printing

Hess, Daniel D., 1 letter, 1872 (from Quarryville, PA) to John Russell

Folder 10A/2/118 – Correspondence

Hopper, Delphine (Thompson), 20 letters, 1861-1868

Recipient(s): “Mary”

Sent from: Philadelphia; Jenkintown; Chicago; New York

Topics include: Civil War; doubts about marriage; marriage to Mr. Hopper;

description/observations of Chicago;

Folder 10B/2/118 – Correspondence

Hopper, Delphine (Thompson), 10 letters, n.d.

Note: Three letters missing page(s)

Recipient(s): “Mary”

Sent from: Philadelphia

Folder 11/2/118 – Correspondence

Housekeeper to Kieffer, 22 letters, 1854-1873

Includes the following:

House, Sallie D., 1 letter, 1855 (from West Chester) to “Annie”

Housekeeper, Mary R., 5 letters, 1861-1862, 1 n.d., (from Philadelphia;

Beardstown) to Mary (Russell) Whitson, Ann (Russell) Kirk; Topics

include: Description of the public school system at Beardstown

Howell, May H., 3 letters, 1858, 2 n.d. (from Pleasant Valley; Philadelphia, PA)

to “teacher”, Mary [(Russell) Whiston]

Hutton, Mary Amelia, 5 letters, 1850-1855 (from Pleasant Grove; Sharon

Seminary) to Slater B. Russell; “Mollie” [Mary (Russell) Whiston]; Topics

include: boarding school

Hutton, Rachel, 1 letter, 1873 (from Philadelphia, PA) to Mary (Russell)


Huey, Sarah, 1 letter, n.d. to Mary (Russell) Whitson

Iddings, Hallie J., 1 letter, 1860 (from Dolobran) to Mary (Russell) Whitson

Jackson, Lydia A., 2 letters, 1854-1858, to Mary (Russell) Whitson

Johnson, B., 1 letter, 1855 (from Chestnut Level) to Slater Russell

Kenney, Mortimer, 1 letter, 1866 (from Oxford, PA) to J. T. Whitson

Kieffer, Louisa, 1 letter, 1873 (from Lyon County, KS) to “friend”

Folder 12/2/118 – Correspondence

Kirk, Anne N. (Russell), 21 letters, 1852-1869

Recipient(s): “Mother and Father” [Amelia and John Russell]; Annie [Bailey]; “Sisters”

Location/affiliation of author: Pleasant Valley [?]; Normal [School, Williamsburg, PA];

Washington (DC); Philadelphia (PA); Green Spring Furnace [?]

Topics include: activities and daily routine at school

Folder 13/2/118 – Correspondence

Kirk, Anne N. (Russell), 16 letters, 1870-1875

Recipient(s): “Papa and Mother”; “Sister Moll”

Location/affiliation of author: Chicago(IL); Philadelphia (PA)

Topics include: life in Philadelphia, family news

Folder 14/2/118 – Correspondence

Kirk, Anne N. (Russell), 12 letters, n.d.

Recipient(s): “Nan”; Amelia Russell; “Moll”;

Location/affiliation of author: Pleasant Valley; Pleasant Grove; Walnut Valley

Folder 15/2/118 – Correspondence

Kirk, Benjamin to Kirk, Emma, 14 letters, 1850-1861

Includes the following

Kirk, Benjamin, 1 letter, 1850 (from Unionville, PA) to Slater B. Russell

Kirk, Carrie, 3 letters, 1860, 1 n.d. (from Philadelphia, PA) to Hannah (Russell)

Smedley; Annie (Russell) Kirk; Mary (Russell) Whitson

Kirk, Debby, 9 letters, 1852-1861, 4 n.d. (from Philadelphia, PA) to Mary

[(Russell) Whitson]; Annie [(Russell) Kirk]; “Cousin”

Kirk, Emma, 1 letter, n.d. (from Philadelphia, PA) to “Cousin Mary”

Folder 16/2/118 – Correspondence

Kirk, George H., 18 letters, 1854-1869

Note: Includes 2 letters co-written with author’s wife, Anne (Russell) Kirk.

Recipient(s): Slater B. Russell; Mary Russell; “Papa”; “Mother”

Location/affiliation of author: Philadelphia (PA)

Topics include: “city of mingled vice and gilded hypocrisy” (12/8/51); election

of Abraham Lincoln; family matters

Folder 17/2/118 – Correspondence

Kirk, George H., 18 letters, 1870-1875

Recipient(s): Mary (Russell) Whitson; Jacob Whitson; “Papa and Mother”

Location/affiliation of author: Philadelphia (PA)

Topics include: business; apple butter

Folder 18/2/118 – Correspondence

Kirk, I. to Kirk, W., 6 letters, 1853-1862

Includes the following:

Kirk, I. S., 4 letters, 1853-1858 (from Fountain Mills, PA; Philadelphia; Fremont,

PA) to Slater B. Russell; Topics include: “phonography” business, employment/leisure in Philadelphia

Kirk, Lewis, 1 letter, 1857 (from Kirk’s Mills) to Slater Russell

Kirk, William, 1 letter, 1862 (from Philadelphia) to Mary (Russell) Whitson

Folder 19/2/118 – Correspondence

Lamborn to Levis, 13 letters, 1853-1873

Includes the following:

Lamborn, R. H., 10 letters, 1853-1857, n.d (from Philadelphia; Kennett Square,

PA; Trenton, NJ) to Slater Russell; note: 2 letters missing page(s); Topics

include: “phonography”; Trenton (NJ)

Leib, Lottie, 1 letter, n.d. to “cousin”

Lennig, Charles, 1 letter, 1873 (from Tacony Chemical Works, Philadelphia) to

John Russell           

Levine, James M., 1 letter, 1857 (from Chambersburg) to John Russell

Folder 20/2/118 – Correspondence

Levis to Maples, 21 letters, 1852-1864

Includes the following:

Levis, Eliza Ann, 2 letter, 1852 (from Elkton, MD) to “cousin” 

L[evis], Harriett E., 10 letters, 1857-1864, n.d., (from Woodside; Cecil Mills;

Walnut Valley; Kennett Square, PA; Millersville, PA) to Mary (Russell)

Whitson; Rachel (Russell) Hayes;

Lincoln, Maggie W., 4 letters, 1854-1855, n.d. to Mary (Russell) Whitson; Ann

(Russell) Kirk

Macomber, James, 1 letter, 1861 (from Ripley, NY) to John N. Russell

Matthews, Lottie, 3 letters, 1862-1863, (from Honesdale, PA) to Mary (Russell)

Whitson; Ann (Russell) Kirk; note: 1 letter missing page(s)

Maples, Mary E., 1 letter, n.d., (from Philadelphia) to Ann (Russell) Kirk

Folder 21/2/118 – Correspondence

Marsh to Myers, 19 letters, 1851-1875

Includes the following:

Marsh, William Henry, 1 letter, 1859 (from “old Virginia”) to Slater Russell

Mathews, John H., 1 letter, 1858 (from New York, NY) to Mary (Russell)


Maxwell, [?]. M., 2 letters, 1858 (from Lebanon Furnaces) to Slater Russell

Topics include: politics 

McIntire, H. W., 1 letter, 1861 (from Philadelphia) to Mary (Russell) Whitson

Mercer, Charles, 1 letter, 1851 (from London Grove, PA) to Slater Russell

Miller, Mary, 2 letters, 1858-1859 to Mary (Russell) Whitson

Miller, A. W., 1 letter, 1860 (from Enterprise, PA) to Jacob Whitson

Milner, Hester A., 3 letters, 1855-1856 (from: Astoria; Pleasant Valley)

            to Mary (Russell) Whitson

Montgomery, Robert, 1 letter, 1875 to John N. Russell 

Morgan, Isaac, 1 letter, 1876 (from Parkerville) to John N. Russell

Moore, J. S., 3 letters, 1858-1862 (from Philadelphia; “Camp Near Frederick,”

MD) to Jacob Whitson; Topics include: Civil War, General McClellan-rumors of removal

Morris, Margaret, 1 letters, n.d. (from to Chesnut Level) “Ann and Mary Russell”

Myers, John, 1 letter, 1872 (from Green Spring) to Jacob Whitson


Folder 1/3/118 – Correspondence

Neal, S. A. to Neal W., 4 letters, 1821-1866

Includes the following:

Neal, S.A., 2 letters, 1864-1866 to Mary (Russell) Whitson

Neal, W., 2 letters, 1821, 1824 (from Philadelphia) to John Russell

            Topics include: money stolen from the mail

Folder 2/3/118 – Correspondence

Neal, Wm., 16 letters, 1849-1862

Recipient(s): Mary (Russell) Whitson; Ann (Russell) Kirk

Location/affiliation of author: Philadelphia (PA); Chester County (PA)

Topics include: Thanksgiving holiday, Civil War–motives for joining the army, politics,

electricity cures for illness (1862)

Folder 3/3/118 – Correspondence

Neal, Wm., 13 letters, 1864-1870

Recipient(s): Mary (Russell) Whitson; Ann (Russell) Kirk; Slater Russell

Location/affiliation of author: Philadelphia (PA); Parkerville (PA)

Topics include: summer accommodations, arranging visits, death of Sara Neal

Folder 4/3/118 – Correspondence

Osbourne to Pratt, 14 letters, 1830-1875

Includes the following:

Osbourne, Mary, 1 letter, 1860 (from Philadelphia) to Mary (Russell) Whitson

            Palmer, Charles, 1 letter, 1845 (from Delaware County Alms House, PA) to John

N. Russell; Topics include: sale of property

            Parry, J. S., 2 letters, 1859 (from Montgomery County, PA) to Slater Russell;

Topics include: boarding school

            Passmore, John A., 2 letters, 1852 (from Fountain Springs) to Slater B.

Russell; Topics include: camp meeting

            Passmore, R. Haines, 1 letter, 1858 (from West Chester, PA) to Ann Russell

            Patterson, E.B., 1 letter, 1861 (from Oak Hill) to Annie Russell

            Patterson, Irwin, 2 letters, 1875 (Oxford, PA) to John N. Russell; Topics include:

shutter hinges

            Pearson, Francis, 1 letter, 1830, to John Russell; Topics include: request for


            Peoples, Hiram, 2 letter, 1860 (from Newburg, NY; Rome) to Slater Russell;

Topics include: concerts for the Normal Music School

            Pratt, D.R., 1 letter, 1857, to “Cousin Mollie”

Folder 5/3/118 – Correspondence

Price to Pugh, E., 22 letters, 1853-1863

Includes the following:

            Price, Emma P., 8 letters, 1857-1863 (from Forestville; Doylestown; Woodstown) to Ann Russell, Mary Russell; Topics include: teaching

            Pugh, Adrianna, 3 letters, 1853-1858 (from Pleasant Valley) to Slater Russell,

Mary Russell

            Pugh, Evan, 11 letters, 1857-1861 (from Farmer’s High School of Pennsylvania)

to Slater Russell; Mary (Russell) Whiston, Annie (Russell) Kirk

Folder 6/3/118 – Correspondence

Pugh, J. to Roberts, 18 letters, 1853-1874

Includes the following:

            Pugh, Jos. B., 2 letters, 1866 (from Port Deposit, MD) to Jacob T. Whitson;

Topics include: business transaction

            Pugh, R.B., 1 letter, n.d. to “Mary”

            Pugh, Wm., 1 letter, 1860 to Slater Russell

            Pyle, Martha, 1 letter, 1854 (from Chatham) to “schoolmate”

            Pyle, William, 3 letters, 1853-1854 (from Hillsboro) to Slater Russell

            Ramsay, J.G., 2 letters, 1854 (from York County, PA) to Slater Russell

            Rankin, Mary, 1 letter, 1861 (from Pekin) to “Dear Friends”

            Reily, Mary, 1 letter, 1856 to “M.B.R.”[Mary Russell]

            Remington, [J.C.], 1 letter, 1862 (from Philadelphia) to Jacob T. Whitson

            Retzer, Catherine, 1 letter, 1856 (from Henderson County, IL) to Amelia Russell

            Retzer, Harriett, 2 letters, 1859 (from Woodside) to “Mollie”, “Mary”

            Reynolds, B.C., 1 letter, 1874 to J. Russell

            Roberts, Charles, 1 letter, 1860 (from London Grove, PA) to Slater Russell

Folder 7/3/118 – Correspondence

Russell, Amelia (Levis), 16 letters, 1860-1863

Recipient(s): “Cousin Mollie”; Slater Russell; “Sister Nan”

Sent from: Walnut Valley; Washington, DC

Topics include: Civil War in Maryland, life in Washington DC, sister’s marriage

Folder 8/3/118 – Correspondence

Russell, Amelia (Levis), 7 letters, n.d.

Note: Page(s) missing

Recipient(s): “Sister Nan”; “Sister Annie”;

Sent from: Washington DC; Walnut Valley; Locust Grove

Folder 9/3/118 – Correspondence

Russell, Amelia (Kirk), 3 letters, 1850-1865

Recipient(s): “Brother”; “Ann”; “Mary”

Sent from: [not specified]

Topics include: daily life, family/social news, farming wheat

Folder 10/3/118 – Correspondence

Russell, Ann S., 1 letter, 1870

Recipient(s): “Grandpa”

Sent from: West Chester (PA)

Folder 11/3/118 – Correspondence

Russell, Charlie, 12 letters, 1858-1869, n.d.

Note: Page(s) missing

Recipient(s): Slater Russell; “cousins”; “brothers”

Sent from: “home”; White Pine (NV)

Topics include: farming; drowning of a stage driver in a flood; work in a smelting furnace

out west

Folder 12/3/118 – Correspondence

Russell, Geo. H., 16 letters, 1861-1874

Recipient(s): “Papa”; “Sister Ann”; “Sister Mary”; Slater B. Russell

Sent from: Walnut Green; Camp Cook, Scranton (PA); Charlstown (VA);

Chambersburg; Philadelphia; Millersville; Wickenburg (AZ); White Pine (NV);

Lancaster (PA); New York

Topics include: Civil War; temperance lecture; observations and descriptions of the

west; working in a quartz mine (AZ); “Apache” [Indian] attacks; employment in      Arizona and California

Folder 13/3/118 – Correspondence

Russell, H.R., 1 letter, 1853

Recipient(s): Slater Russell

Sent from: London Grove (PA)

Folder 14/3/118 – Correspondence

Russell, John N., 13 letters, 1828, 1850-1858

Note: Includes letter written by Slater Russell; letter co-written with Hanna Russell

Recipient(s): Amos Ellmaker; Slater Russell; Ann Russell; Mary Russell

Sent from: “home”; West Chester (PA); Chesnut Level

Topics include: farming; detailed description of an art exhibition in Lancaster, PA; advice

to son; family news; leisure activity     

Folder 15/3/118 – Correspondence

Russell, John N., 19 letters, 1860-1866, 1871, 1874, 1875

Note: Letter co-written with “Nan”

Recipient(s): Mary Russell; “children”; “Jacob and Mary”

Sent from: Fulton House; Goshen; Pekin (IL); New York

Topics include: family news; travel by stage and rail to Chicago; observations of

farming in Illinois

Folder 16/3/118 – Correspondence

Russell, Slater B., 19 letters, 1852-1864

Recipient(s): “sisters”; Ann and Mary Russell; “Mollie”; “Friend Jake”; John Russell

Sent from: Jordan Bank; Sunnyside Farm; Lancaster; Philadelphia; Washington, DC

Topics include: school; [John] Fremont Convention in Lancaster (1856); preparation for

a trip from Philadelphia to England; Civil War; employment as a clerk in the

War Department, Washington DC; President Lincoln and the Simon Cameron affair

Folder 17/3/118 – Correspondence

Russell, Slater B., 22 letters, 1865-1875

Recipient(s): “Sister Nan”; “Papa” [John Russell]

Sent from: Washington DC; Oxford (PA); West Chester (PA);

Topics include: office seekers in Washington DC; railroad construction near West

Chester; business/investment; employment at the Philadelphia Centennial 

(1876); loan requests

Folder 18/3/118 – Correspondence

Samborn to Slokum, 12 letters, 1854-1865

Includes the following:

            Samborn, Charles B., 2 letters, 1854 (from Kennett; Mecantile School) to Slater

Russell; Topics include: school

            Schofield, Attie, 1 letter, 1865 (from Albern) to “Nan”

            Schofield, J.T., 5 letters, 1858-1865, (from Albern) to “Mollie”/Mary Russell;                                  “Rachie”

            Sharp, S., 1 letter, 1859 (from Millersville) to M.B. Russell

            Shank, Abram, 1 letter, 1 business card, 1859 (from Lancaster City) to “Mr.


            Sibley, Ellen, 1 letter, 1865 (from Philadelphia) to “Annie”

            Slokum, Sue, 1 letter, 1861 (from Christiana) to Mary B. Russell

Folder 19/3/118 – Correspondence

Smedley, Hannah (Russell), 22 letters, 1853-1863

Recipient(s): “Mollie”/”Sister Mary”; “Ann”/”Annie”; Slater Russell

Sent from: Kennett Square; Pleasant Grove; Wakefield; Lancaster; Philadelphia; Washington City; Walnut Valley

Topics include: school in Kennett Square; school curriculum; family/social new 

Folder 20/3/118 – Correspondence

Smedley, Hannah (Russell), 7 letters, 1864-1866, 8 letters, n.d.

Note: Includes a letter by G[eorge] H. Russell

Recipient(s): “Sister Nan”; “Sister Mary”/”Mollie”;”Annie”

Sent from: Unionville; Science Hill; Pleasant Valley

Folder 21/3/118 – Correspondence

Smedley, M. to Swayne, J., 12 letters, 1850-1876

Includes the following:

            Smedley, Mollie W., 1 letter, 1855 (from Ercildoun) to “Mollie” Russell

            Starr, Eli, 1 letter, 1850 (from New Garden) to “Affectionate Friend”; Topics

include: Bayard Taylor song; Jenny Lind; murder near West Chester

            Stearns, J.N., 1 letter, 1876 (from National Temperance Society and Publication

House) to John N. Russell

            Steinman, George M., 2 letters, 1875 (from Lancaster) to John N, Russell;

Topics include: bill of sale; Hungarian seed

            Stevenson, James A., 3 letters, 1855-1857 (Pittsburgh, PA; New Castle, DE) to

“Friend [Slater] Russell”; “Annie”

            Stoner, E.M., 1 letter, 1870 to “friend”

            Stubbs, Charles, 3 letters, 1857, 1864 (from Millersville; U.S.A. Hospital,              

Chesnut Hill, PA) to “Cousin Annie”; “Cousin Mary R.”; “Cousin Nan”

            Stubbs, Thomas, 1 letter, 1860 to Jacob T. Whitson           

Folder 21A/3/118 – Correspondence

Spackman, Minnie, 18 letters, 1856-1862

Recipient(s): “Cousin Mary”/”Mollie”/”Annie”

Sent from: Wood Burn School; Sunnyside

Folder 21B/3/118 – Correspondence

Spackman, Minnie, 10 letters, 1863-1866, n.d.

Recipient(s): “Annie”; “Mary”

Sent from: Sunnyside; West Chester   

Folder 22/3/118 – Correspondence

Swayne to Thompson, 19 letters, 1850-1863

Includes the following:

            Swayne, Joel, 2 letters, 1850-1851 (from Glenwood) to Slater Russell

Taggart, S.E., 1 letter, 1857 (from Rawlinsville) to Annie Russell

            Taylor, Elmira H., 2 letters, 1852, 1855 (from Ercildoun; Buttonwood Grove) to

“Cousin Mary”

            Taylor, George W., 1 letter, 1862 (from Philadelphia) to Jacob T. Whitson

Taylor, Jacob, 1 letter, 1863 (from New Garden) to Jacob T. Whitson

Taylor, [J.R.], 1 letter, 1863 (from Pleasant Grove) to Jacob T. Whitson

Taylor, Sue N., 9 letters, 1852-1861 (from Buttonwood Grove; Oak Dale; East

Fallowfield; San Francisco, CA) to “Cousin Mollie”; Topics include: temperance affairs; observations of California

            Taylor, Wm., 1 letter, 1859 (from Wilmington) to “Respected Friend”; Topics

include: printing trade; Bayard Taylor

            Thompson, Alexander, 1 letter, 1860 (from Lancaster) to [unknown]


Folder 1/4/118 – Correspondence

Thompson to Westley, 14 letters, 1851-1875

Includes the following:

            Thompson, John, 1 letter, 1863 (from Philadelphia) to Mary Russell; Topics

include: photographs

            Townsend, Ellis P., 2 letters, 1851, 1853 (from Chatham, PA) to Slater Russell;

            Turner, James, 1 letter, 1875 (from Oxford) to John N. Russell; note: written at

the request of a “colored man” Wm. King

            Varro, Ferdinand Jean Paul, 1 letter, 1856 (from Washington DC) to Slater


            Walter, Brinton, 1 letter, 1872 (from Christiana) to Jacob T. Whitson; Topics

include: debt payment

            Walton, L., 1 letter, 1868 (from Kennett Square) to “Dear little pumkin”; Topics

include: Yearly Meeting

            Wats, Nell, 2 letters, 1861 (from W.[est] C.[hester]) to “Mollie”

            Way, C., 2 letters, 1854-1855 (from Kennett Square) to Slater Russell

            Weaver, E.B., 1 letter, 1857 (from Normal Institute, Millersville, PA) to Slater

Russell; Topics include: request for donation

            Webster, D.K., 1 letter, [post Civil War] (from Huntsville, AL) to “dear cousins”; Topics include: move from Pennsylvania; description of a plantation near                         Huntsville

             Westley, Emma, 1 letter, 1853 to “Mary”

Folder 2/4/118 – Correspondence

Whitson, Ann M., 19 letters, 1852-1860

Recipient(s): Ann N. Russell; Mary Russell; Rachel Russell

Sent from: Sharon; Pleasant Hill; Walnut Valley

Topics include: detailed description of daily activity attending school; opinion of

Longfellow‘s Hyperion and other reading material; social visits/activity; election of

Lincoln; teaching

Folder 3/4/118 – Correspondence

Whitson, Ann M., 16 letters, 1861-1865

Recipient(s): “Moll”; “Nan”

Sent from: “home”; Philadelphia

Topics include: “political affairs”; President Lincoln; Civil War; social visits/activity

Folder 4/4/118 – Correspondence

Whitson, Ann M., 7 letters, 1867-1869

Recipient(s): Mary R.[ussell]

Sent from: Birmingham (PA)

Topics include: social visits/activity

Folder 5/4/118 – Correspondence

Whitson, Ann M., 16 letters, n.d.

Note: Includes five letters missing page(s)

Recipient(s): “Annie”; “Mary R.”/”Moll”; “Nan”

Sent from: [not specified]

Folder 6/4/118 – Correspondence

Whitson, Cylus, 1 letters, 1867-1869

Recipient(s): Jacob T. Whitson

Sent from: Philadelphia

Folder 7/4/118 – Correspondence

Whitson, Charles S., 1 letter, 1875

Recipient(s): “mother”[Mary (Russell) Whitson]

Sent from: [not specified]

Folder 8/4/118 – Correspondence

Whitson, Jacob T., 9 letters, 1862-1872

Recipient(s): “nephew”; John N. Russell; Mary (Russell) Whitson; Russell T.


Sent from: Lancaster; Green Spring Furnace [MD]; Christiana; Kansas City

Topics include: Civil War; iron furnace         

Folder 9/4/118 – Correspondence

Whitson, Jacob T., 14 letters, 1873-1875, n.d. 

Recipient(s): Mary (Russell) Whitson; Charles S. Whitson(“son”); “Russell T.


Sent from: Green Spring Furnace [MD]

Topics include: details about the iron furnace; fishing; baby deaths from cholera;

concern for his children’s health; love letter to wife, Mary [n.d.]

Folder 10/4/118 – Correspondence

Whitson, Mary B. (Russell), 18 letters, 1851-1860

Note: Includes a letter to Slater Russell co-written with Rachel, Anna and “Mother.”

Recipient(s): Slater Russell; Annie N. Russell; “Mother”; “Rachie”

Sent from: Sharon (PA); Drumore; Pleasant Grove; Philadelphia

Topics include: school; family/social news; photographs

Folder 11/4/118 – Correspondence

Whitson, Mary B. (Russell), 18 letters, 1861-1866

Recipient(s): “Nan”; “Husband”; “Mother”; “Cousin Annie”

Sent from: Philadelphia; Walnut Valley; Rose Hill

Topics include: domestic work; parade in Philadelphia (1862); going to the theater;

            family/social news; her children

Folder 12/4/118 – Correspondence

Whitson, Mary B. (Russell), 18 letters, 1867, 1871-1873

Recipient(s): “Mother”; Jacob Whitson; “Rachie”; “Father”

Sent from: Rose Hill

Topics include: family/social news; her children

Folder 13/4/118 – Correspondence

Whitson, Mary B. (Russell), 17 letters, n.d.

Recipient(s): “Sister Ann”/”Nan”

Sent from: Christiana; Lancaster; Walnut Valley

Folder 14/4/118 – Correspondence

Whitson, Mary B. (Russell), 10 letters, n.d.

Note: Two letters missing page(s)

Recipient(s): Slater Russell; “Nan and Melie”; Ann Russell

Sent from: Millersville; Cripple Gate

Folder 15/4/118 – Correspondence

Whitson, Moses, 5 letters, 1861-1872

Recipient(s): Jacob Whitson

Sent from: Chicago; Green Spring Furnace; Annapolis

Topics include: Civil War, thoughts on the Army of the Potomac; iron business; town of

Annapolis (MD); working with the Maryland Legislature

Folder 16/4/118 – Correspondence

Whitson, Russell, 3 letters, 1872-1875

Note: Includes letter co-written with Charles Whitson and Emily [Whitson}

Recipient(s): “Father”[Jacob Whitson]; “Mother”[Mary (Russell) Whitson]

Sent from: [not specified]

Folder 17/4/118 – Correspondence

Whitson, W., 1 letter, 1867

Recipient(s): “sister”

Sent from: Green Spring Furnace (MD)

Folder 18/4/118 – Correspondence

Wickersham to Zook, 12 letters, 1851-1866

Includes the following:

            Wickersham, Amanda, 1 letter, 1854 (from Florence, NJ) to “Fair friends”

            Wickersham, Ann Lizzie, 1 letter, 1852 (from Oak Valley) to Mary B. Russell

            Wickersham, J.P., 1 letter, 1858 (from Normal School, Millersville, PA) to “Miss                            Russell”

            Wilkinson, Han M., 1 letter, 1855 (from Vermont) to “Mollie”

            Wilkinson, R.J., 1 letter, 1852 (from Andalusia Institute, PA) to “schoolmate”

            Wiley, Edwin, 1 letter, 1866 (from Lancaster) to Jacob Whitson; Topics include:

bill of sale

            Winton, Lottie A., 1 letter, n.d. to “Slater, Annie, and Mary”

            Wood, P., 2 letters, 1851-1852 (from Avondale) to Slater Russell

            Wood, R., 2 letters, 1853-1855 (from Lancaster) to “Mary”; “Annie”

            Zook, A.H., 1 letter, 1856 (from Millersville) to Slater B. Russell

Folder 16/4/118 – Correspondence

Harrison Brothers & Co., 11 letters, 1876

Note: Company identified as the proprietors of “Grays Ferry White Lead, Color &

Chemical Works”

Recipient(s): John Russell

Sent from: Philadelphia


Folder 1/5/118 – Correspondence

C.W.F. to J.K.E., 4 letters, 1855-1869

Includes the following:

            C.W.F., 1 letter, 1869 (from Washington DC) to “Russ”

            T.R.H., 2 letters, 1860 (from Philadelphia) to Slater Russell

            J.K.E., 1 letter, 1855 (from Chesterfield Seminary) to Slater Russell

Folder 2/5/118 – Correspondence

“Alice M.” to “Joe”, 15 letters, 1850-1860

Includes the following:

            “Alice M.”, 1 letter, n.d. (from Kennett Square) to Ann and Mary Russell

            “Aleck”, 2 letters, 1859-1860 (from Millersville) to “Mary”/”Moll”

            “Brothie”, 3 letters, 1857 (from Wilmington) to “Mollie”

            “Carrie”, 1 letter, n.d. (from Philadelphia) to “Cousin Mary”

            “Cousin Emmy”, 3 letters, 1859-1860 (from Philadelphia) to “Cousin Mary”

            “Ellis”, 1 letter, 1852 (from London Grove) to Slater Russell

            “Ebenezer”, 1 letter, n.d. to “Annie”

            “Essie”, 1 letter, 1853 to “Mary”

            “Joe”, 2 letters, 1850-1851 (from Ingleside; New York) to Slater Russell; Topics

include: Lucretia Mott lecture

Folder 3/5/118 – Correspondence

“Josephine”, 20 letters, 1853-1859

Note: Majority of letters are n.d.

Recipient(s): “Ann”/”Nan”; “Mary”/”Mollie”

Sent from: Pennsylvania Female College; Cripple Gate; Glenwood; Encildown

Folder 4/5/118 – Correspondence           

“Lib” to “Louise”, 19 letters, 1851-1868

Includes the following:

            “Lib”, 2 letters, 1855 to “Mollie”    

            “Lou”, 6 letters, 1851-1855 to “Annie”; “Mary”

            “Louise”, 11 letters, 1861-1868 (from Jenkintown) to “Mary”

Folder 5/5/118 – Correspondence

“Mary” to “Mollie”, 18 letters, 1853-1868

Note: Some of the letters signed “Mollie” could be Mary (Russell) Whiston

Includes the following:

            “Mary”, 1 letter, 1868 to J.T. Whiston

            “Merritt”, 1 letter, 1855 (from Baltimore) to Slater Russell

            “Mollie”, 16 letters, 1853-1860 (from Strasburg; Walnut Valley; Pleasant Grove)

to “Ann”/”Nan”; “Mollie”

Folder 6/5/118 – Correspondence

“Neal” to “Sophie”, 10 letters, 1854-1864

Includes the following:

            “Neal”, 2 letters, 1864 (from Wilmington) to “Cousin Nan”; Topics include: a “stir”

among the Copperheads at Fort Delaware; “oil fever”

            “Parthenia”, 1 letter, 1857 (from Lancaster) to Mollie B. Russell

            “Phebe”, 4 letters, 1861, n.d. (from Wrightsville) to “Mary”

            “Rebecca B.”, 2 letters, 1854 (from West Chester) to “Mary”

            “Sophie”, 1 letter, 1864 to “Dear Schoolmates”

Folder 7/5/118 – Correspondence

“Steve” to “Virginia”, 23 letters, 1856-1875

Includes the following:

            “Steve”, 9 letters, 1856, n.d. (from Doylestown; Paradise) to Slater Russell;

Topics include: business/investing

            “Susie B.”, 5 letters, 1873-1875 (from Pleasant View; Cooperville) to Mary

(Russell) Whitson

            “Tom”, 3 letters, 1858 (from Green Castle) to Slater Russell

            “Virginia”, 6 letters, 1859-1861 (from Sunnyside) to Slater Russell

Folder 8/5/118 – Correspondence

Unidentified correspondence between the Russell sisters

22 letters, 1853-1874, n.d.

Folder 9/5/118 – Receipts, bills, etc.

Miscellaneous documents related to John Russell

19 items

Folder 10/5/118 – Correspondence

Unidentified author

14 letters, 1841, 1850-1855

Folder 11/5/118 – Correspondence

Unidentified author

16 letters, 1856-1857

Folder 12/5/118 – Correspondence

Unidentified author

18 letters, 1858-1859

Folder 13/5/118 – Correspondence

Unidentified author

21 letters, 1860-1861

Folder 14/5/118 – Correspondence

Unidentified author

15 letters, 1862-1863

Folder 15/5/118 – Correspondence

Unidentified author

13 letters, 1864-1869

Folder 16/5/118 – Correspondence

Unidentified author

5 letters, 1871-1875

Folder 17/5/118 – Correspondence

Unidentified author

20 letters, n.d.

Folder 18/5/118 – Correspondence

Unidentified author

20 letters, n.d.

Folder 19/5/118 – Correspondence

Unidentified author

10 letters, n.d.

Folder 20/5/118

Partial letters, page(s) missing

20 items

Folder 21/5/118

Partial letters, page(s) missing

20 items

Folder 22/5/118

Partial letters, page(s) missing

9 items