Collection Title: Valley Forge Document Group

Dates of Collection: 1814-1984

Box Numbers: 5 boxes

RepositoryChester County Historical Society, West Chester, PA

Language: English

Collections Contents:


1. Washington Chapel Chronicle

2. Washington Memorial Chapel #1

3. Washington Memorial Chapel #2

4. Valley Forge as a National Park,  Hocker, Edward W.  From the “Outlook” April 6,1901

5. Newspaper Article  “A Sweetheart of 76”  Chester Valley  Union  July 4, 1894

6. Valley Forge Military Academy Commencement  1931 & 1933

7. Valley Forge Music Center

8. General Von Steuben Quarters at Valley Forge (Calendar 1946)

9. Newspaper Clipping “The Ballad of Valley Forge”

10. Valley Forge Misc Articles #1

    1.   Valley Forge Historical Society Letter of June 1971 in regards to “Hanging Rock”

    2. Program  of Valley Forge Historical Society Commemorating the announcement of  the announcement of the French Alliance (May 6, 1778).

     3. Valley Forge Park Reference Library as of February 1946.

11. Valley Forge Misc Articles #2

  1. “The Oath at Valley Forge”
  2. “The Camp by Old Gulph Mill”
  3. “The Old Iron Forge- Valley Forge”

12. “Camp News” July 1887 Valley Forge Special Edition [ P.O.S. of a Reunion at Valley Forge] 

13. Manuscript “The National Flower of Valley Forge- Arbutus  1887  Harvey, Margaret B. [ Account of her efforts to have the Arbutus named as the National Flower along with a copy of her poem]

14. Pamphlet “Descriptive key of the Valley Forge Memorial Chair” Haller, J.S. 1884 

15. Article “Washington’s Valley Forge Expenses”

16. Dogwood Celebration Valley Forge Park

      1. “Dogwood at Valley Forge” A Calendar issued by the First National Bank of West Chester 1938.

      2.  “Hero of the Spring” Nicholson, Arnold- Reader’s Digest  May 1963  

      3.  “Valley Forge Dogwood Celebration” Philadelphia Tribune Cooking Schools – 1941 

      4.  Program “Valley Forge Dogwood Celebration” May 1941.

17. Article “Valley Forge”   Carrington, Henry B.  Contained in the “Magazine of American  History”  February 1882. [Contains steel etching of Washington’s Headquarters- The {Potts House]

18. Washington’s Headquarters at Valley Forge (Various Views, Postcards etc.)

19. Valley Forge (Various Articles)

  1. National Geographic  “Washington Lives Again at Valley Forge”  1954
  2. Program of Dedication of the Memorial Bell Tower
  3. Christmas card with view of Memorial Bell Tower.
  4. Program of Dedication of Memorial Room of the Memorial Bell Tower.

20. Pamphlet “Catalog of Historical Articles and Relics 1907” [Contents of room in Washington’s Headquarters at Valley Forge furnished by Merion Chapter of D.A.R.].




BOX 2 

21. Paper “The Feeding of Washington’s Force at Valley Forge” January 1959 Rule, John

22. Pamphlet “The Valley Forge Route” Philadelphia and Western Railway

23. Invitation by P.O.S. of American of Valley Forge PA [to attend dedication of P.O.S. of a  Headquarters at Valley Forge.]

24. Article “Washington’s Christmas at Valley Forge” [from Ladies Home Journal December 1898 Perrine, William.

25. Pamphlet “Souvenir of the Seventh Annual Celebration of the Evacuation Day 1778 To 1899”  [Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution]

26. Article  “General DuPortail at Valley Forge” Kite, Elizabeth S. [from PA Magazine of  History and Biography]

27. Article  “A Christmas Venture”  Mitchell, S Weir [A story of the days of  Washington at Valley Forge- From  Ladies Home Journal Dec. 1907   Drawing by N.C. Wyeth]

28. Pamphlet “ Mitten Tours [contains tour of Valley Forge]

29. Pamphlet “ A Little Journey to Valley Forge”

30. Valley Forge “ the Marsh Stencil”  [Pamphlet from Marsh Stencil Company- contains article “ The Waifs of Valley Forge”].

31. Valley Forge- Various Programs:

  1. 1901
  2. 1903
  3. 1913
  4. 1917
  5. 1928
  6. 1938
  7. Valley Forge Chorus Music 1903
  8. Map of Encampment 1984

32. Valley Forge – various postcards

  1. Postcard book – Valley Forge 1777  circa 1893
  2. photograph of Camp School at Valley Forge
  3. postcard- Camp School.

33. Picture – Soldiers Hut at Valley Forge  1947

34. Brochures miscellaneous.

  1. “Washington Inn” Norman & Nuss  [printer  North Wales, PA
  2. “Finger Posts for Pilgrims to Valley Forge” Valley Forge Museum of American History

  3. “ Valley Forge in a Day”  Valley Forge Historical Society

35. “The Alkahest” (Atlanta Ga.) [Article:  Valley Forge   by Broomall, Clarence W.]

36. Valley Forge Historical Society  (Various Documents)

  1. Letter of Invitation to Pageant Commemorating Announcement of French Alliance 1968.

  2.  Letter to Society Member(s) discussing annual meeting, September 1968

  3.  Certificate of  “Bart Anderson” enrolled as active member

  4.   Program of announcement ceremony commemorating French Alliance May 1967.

   5. Postcard invitation re: “Discourse entitled “The officers of the French Navy,,, Their Participation in the War of Independence.

37. Souvenir map folder of Valley Forge

  1. Fourth Annual Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree  July 1957
  2. Parking pass for 1957 Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree.
  3. Bell Telephone bulletin ref: Boy Scout Jamboree 1950

38. Revolutionary War Genealogy etc.

  1. Pamphlet “ Quaker Patriots of Delaware County”
  2. Newspaper article “Pensions Granted” in Chester County
  3. “Census of Pensioners for the Revolutionary or Military Services,,, 1841
  4. Talbot Genealogy
  5. Thomas Mendenhall Genealogy
  6. Letter from Esther Holloway to Mrs. Shardon  July 1, 1943 re: Mendenhalls and Cadwaladers
  7. Notebook with various genealogy
  8. various notes 

39. Woman’s Home Companion  Jan 1902 [Article “Midwinter at Valley Forge”

40. Phillip Freneal Bicentennial Series on the American Revolution, “Valley Forge Crucible of Victory”

41. Freedoms Foundation – Various Reports  1971-1984

42. Freedoms Foundation Newsletter  Spring 1968

  1. Newsletter
  2. Invitation to 20th Annual Awards Ceremony  Feb 1968.
  3. Invitation from Delaware Valley Ladies Committee to Luncheon 12/7/1965 

43. Valley Forge Miscellaneous Celebrations

  1. Invitation from Commissioners of Valley Forge to dedication of Washington Memorial Arch June 1917.
  2. “Finger-Posts for Pilgrims to Valley Forge” Map of encampment.
  3. Program “The Eighteenth Annual Pennsylvania State Sunday at Valley Forge” Jan. 1941.
  4.  Diagram showing auto-route from West Chester to Valley Forge   August 1926 
  5. Program “National Arch Presentation at Valley Forge” June 19, 1917
  6. Post card “Valley Forge- A Saga of American Heroism”
  7. Letter re: “ The (125th) Anniversary Association of Valley Forge” (Feb 14, 1903).
  8. Program for  “The 125th Anniversary Celebration”
  9. Map “ The Dogwood Trial” Valley Forge to Washington’s Crossing”   Shoemaker, Ann 1937
  10. Program “Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary- particularly the French Alliance”
  11. 11. Pamphlet “The Song of America” Academy of Music
  12. Proclamation to “The Citizens of Pennsylvania” etc. of the 150th Anniversary of The Constitution of th4e United States” June 1938 
  13. Calendar of Activities at Valley Forge (Winter- Spring 1983)
  14. Painting of George Washington 1778
  15. “The Oath Taken by the Officers at Valley Forge”
  16. Article “Valley Forge the Valley of the Schuylkill”

44. Valley Forge “The French Alliance” etc.

  1. Invitation to anniversary celebration of signing of the French Alliance  May 6, 1778 [Document of May 6, 1964]
  2. Document “ 1778 Winter in Valley Forge  (1777-78)”
  3. Article  “Along the Dogwood Trial”
  4. Program “ 15th Annual West Virginia State Sunday at Valley Forge”  9/18/1938
  5. Program  “United Spanish War Veterans Field Day  May 5, 1928”
  6. Program Valley Forge Dogwood Celebration” May 10, 1941
  7. Pamphlet of Grayline Tours   “ Seeing Valley Forge”
  8. Invitation to Commissioning ceremony of USS Valley Forge.
  9. Sermon by Dr. Andrew Mutch at Valley Forge Chapel  Dec. 18, 1955
  10. Map Valley Forge  1926-1928
  11. Barnwell Bulletin  Vol 8 no 38  “ Memorial Day Address by President Hoover” June 1931
  12. Program of the Valley Forge Music Center  “Dogwood Concert at Valley Forge” May 9, 1942
  13. Pamphlet  “Valley Forge Anniversary – The Story of the Old Camp and its lesson” Wanamaker, John  June 19,1903
  14. American Landmarks- Washington HQ at Valley Forge 

45. Newspaper Clippings of the valley Forge Centennial  1878 [Program of the first centenary anniversary celebration June 19, 1878]

46. Valley Forge Evacuation etc.

   1. Post card   1903 anniversary invitation

   2. Pamphlet from Reading Railroad “Valley Forge”

   3. Post card 1972 Christmas party invitation

   4. Booklet “Concerning Philadelphia” Silver Anniversary of the Garden Club of America 1938.   

   5 .Pamphlet “Valley Forge in a Day” The Valley Forge Historical Society 1948.

   6. Advertising Literature  ref: “Valley Forge” by Wildes, Henry Emerson

   7. Itinerary “The Philadelphia Pilgrimage” May 1939  [Fourth day is Valley Forge]

   8. Program “Commissioning the U.S.S. Valley Forge” Evacuation of Valley Forge

   9. Pamphlet “The 125th Anniversary celebration” Evacuation of Valley Forge.

   10. Pamphlet “Valley Forge and its Environments.

   11. Pamphlet “Valley Forge” Philadelphia and Reading Railroad.

   12. Itinerary and Map “Officers Quarters Valley Forge Encampment” – April 1937 Tredyffrin Eastown History Club Quarterly (2 copies)

   13. “Dogwood at Valley Forge”

   14.  “Timber at Valley Forge”

   15. Letter ref: Captain Scull & Surveyor Robert Erskins

   16. Article “Blue and Gray”   December 1894 “Christmas at Valley Forge 1777”

   17. Article   “Delaware Gazette and Peninsula Advertiser” June 28, 1817

   18. General map of Valley Forge by Clark, J. O.  Feb. 1904.

47. Valley Forge Miscellaneous Hostess Guides Notes




BOX 3 

48. Freedoms Foundation   1954-1974

49. Freedoms Foundation Miscellaneous documents

50. Relief Map of Valley Forge 1957

51. Valley Forge Centennial Masonic Ceremonies 

52. Valley Forge Centennial Association Certificate of Membership

53. Paper “Valley Forge” Charles H. Howell collection

54. Souvenir “The Music Sung at Valley Forge Centennial”

55. Valley Forge Subject List Documents 

56. Valley Forge Commission Misc. 

  1. Pamphlet – Valley Forge Park – An Historical Record and Guide Book

  2. Program – 150th Anniversary of the encampment  (2- copies)

  3. Program – George Washington Bicentennial Pilgrimage and Pageant

  4. Program – Memorial Day 1931

  5. Pamphlet – Valley Forge Commission  February 22, 1897

  6. Pamphlet with views – Valley Forge Commission February 22, 1897

  7.  Note from Francis Brooke

57. Woodman, Henry    “History of the Valley Forge” 

58. Valley Forge Historical Society  Documents  –  1923-1984

59. Philadelphia Inquirer Article on Valley Forge  [article date February 1938]

60. Valley Forge Manor

61. Pamphlet “Story of the eviction of the Stephens Family or Tyrannic rule at Valley Forge”  [Varnum’s Headquarters”

62 Voorhees, Dan J.  “Washington Inn”

63. Walton, Joseph S. “George Washington in Chester County” [ Proceeding of Chester County Historical Society  September 10, 1898]

64. Article from the magazine “Encore”  February, 1943  “The hardships at Valley Forge” [ Letter from General Washington to the President of the Congress]

65. Valley Forge National Park Association

  1. Pamphlet – Memorial Day  Valley Forge Park  1931
  2. First Annual Convention & Mass Meeting   1900  (2-copies)
  3. Letter from Richard Shulze (Member of Congress) to Conrad Wilson (Executive Director of the Chester County Historical Society) ref: presentation of ceremonial pen.
  4. letter from President Gerald Ford to Conrad Wilson  ref: signing of bill establishing Valley Forge National Historic Park on July 4 1976.
  5. Invitation of the New Park Visitor Center at Valley Forge – March 31, 1978
  6. Invitation to various activities

66. Newsletter – Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge  July, 1975

67. Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge  25th Annual National Awards  February 18, 1974

68. Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge  “Reports from Valley Forge”  1966- 1983

69. Valley Forge – Dedication of the Washington Memorial Arch  ( June 19, 1917)

  1. Program of dedication
  2. Baltimore and Ohio Itinerary June 19th 1917 

70. Valley Forge Miscellaneous   1903- 1968

  1. Pamphlet “Valley Forge in a day” (Calvery Baptist Church of Norristown)
  2. Pamphlet “ Valley Forge” (Merion Chapter of the DAR)
  3. Pamphlet “125th Anniversary Celebration” Evactuation of Valley Forge  June 19, 1903
  4. Pamphlet “The Dedication of the Massachusetts Bay in the “Cloister of the Colonies”  June 19,1909)”
  5. Calendar View  “Varnum’s Quarters at Valley Forge  July 1948
  6.  Letter from Harwood Darlington to Captain John G.W. Dillin.
  7. Pamphlet – “Valley Forge the Valley of Despair and Hope”   The Valley Forge Memorial Chapel
  8. Newspaper Copy  “Today, The Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine  February 18, 1968  Photo of Washinton Statue at Freedoms Foundation , Valley Forge.
  9. Newspaper article – The Saturday Evening Post  May 6, 1944 “ Valley of Fortitude”
  10. Postcard showing Washintons Quarters at Valley Forge
  11. Pamphlet “Dogwood Time” – The weekly Bulletin Evangelical and Reformed Church Royersford, PA.
  12. Pamphlet “ The Shrine of Answered Prayer”
  13. Pamphlet  “Order of the Thirty Ninth Annual Service of the Pennsylvania Society of the Sons of the Revolution” in St James Church  (December 18, 1927)
  14. Hostess Notes – Quarters of Brigadier General George Weedon and Major General Baron Johann Dekalb “East Watch”  (Mr. and Mrs. Federico F. Mauck)
  15. Hostess Notes – Quarters of General Lord Charles Cornwallis “Tory Hollow” (Mr. and Mrs. William J. Baird) [2-copies]
  16. Readers Digest Article “ Hero of the Spring” Flowering Dogwoods at Valley Forge.
  17. Map “ Valley Forge Landmarks”
  18. Copies of various letters
  19. Photo article of the Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation (Valley Forge)
  20. Article from the library of the late Levi Z. Leiter  “ Rare Americana”
  21. Article describing Souvenir Plates of the National Society of the DAR (Bell Tower at Valley Forge” 1958
  22. Newspaper Clipping (Valley Forge)
  23. Hostess Notes – Quarters of Brigadier General Louis LeBuque DuPortail “Chesterbrook Farm”  (University of Pennsylvania)
  24. Pamphlet – “Anniversary Celebration of the Announcement at Valley Forge of the Signing of the French Alliance May 6, 1778 ( Saturday May 6, 1967)
  25. Hostess Notes – Quarters of Major Nathaniel Greene “Rehobeth” (Mrs. J. Edgar Hires).
  26. Hostess Notes – Quarters of Brigadier General William Woodford “Brookvale Farm”  (Mr. and Mrs. William H.T. McCollum)
  27. Hostess Notes  – Quarters of General Charles Lee and Thomas Bradford “Chesterbrook Farm” (Mrs. J. Packard Laird).
  28. Pamphlet – “The Inch” Published by Texas Eastern Transmission Corp.

                [contains article “The Incomparable Valley Forge”]

  1. Letter from Mrs. Seth Pope to Chester County Historical Society ref: board 

        removed from “Old Mt. Airy School which contains Prayer of George 

            Washington at Valley Forge”

  1. Historic Scenes from Philadelphia Inquirer Friday April, 1963 (Part 5 Valley Forge)
  2. Newspaper Article – Great Valley Gazette  “Valley Forge is Scene of Another Cold War”  March 8, 1962.



BOX 4 

71. Valley Forge Park Commission Reports 1916- 1929

  1. December 1916
  2. March 1919
  3. 1921 – 1927
  4. 1927 –  1929

72. Valley Forge Park Commission Reports  1902 – 1904 & 1906

73. Valley Forge Park Commission Reports   1908 – 1914

  1. 1908
  2. 1910
  3. 1910
  4. 1914
  5. 1914 appendix

74. Valley Forge Park Commission Reports 1935 – 1951

  1. 1935 – 1939
  2. 1939 – 1943
  3. 1943 – 1947
  4. 1947 – 1951

75. Valley Forge Park Commission Reports  1894 – 1902

  1. Reprint of Reports for 1894, 1896, 1900  HARDBOUND
  2. Reprint of Reports for 1894, 1896, 1900  Soft cover
  3. Report for 1894
  4. Report for 1896 HARDBOUND
  5. Report for 1896 Soft cover
  6. Report for 1902

76. Valley Forge Historical Society Miscellaneous

  1. Card – “Application for Membership in the “Valley Forge Historical Society”
  2. Invitation –  to lecture series by the Valley Forge Historical Society (2-copies)
  3. Invitation –  the “183rd Anniversary Celebration of the Arrival of General Washington’s Army at Valley Forge (2- copies)
  4. Pamphlet – “Presentation of the Insignia” of the Valley Forge Historical Society
  5. Pamphlet – “Dedication of the General Knox Covered Bridge (June 18, 1960).
  6. Invitation – Open House at Valley Forge (Saturday February 22, 1964). (2-copies)
  7. Envelope – “The Valley Forge Historical Society” The Washington Memorial
  8. Pamphlet – “Exhibition of Pen – and- Ink Sketches of Historic Landmarks (2-copies)
  9. Envelope – The Valley Forge Historical Society
  10. Invitation – “Commemoration of the 230th Birthday of George Washington
  11. Announcement – “Valley Forge Library Opened”
  12. Post Card – invitation to celebration of the 205th anniversary of The French Alliance  ( May 7, 1983).
  13. Invitation to celebration of the  anniversary of The French Alliance  ( May 6, 1963).
  14. Invitation – “A Seminar on the History of the American Revolution (March 1963).
  15. Invitation – “Commemoration of the 231st Birthday of George Washington
  16. Invitation –  the “185th Anniversary Celebration of the Arrival of General Washington’s Army at Valley Forge Invitation
  17. Invitation –  the “184th Anniversary Celebration of the Arrival of General Washington’s Army at Valley Forge
  18. Invitation to celebration of the  anniversary of The French Alliance  ( May 6, 1962).
  19. Valley Forge National Park Association invitation to Senate and House Committee hearings re: Preservation of Valley Forge – January 30 1902.
  20. Card – various activities at Valley Forge
  21. Memo – From Historical Society of Pennsylvania ref Train to Valley Forge (June, 1892).
  22. Invitation to attend 200th Anniversary of the Valley Forge Encampment ( April 1978). (2-copies).
  23. Invitation to attend festivities celebrating The French Alliance”  (May 1980).
  24. Photos of Valley Forge (4)
  25. Invitation to unveiling of Delaware State Monument (October 31, 1914)
  26. Pamphlet – description of Valley Forge property
  27. Invitation  to visit “The James Monroe Law Office and Museum in Historic Fredericksburg VA.
  28. Pamphlet – Invitation to “Commemorative Program celebrating the 179th arrival of General Washington and his Troops to Valley Forge.
  29. Invitation to Lecture and Tea at the Washington Memorial Museum “Magic and Modern Art”
  30. Invitation to “Evacuation Day” (June 19, 1956)
  31. Notice of “The Valley Forge Historical Society Annual Meeting November 6, 1982.
  32. Invitation to Tea (February 20, 1960).
  33. Invitation to illustrated lecture on Chinese Export Porcelain and the China Trade.
  34. Invitation – “Commemoration of the 236th Birthday of George Washington
  35. Invitation to attend celebration of the signing of  The French Alliance”  (May 1965).
  36. Invitation to attend Garden Party in celebration of the signing of  The French Alliance”  (May 1969).
  37. Envelope to Mrs. Sydney F. Wallace
  38. Invitation  to “Fire of Joy” Pageant
  39. Extract from the Letter of a Soldier at Valley Forge
  40. Envelope to Mrs. Robert Titus (2-copies)
  41. Invitation to re-enactment, on the original site at Valley Forge, of the announcement by General Washington to his troops of the signing of the French Alliance.  May 1967
  42. Pamphlet  of the Valley Forge Historical Society (2-copies)
  43. Card – French Alliance Day  (May 1967)
  44. Postcard to Mrs. William Bell – Invitation to Women’s Auxiliary Special Meeting (March 1955).
  45. Card – Invitation to observance of Washington’s Birthday (February 22, 1952).
  46. Admission ticket to Valley Forge Historical Society Museum.
  47. Envelope to The Valley Forge Historical Society (2-copies)
  48. Invitation to Lecture by Orrin W. June re: Anthony Wayne
  49. Invitation to 234th celebration of General George Washington
  50. Invitation by the Duportail House Committee to Celebrate the French Alliance (May 1982)
  51. Invitation to 204th anniversary of Washington’s March to Valley Forge.
  52. Invitation to attend celebration of the signing of  The French Alliance”  (May 1961).
  53. Invitation to Independence Day Celebration by Colonial Daughters of the Seventeenth Century.
  54. Invitation to attend celebration of the signing of  The French Alliance”  (May 1960).
  55. Invitation to attend celebration of the signing of  The French Alliance”  (May 1959).
  56. Invitation to 229th celebration of General George Washington
  57. Invitation to anniversary celebration of signing of the French Alliance  May 6, 1778 [Document of May 6, 1964]
  58. Postcard to Mrs. William Ball – invitation to Dessert Luncheon (May, 1954)
  59. Envelope to Chester County Historical Society
  60. Invitation to Ceremony for the Breaking of Ground for the Lafayette Bay in the Porch of the Allies (September 1925)




BOX 5 

77. Valley Forge Centennial and Memorial Association Proceedings   1879

  1. Yearbook of the Washington Memorial Chapel 1926
  2. Card – Application for membership in the Valley Forge Historical Society
  3. Ticket to the Grand Ball April 1879
  4. Post Card invitation to “ A Washington Tea”  February 1951
  5. Ticket of admission to the Valley Forge Historical Society. (3-copies).
  6. Notice of annual meeting (January 1945)
  7. Envelope to the Valley Forge Historical Society (2-copies)
  8. Card for Membership solicitation
  9. Envelope Blank
  10. Invitation to dedication ceremony of Washington’s Headquarters (June 1879)
  11. Program – First Centenary Celebration of the Occupation of Valley Forge by the Continental Army June 19th 1878
  12. Invitation to join the VF Historical Society
  13. Pamphlet describing the Valley Forge Historical Society
  14. Invitation to the Presentation and Dedication of the Lafayette and Rochambeau Bays in the Porch of the Allies ( May 1928) (2-copies)
  15. membership voucher in “The Valley Forge Legion of the United States of America”
  16. Pamphlet – Army and Navy Day at Valley Forge (September 1922)
  17. Notice of annual meeting (January 1946)
  18. Pamphlet – The Centennial Celebration (July 1897). 

78. Valley Forge – Bill to Authorize Establishment of Valley Forge Park

    1.  Pamphlet –“The Beggars Opera”

79. Valley Forge Views

  1. Continental Bank Annual Report  1973
  2. Reference list of Valley Forge Post Cards 

80. Valley Forge Views – Washington and His Troops

81. Valley Forge Views – Washington Miscellaneous

82 Historical Valley Forge- (Post Card Views)

83. Valley Forge Winter of 1777-78  Publication of the Washington Headquarters Centennial  and Memorial Association  [POS of America]

84. Pamphlet: Address by Isaac R. Pennypacker

85. Pamphlet: “The Valley Forge Burned by British Troops” By Isaac R. Pennypacker – June 1929

86. Pamphlets: (2)

            1. The 17th Annual West Virginia State Sunday at Valley Forge 9/22/1940

            2. General Washington at Valley Forge – Harpers New Monthly Magazine 7/1896

87. Pamphlet: “Ye Sign of the Motor Co. – Its Country House Down the Road”

88. Pamphlet: Address of the Honorable Samuel W. Pennypacker – June 17, 1899

89. Maps (2)

            1. New Map of Valley Forge Park – 1905

            2. Map of Valley Forge Reservation and Vicinity – 1905