Collection Title: Soroptimist Clubs of West Chester, Southern Chester County, Oxford, and Affiliated Venture Clubs Records

Collection Number: Ms. Coll. 137

Dates of Collection: 1939-11993

Box Numbers: 28 boxes

RepositoryChester County Historical Society, West Chester, PA

Language: English

Project Archivist: Margaret Miles Baillie


Soroptimist comes from the Latin words for sorority and optimist which the club used to convey the motto (the) “best for women”.  The first Soroptimist Club meeting was held in 1921 at Oakland, California.  Its establishment enabled women business executives and professionals to provide volunteer services and help to other women in their community.  Other clubs were started and in 1928, they joined together in a federation which is now called Soroptimist International of the Americas[1].

The Soroptimist Club of Philadelphia sponsored the establishment of the Soroptimist Club of West Chester (SCWC) on February 24, 1934, and a charter dinner was held at the New Century Club in West Chester.  The attendance of over one hundred people included twenty-four charter members, nine of which were officers.  The officers were as follows:  President Daisy Jamison, First Vice President Helen A. Russell, Second Vice President Ida P. Stabler, Corresponding Secretary Jeannette Short Styer, Recording Secretary M. Minerva Davis, Treasurer Anne Newcomer Vodger and three Directors:  Lavinia G. King, Florence Hoopes, and Mary Maynard.

Meetings were held weekly and for the first year they met at the Overtown Tea Room.  During this tiem they were able to provide funds in the name of Martha Servis, regional Soroptimist Director, to send boys to the YMCA camp.  In 1939, they sponsored the founding of the Soroptimist Club of Southern Chester County which in turn sponsored the founding of the Oxford Soroptimist Club.  In 1941, they adopted the Soroptimist Club of Macclesfield, Cheshire, England as a sister club.  West Chester members were able to meet Macclesfield members at quadrennial conventions of the Soroptimist International.  Correspondence, friendships and eventually travel with the club and its members continued over the years.  Photos and correspondence with Macclesfield are included in this collection.  The SCWC was also a sister club with the Soroptimists of Elvernum, Norway.  Some correspondence with Elvernum is included in this collection.

The SCWC was a strong supporter of the Royer-Greaves School for the Blind in Paoli, PA, and Dr. Jesse Royer Greaves, the founder of the school, was a member of the West Chester club.  Included in this collection is an excellent biography of Dr. Greaves (see scrapbook, 1960-1962)  

Later, the SCWC established two significant scholarship funds: the Margaret E. Wolfangle Memorial Fund and the Daisy Jamison Art Scholarship. The Margaret E. Wolfangle Memorial Fund was a scholarship granted each year to an outstanding graduating high school senior for excellence in secretarial studies.  It was established in 1969 in memory of long time member Margaret E. Wolfangle.  Awards were granted to both Henderson and East High School graduates.  The Daisy Jamison Art Scholarship was granted each year to an outstanding graduating high school art student to assist in the continuation of his or her study of art.

It was established in 1966 in memory of charter member and first president of the club, Daisy Jamison.  Funds for the scholarship were raised by an annual art show and card party.  The previous year’s recipient would present a work of art to be awarded to a raffle winner at the conclusion of the annual show.  Peter Schulthorpe was one of the scholarship’s recipients and his photo, along with photos of his work are included in this collection.

In addition to the previously mentioned scholarships and International Joint Projects such as the Women’s Development Project in Peru, the Soroptimists participated in many local projects.  These included:  A Dogwood walk planted in Everhart Park in 1935, medical scholarships to the Women’s Medical College in Philadelphia and nursing schools, support to servicemen and women during WWII, flood relief in Pennsylvania and Holland in 1954, furnished rooms in both the Memorial Hospital of West Chester and the U.S. Veteran’s Hospital in Coatesville[2] as well as participating in the joint giving effort of the North Atlantic Region of Soroptimists Clubs to provide fourteen sun rooms for the new Valley Forge General Hospital in 1946.[3]

Description of Items and Abbreviations

This section describes some of the items and abbreviations in this collection.

  • The Quill – This is a monthly bulletin which gives the schedule and agenda of monthly meetings as well as announcements, important dates and other club news.  The issues can be used as an index to finding information in the records. For example, the June 1969 issue lists the speaker Kay Wilhelmy and her topic “My experiences in Vietnam with US AID.” This information can then be researched by going to the relevant club minutes and scrapbook.
  • SIA Soroptimist International of the Americas.
  • NAR North America Region.
  • The Venture Club – A Soroptimist Club made up of younger women.
  • SOS – Soroptimist Orientation Sheet.  Informational sheets mailed from headquarters to local organizations.


There were numerous committees over the life of the organization.  Ten committees, however, remained at the forefront of the Soroptimists’ efforts.  These were: Attendance and Dinner, Classification and Development, Community Service, Finance, Laws and Resolutions, Program, Public Relations, United Nations, Ways and Means, and Youth Activities.  Some committees had subcommittees such as the Birthday and Flowers sub-committee and the Guest Book sub-committee which fell under the Attendance and Dinner Committee’s authority.

Most committee and sub-committee records are filed under their own name.  These include the following:  Attendance and Dinner,Birthday, Classification and Membership, Community Service, Daisy Jamison Art Scholarship, Education and Extension, Finance, Growth and Development, Human Rights/Advancement of the Status of Women, Laws and Resolutions, Margaret E. Wolfangle Memorial Scholarship Award, Nominating, Planning, Program and Music, Public Relations, U.N., Public Affairs and I.G.U., Quill, Ways and Means, Youth Activities, Youth Citizen Award, and Youth Seminar.

The Financial records are filed as Annual Treasurer’s Report, Bi-Monthly or less than annual Treasurer’s Report, Finance Committee Report, Income Tax Records, Insurance Information, Paid Bills and Bank Statement and Check Registers.  Financial information for the Scholarships appears to have been kept with the corresponding committee files.

The Community Service Budget included projects that the organization was currently supporting.  For example, the 1979-80 Budget lists the following projects:  International Year of the Child (Federation), S.F.A. Fellowship, Golden Age Club, Y.W.C.A. Campership, Salvation Army Campership, Meals-on-Wheels, RIDE, TAP Award (Federation) Youth Citizenship, Chester County Assoc. of Retarded Citizens, Royer-Greaves School, VITAE House- Rehabilitation for Women, Miscellaneous, Violet Richardson Award Memorial Fellowship, Daisy Jamison Art Scholarship and the Margaret E. Wolfangle Memorial Award.

[2] Daily Local News, West Chester Soroptimists are celebrating 50th anniversary, by Clare Lilley. May 2, 1984.

[3] The Quill, February 1946.

Collections Contents:


Box 1 Minutes, 1934-1948

Folder 1 – Minutes of Meetings 1934-1938. 53 black & white photos of Fashion Parade for the West Chester Sesquicentennial.

Folder 2 – Minutes of Meetings 1939-1941

Folder 3 – Minutes of Meetings 1941-1943

Folder 4 – Minutes of Board Meetings 1934-1946

Folder 5 – Minutes, along with The Quill, 1944-1947, March 1948.

Folder 6 – Programs, Minutes and some correspondence 1934-1946.

Box 2 Minutes, 1956-1977

Folder 1 – Minutes of Board & Business Meetings September 1956 – June 1959, November 1962, August 1965 – June 1968.

Folder 2 – Minutes of Board Meetings 1965 -1971.

Folder 3 – Minutes of Business Meetings 1965-1971.

Folder 4 – Minutes of Board & Business Meetings 1971-1975.

Folder 5 – Minutes of Board & Business Meetings 1976.

Folder 6 – Minutes of Board & Business Meetings 1977.

Box 3 Minutes, 1978-1993

Folder 1 – Minutes of Board & Business Meetings 1978-1980.

Folder 2 – Minutes of Board & Business Meetings 1980-1981. Budgets & Correspondence.

Folder 3 – Minutes of Board & Business Meetings 1984-1985

Folder 4 – Minutes of Board & Business Meetings 1986.

Folder 5 – Minutes of Board & Business Meetings 1987.

Folder 6 – Minutes of Board & Business Meetings1990-1992.

Folder 7 – Final Year Minutes & Closing Meeting 1992-1993, correspondence, et. al.


Constitution, history, etc.

Box 4  Constitution, history, publications, poems, Venture Club, Elinor Z. Taylor, sister clubs, 1934-1992

Folder 1 – 1934 West Chester Constitution with 1941, 1944 and 1946 changes.

Folder 2 – 30 year history, 1934 Charter Meeting, Congratulations correspondence and telegrams.

Folder 3 – History and Song Booklets.

Folder 4 – Revisions and Amendments to the West Chester Club Constitution 1950, 1952,

1953, 1959, 1960, 1963, 1966.

Folder 5 – Revisions and Amendments to the West Chester Club Constitution 1976, 1979.

-Club procedure C-4 Club Officers and Directors September 18, 1985.

-Admissions to Membership, Article VIII 1981, 1983, and  Nov. 20, 1985.

Folder 6 – Officers’ Orientation Sheets, 1987.

Folder 7 – Programs, Booklets, Flyers

-“The Stagecoachers” sponsored by the Old York Road Soroptimist Club July 23, 1935.

-Cornelia Stabler Gillam at the State Teachers College Library April 19, 1937.

-“A Soroptimist Musical Venture” May 4, 1938.

-Welcome by Main Line Soroptimists to Atlantic City June 16, 1938.

-3 photos of Soroptimists in Atlantic City (?).

-“Miss Leap Year of 1956” program.

-Flyer on presentations at the Candlelight Music Dinner Theater in Ardentown, DE, 1989.

-Brochure and booklet (2 copies) on the 1992 “Close UP” program and week long trip to Washington DC from the Close Up Foundation which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan citizenship education organization established in 1970.

-Flyer on Harrisburg Trip.

-Special event order form Meals, Tours, and Theatre for SIA convention in Arizona July 16-20, 1992 along with convention and hotel registration form.

Folder 8 – Poems & Readings

-Copy of two speeches delivered by Charles L. Chandler, Assistant Cashier, Corn Exchange National Bank & Trust Co., Phila., March 8, 1939, on Essential Raw Materials (of today’s world economy and political struggle)., and The Present Condition of International Affairs June 3, 1942.

-Notice of King George’s death. et. al.

Folder 9 – The Venture Club of West Chester. Minutes, Correspondence 1968 – 1969.

Folder 10 – Member Elinor Z. Taylor.

-2 campaign brochures, 1987 article on “Latchkey  Bill”.

-1987 State Capitol Review newsletter.

Folder 11 – Macclesfield, England and Elverium, Norway Sister Clubs.

-Cards, membership lists, addresses for club correspondents

-Sister club assignment sheet for Norway 1965.

-Calendar for 1968 from Norway, Norway contact name and address.

-1978 Annual Report for the United Nations and Friendship Links.

The Quill April 1965 and September 1965 with notes re: these clubs.



Box 5 Membership, 1941-1993 (see also Box 24)

Folder 1 – Membership Lists Local 1941- 1993.

-Listed in booklet form are Officers for each year along with Directors, Delegates, Alternate Delegates, Committee Chairmen and Committee members along with their addresses, telephone numbers, birthdays and membership classifications.

-Pledge of the SIA.

Folder 2 – Membership Lists National and International.

-SCWC Identification Number.

-Club Boundaries Information 1950.

-Request for New Territory Procedure Extension 1968.

-Club Territorial Limits Form 203 1982.

-Maps of territory and  Map of SIA territories with proposed territorial limits of divisions 1973-74.

-North Atlantic Region 1992 Joint Official Call District Meeting list of Board of Directors.

-Club Presidents and Treasurers and Tentative Agenda for 1992 Fall District Meeting.

-Club Listing By Region January 1992.

-Alphabetical List of Clubs January 1992.

-Cover of 1981-82 Club Directory with Regions listed along with Officers and a handwritten address for District III member.

-Soroptimist International of Whitley Bay Membership April 1984, list of SCWC members 1986.

Folder 3 – Receipts for Dues Paid.

-Membership Attendance Award 1990s.

-SIA membership certificate.

-Membership recommendations 1973-1984.

-Nominations for Officers 1991-1992.

-SCWC Recruitment flyer.

-Poem about Life Members by Katherine Nelson Davis.

-Ceremony for granting Life Membership.

-SIA membership brochure.

-Report of Finance Committee May 9, 1979 re: dues.

-Letter to initiate new member Barbara Walker 1987.

-“ABC’s” for new members.

-New member packet.

-Welcome New Soroptimist pack 1992.

Folder 4 – Membership Records 1967-1970

Folder 5 – Membership Records 1981-1986

Folder 6 – Membership Records 1975-1993


Box  6 Social events (Banquets, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. ) 1934-1991 (See also Box 20)

Folder 1 – Banquets 1934-1959.

-Programs of banquets.

-Ticket from prize won in 1937.

-2 valentines from valentine breakfast 1937.

Folder 2 – Banquets 1960 – 1991.

Folder 3 – Club Birthdays, 1935-1970, 1981.

-Letters, programs, cards and favors for the birthday years.

-Founder’s Day Program script.

-Founder’s Week Program script October 4, 1967.

-2 copies of projects from 1935 to 1967 (one with handwritten additions at bottom).

-Songs and Club Presidents List 1934-1983.

-Newspaper clipping for 35th Anniversary.

Folder 4 – 40th and 45th Anniversaries, programs, invitations, receipts.

-History of the Soroptimist of West Chester 1934-1974 script.

-Banquet Committee reports.

-45th Anniversary Stirring Committee report.

-Banquet report and receipts.

-History of the Soroptimist 1934-1979 script.

-List of some projects sponsored over the time period.

-Procedures for the program.

-Member list and invited guest list.

-Newspaper clippings for 40th and 45th anniversaries.

Folder 5 – 50th Anniversary.

-Newspaper clippings.

-Napkin, invitations, returned RSVP’s, and programs.

-Procedures for the banquet.

-Report of the 50th anniversary committee and expense sheet.

-Chamber of Commerce of Greater West Chester, Inc., area clubs and organizations 1983-1984 list with invitees marked.

-Receipts, hostesses prompt card, and formal expense sheet May 5, 1984.

-Report of the 50th anniversary committee February 22, 1984.


-Treasurer’s Report October 1, 1983 – November 30, 1983, December 31, 1983, January 31, 1984, February 29, 1984, March 31, 1984, April 30, 1984, and May 31, 1984.

-Member list 1984.

-Former Members and Relatives list.

-SIA Board and Officers list.

-List of 50th Anniversary attendees.

-Area clubs and Organizations list of RSVPs.

-List of Guests attending.

-Resume of Anniversary speaker Barbara Littman Greenfield.

Folder 6 – Miscellaneous items 1940s & 1950s.

-Place cards for Marion Cheyney:  April 9, 1943 WC Women’s Organizations War Report. 1944 Christmas. Youth Week 1946. December 12, 1945 Christmas Party for Servicemen and women and returning civilians with her guest, Bob Hayes, written on card.

-Two 1944 Christmas cards re: gift received and RSVP.

– Receipt and envelope for United States War Bond 1945.

-Undated place cards.

-Two invitations. Thank you card from Henrietta.

-1950s paper plate. Ticket to the WIP “Kitchen Kapers: December 2, 1953.

-Notes on “Law of the Jungle” vs. “Law of Christianity.” 


The Quill

Box 7 The Quill, 1940-1967

Folder 1 – The Quill 1940-1945.

Folder 2 – The Quill 1946-1949.

Folder 3 – The Quill 1950-1955.

Folder 4 – The Quill 1956-1960.

Folder 5 – The Quill 1961-1963.

Folder 6 – The Quill 1964-1967.


Box 8 The Quill, 1968-1993

Folder 1 – The Quill 1968- 1972.

Folder 2 – The Quill 1973-1975.

Folder 3 – The Quill 1976-1978.

Folder 4 – The Quill 1979-1986.

Folder 5 – The Quill 1987-1993.


Box 9 President’s binder, Membership roster, Roll book (3 volumes)

Folder  1 – President’s binder: includes copy of “Use of Parliamentary Procedure.”

-Basic Protocol, Information Sheet for Club Presidents 9/68.

-Copy of Manual for Club Presidents and Leadership with penciled notations “Distributed at 1966 Fall Meeting”, Sample Agenda.

-Copy of “Parliamentary Procedure:  How to conduct a meeting:  A pictorial presentation based on Robert’s Rules of Order.

-Copy of music for America and part of the National Hymn.

-Copy of the History of the Soroptimist Club of West Chester 1934-1964.

-Copy of “The Soroptimist Emblem” with handwritten notation “Helena M. Gamble – Historian.”

Folder 2 – Membership Roster of Soroptimist Club of West Chester, PA.

-Alphabetized and dated from 1934 – 1940. (resignation dates to 1943) Includes business and home addresses, type of business (classification), telephone numbers, date admitted and remarks.  Remarks can include offices held, death, and when they resigned.

Folder 3 –  Roll Book dated November 1937 to June 1955.

-Includes Committee member’s names and dates, percentage of attendance for each month, guests, and some notes about the meetings.


SIA, NAR related records, 1974-1991

Box 10 SIA by-laws, reports, correspondence, procedures, etc., 1974-1991

Folder 1 –  Soroptimist International Laws and Bylaws 1974, 1978-1980 (2 copies), 1980-1982, 1984-1986 (2 copies), 1986-1988 (2 copies), 1988-1990.

-First Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Division of the Federation December 15, 1986.

-Annual Club Awards 1985-1986.

-Letter to President re: changes made to the laws at the Seattle Convention 1986.

-Cover letter to president from SIA president 1987.

Folder 2 –  Laws re: New Bylaws and Procedures 1991, 1990-1991 Laws Supplement.

-October 1991 SI Constitution, SIA Bylaws, Federation Procedures and Foundation Bylaws, (2 copies of each).

-Letter re: Focus Reports, Resolution No.1 re: the Youth Citizenship Awards and Youth Seminar Participants (1988).

-Resolution No. 2 re: meeting administrative expenses with funds other than contributions for projects (1988).

-Letter May 1992 re: updates on end of biennium items such as Training of TAP award judges, Korean Regions donation of funds to aid Korean residents in Los Angeles, CA, how may have been effected by the burning and looting during the rioting,  the Laubach Literacy update (see also Video 1 listed at end of this finding aid) and a poem “Building the Bridge to Literacy” by Judy Robinson.1

-1993 TAP and YCA Order Form.

Folder 3 –  Club Procedures “Guide for Better Members for Better Clubs” April 1979.

-Club Administration 1979-1980 President’s Kit.

-Growth and Development Committee circa 1980s – photocopy.

-For the Secretary, “What the Minutes Should Contain” circa 1980s – photocopy.

-Paperback book Parliamentary Procedure at a Glance by O. Garfield Jones.

Folder 4 – North Atlantic Public Affairs Program 1974-1976 “We’ve Come A Long Way – But” letter.

-Soroptimist Foundation January 1986 letter re: annual report.

-Report of District #3 1986. NAR letter to Club President September 11, 1985.

-Nominations September 1985 for regional officers.

-Memo re: Nominations for Federation Offices.

-Economic and Social Development Survey Sheet 1985.

-Requests in 1986 for Exchange students to come to America – one letter from Holland and another request from Switzerland.

-Letter to President January 1986 re: endowment fund and club honor roll.

-1985-1986 Club Directory of SIA.

-SOLT Meeting notes 1984-1985.

-Club Reports 1985-1986 and 1986-1987 which give statistics and facts about SCWC to SIA Governor.

-Form for 1984-1986 Biennium President’s Annual Club Awards.

Folder 5 – Revised North Atlantic Region Procedures 1988.

Folder 6 – Nominations for Regional Offices September 15, 1987. NAR Spring Conference 1987, NAR Fall Conference 1987.


Box 11 Awards, local and international projects, SIA, Soroptimist of the Americas magazine, 1934-1993

Folder 1 – Training Awards Program explanation, correspondence and forms, newspaper clippings of 1986 recipient.

Folder 2 – Women Helping Women Award certificate, explanation, correspondence and forms, newspaper clippings of recipients the first one being Elinor Taylor in 1979, 1986 and 1989 (?) recipients and nominees’ profiles.

Folder 3 – Youth Citizenship Award explanation, forms, correspondence and newspaper clipping of 1986 recipient.

Folder 4 – Inter-Service Club Council of West Chester correspondence and newspaper clipping 1966.

Folder 5 – Local Projects includes scripts, correspondence, programs, clippings, photos, thank you notes, receipts and forms for various local projects that SCWC established or participated in.

-Included in this folder are: Fashion Show and Card party to benefit Welfare Funds October 9, 1939.

-“The Spirit of Sisterhood” script November 6, 1940.

-Card Party Prize Drawing ticket October 30, 1946.

-Community Fashion Show and Card Party November 6, 1947.

-Fashion Parade for the Sesquicentennial of West Chester.

-Letter to Chester County Health & Welfare Council describing projects SCWC had done for the community for Health, Education, Recreation and Social Welfare March 1, 1951.

-Christmas Baskets 1969, Chester County Day Hostesses (copy of 1986 CCD newspaper.  see also pewter plate, Box 28).

-Arbor Day at Everhart Park (since 1986) includes news clippings, photos, programs of the tree planting and Arbor Day Committee notes.

-June 1955 invitation to Royer-Greaves new building Open House.

-May 22, 1987 News photo of Ronald Curry and Noel Bourgeois who were students at Royer-Greaves school.  Ronald Curry frequently played the piano for SCWC meetings. 

-Royer-Greaves School, Booklet “A Developing Curriculum” from Royer-Greaves School for Blind.

-RG school needs list 1993.

-Book markers, Visitor’s Day program 1987, newspaper clipping that describes the school with photo of Executive Director Anna Perry.

-West Chester Recreation Commission Summer Program 1986.

-Embreeville Fund Society 1986.

-Thank you from Salvation Army February 7, 1985 re: Christmas Kettles.

-Community Service Committee report 1984-1985.

-Letters and brochures from Salvation Army, Chamber of Commerce of Greater West Chester, Inc., YWCA, and Girl Scouts.

-Christmas Stockings for the children at the Retarded Citizens of Chester County.

-Chester County Hospital outdoor bench 1992.

-Chester County Hospital Centennial Parade 1992.

Folder 6 – International Projects includes 1971 letter from IFYE recipient Peggy Wollaston on her trip to Nepal.

-National Good Neighbor Day 1976 Proclamation from President Ford.

-Project Five-O pamphlet.

-Youth Seminar Speech 1984.

-Pointers for sponsoring a Youth Seminar Speech.

-Holding a Youth Seminar & Federation Youth Seminar explanation.

-FYS memo 1986 stating theme “Communication:  Pathway to World Peace.”

-FYS location and topics for 1987, FYS memo August 16, 1987.

-Map of Bucknell University for FYS 1987, FYS Memo September 2, 1987 re: hotel accommodations.

-FYS 1988 Photo and story.

-Club and Regional Youth Seminar information Brochure on the SIA.

-1986 Annual Report of The Soroptimist Foundation and the Soroptimist Foundation of Canada.

-1987 Annual Report of The Soroptimist Foundation and the Soroptimist Foundation of Canada (2 copies).

-Letter explaining The Soroptimist Foundations 1986.

-“The United Nations at Forty” speech by UN Secretary-General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar May 31, 1984.

-Women’s Development Project in Peru update 1988.

-SIA Quadrennial Projects update on international projects 1995.

-Mexican Earthquake Relief Fund update 1986.

-Senegal Water Project 1983-1987, Brochure with photos for Senegal Water Project, 1988 letter to club president which mentions Senegal brochure.

-1986 letter includes “Necklace of Lights” restoration project, information sheets  on “Necklace of Lights” restoration project August, October and December 1986, Memo re: Correction to October 1986 Necklace of Lights sheet.

-Letter and brochure August 1986 First Earth Run, Commemorative Booklet on SIA 1984-1986 with addendum includes all award and recognition recipients, photos of the local and international projects, national and international officers and clubs, and headquarters update.

-Women in Literacy folder with photos, brochure and letters (This is a joint international project with Laubach Literacy International), see also Video 1, p. 33.

-Poem “Building the Bridge to Literacy” by Judy Robinson.

-1993 TAP and YCA Order Form.

Folder 7 – SIA 1987-1988 Club Directory and Correspondence.

-Brochure on SIA “Your Questions Answered” a brief guide to International Soroptimism.

-SIA general brochure.

-Soroptimist Outreach Service Center Order Form, Sales flyer.

-Letter to club president August 1987.

-Letter to club president re: Education.

-Federation Footnotes newsletter August 1987.

-SOS re: recent IRS ruling affecting YCA and TAP in the USA.

-Nominations for Federation Office memo August 1987.

-Sales Order form.

-Letter with attachments from the Nominating Committee with list of SIA candidates and their resumes for offices to be held 1988-1990 and for offices to be held 1988-1992.

-Proposed Amendment to Bylaws of the Soroptimist Foundation.

-Second Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Division of the Federation December 15, 1987 with cover letter

Folder 8 – The American Soroptimist Magazine

-April 1934, December 1935, partial September 1935, partial April 1936, September 1961.

Folder 9 – The Soroptimist of the Americas Magazine

-Nov/Dec 1984, March/April 1985, May/June 1985 (2 copies), July/August 1985 (2 copies), Sept/Oct 1985, Nov/Dec 1985.

-Jan/Feb 1986, March/April 1986, May/June 1986, July/August 1986, Sept/Oct 1986, Nov/Dec 1986.

Folder 10 – The Soroptimist of the Americas Magazine

-Jan/Feb 1987, March/Apr 1987, May/June 1987, July/August 1987, Sept/Oct 1987, Nov/Dec 1987.

-Jan/Feb 1988, May/June 1988, July/August 1988.

-July/August 1990.

-North Atlantic Regional Reporter August/Sept 1985, Fall 1986, Winter 1986, Spring 1986, Summer 1987, Spring 1992.

-North Atlantic Bulletin Winter 1976.

-Connection (newspaper of the SIA which updates clubs on international projects) Fall 1985, Winter 1987.


Box 12 SIA, NAR publications, conferences, correspondence, 1935-1991

Folder 1 – Brochure pre-1948 explaining Soroptimism 2 copies.

-Brochure “Making a Difference SIA” 4 copies.

-Brochure “The Soroptimist Foundation SIA.

-Brochure “The Soroptimist Foundation and the Soroptimist Foundation of Canada” 1963.

-Brochure “The Soroptimist Foundation” 1961.

-NAR SIA Newsletter Winter 1979-1980, Summer 1980.

-NAR Bulletin 1992-1994 Vol. X, No.1 & No. 2.

-NAR District III “On Line” newsletter Fall 1992 (discusses help given to Hurricane Andrew Soroptimists).

-Federation Footnotes newsletter August 1986 which contains text of greeting President Reagan sent to the Soroptimists’ 29th Biennial Convention, and  February 1987.

Folder 2 – Conferences and Conventions.

-This folder contains programs, brochures, letters and literature re: SCWC conferences and conventions they, or a delegate from their club, went to.

-Cut out Horse head reads “August 3, 1935/ Sandy Cove, MD/Soroptimist Derby/Wigwam  9 p.m.”

-Program NAR Fall Conference October 18, 1941 Doylestown Inn.

-Official Program AFSC 7th Biennial Convention June 22-26.

-1942 Hotel Cleveland, “Welcome to Atlantic City” picture postcard cover program for NAR Fall conference Dinner October 21, 1944.

-Claridge Hotel includes photos of Atlantic City Convention Center and the speaker for the meeting was Colonel James P. Cooney.

-Official Program AFSC 9th Biennial Convention June 26 to July 1, 1946 Hotel Stanley, Estes Park, Colorado.

-Official Program AFSC 10th Biennial Convention July 26 to 30, 1948 Royal York Hotel Toronto and program for the award dinner which has a color photo of “The Mountie” on cover and description on back.

-Friendship Luncheon July 29th, 1948 includes poem “The Maritimer” by Mary Emma Veazey, ST. Stephen, N.B., a “menu”, the Soroptimist Pledge and an original watercolor of underwater fish, lobster and clams.

-NAR 1976 Spring Conference program William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh.

-Report on SIA District #3 Mini-Workshop April 4, 1976.

-Letter to club president February 26, 1980 with attachment re: the 26th Biennial Convention in Denver July 20-July 25, 1980 (also subscription form for International Newsletter from England and Information on UNICEF Cambodian Assistance Program).

-Program for Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland Golden Jubilee Conference, Harrogate, 20th October 1984 Change of Insignia Ceremony includes Whitley Bay member Frances Varley’s  calling card, membership of Whitley Bay 1984 and words to two Welsh songs.

-Memo September 13, 1986 re: NAR District #3 Fall Meeting.

-RSVP form for 29th Biennial SIA Convention, Seattle, WA July 4-8, 1986, and Melbourne, Australia July 1987.

-Audiocassette order form 29th Biennial Convention.

-Order form for items printed with 29th Biennial themes.

-Letter to club president February 22, 1986 which includes a paragraph about 29th Biennial Convention.

-Letter to club president May 2, 1988 re: the 4th Biennial Meeting of the Soroptimist Foundation July 12 & 13, 1988 in Toronto.

-Several yellow stickers for the 4th Biennial at Toronto.

-Packet of information re: the 4th Biennial at Toronto which includes “Call to Convention,” Voting credential certification, voting credential card, registration form/preliminary schedule of events, hotel reservation form, workshop outline, summary of proposed amendments, proposed 1980-1990 budget, and report of the Ad Hoc Committee to study youth seminars, delegate id card.

-NAR Spring Conference April 15-17, 1988 Albany, NY, conference packet and Minutes of the Conference.

-NAR Spring Conference May 1-3, 1992, Trevose, PA, conference packet.

Folder 3 – Typed document confirming donation of records of the SCWC dated May 1970 and letters confirming donation of additional records of the Soroptimist International Club of West Chester by Theresa A. Facciolli dated February 7, 1988 with list of what was donated.

Folder 4 – Miscellaneous Correspondence 1970-1986.

-5 Thank You cards which include Thank you note from Terry Jamison Cockrill for wedding present postmarked October 3, 1977.

-Thank you from Hilda Traines for plant postmarked June 16, 1986.

-Thank you from Bernice Bernatz for flowers for mother’s birthday with photo of mother, aged 106, postmarked August 21, 1986.

-Thank you from Theresa Facciolli.

-Thank you from Fran for plant.

-A sample of SCWC letterhead and envelope, letter from Senator James O. Eastland April 30, 1970.

-Invitation to Founders Day Program by Lambertville-New Hope Soroptimists, Regret October 13, 1976 to Lambertville-New Hope Soroptimist for Founders Day Program.

-SIA letter March 10, 1977 announcing death of and memorial service for NAR Treasurer Faye Epstein.

-Letter from Embreeville Center requesting clubs help in Christmas “Gifts to Give Shop” October 1977.

-Letter from YWCA announcing ENCORE program for 1977.

-Newsletter from COAD announcing Alcohol Awareness Week October 15 thru 21.

-Christmas card from the NAR officers.

-Letter August 1, 1986 from Penn Oaks Golf Club re: policy change regarding meetings of clubs at the club.

-Invitation from the League of Women Voters of Central Chester Co.

-Invitation from WC Business & Professional Women’s Club 35th Anniversary 1986, regrets to same.

-Invitation and map to chartering of the Five Points Magneta club September 28, 1986.

-Room rates card for The Inn at Panther Valley, Allamuchy, NJ.

-Announcement of classes for a Business Women’s Workshop by Dr. Florence T. Seaman, Downingtown.

-Invitation to Soroptimists of Bucks County’s Founder Day program October 1986 along with flyer.

-West Chester Area Senior Center Building Campaign October 23, 1986 letter, fact sheet and architectural drawing.

-Letter from The Domestic Violence Center of Chester County, Inc., November 22, 1986 asking clubs to call them to arrange for a speaker for their organization.

-Flyer on 3rd Annual Business and Industry Expo of the Chester County Chambers of Commerce Association November 12 & 13, 1986.

-Economic Development News newsletter, Summer 1986.

-Invitation to Christmas Bazaar sponsored by SI of Old York Road, December 3, 1986.

-1986 Christmas card from NAR officers.

-Invitation to the Ocean City, NJ, Chapter of SI to their Spring Prelude II March 12, 1987.

-Letter and invitation December 1986 from then United Way of Chester County for any member of the club to serve on Allocations Panels.

-Letter December 1986 from YWCA of Greater West Chester inviting club members to volunteer or for donations.

Folder 5 – Miscellaneous Correspondence 1987-1988. 

-Letter from SI of General Santos City, PI, March 10, 1987 seeking friendship link with noted reply on envelope and original.

-Invitation from SI of Southampton-Huntingdon Valley to luncheon and fashion show March 28, 1987.

-Letter from West Chester Recreation Commission June 3, 1987 for 5th Annual Turk’s Head Music Festival asking for club to sponsor the event.

-Letter from the Greater West Chester Veterans Memorial Project dated August 1987.

-NAR letter to club President re: Friendship Link September 23, 1987.

-Invitation September 29, 1987 from SI of Belvidere, NJ to 30th birthday.

-Invitation September 30, 1987 from SI of Old York Road to Sight and Sound Christmas Show.

-YWCA brochure with letter on Turning Point program for single parents and displaced homemakers September 28-December 14, 1987.

-Thank you letter January 4, 1988 from SI of the Main Line.

– Letter February 3, 1988 from Salvation Army re: Christmas “ministry of the bells” along with photo calendar of General Eva Burrows.

-Thank you from the Joseph Mills Family with funeral announcement postmarked February 16, 1988.

-Letter February 9, 1988 from SIA to NAR club presidents re: form to fill out for fundraising projects.

-Invitation January 5, 1988 from SI of Five Points Magneta to a SOLT Workshop.

-Letter February 1988 from Sam Steel Country Agricultural Agent.

-Letter February 10, 1988 from Pocopson Home re: 1988 Fair.

-Letter February 18, 1988 from SI di Foggia, Italy re: donations for a diagnostic and research unit for children to the Bologna University.

-Letter February 18, 1988 from Jean Abel of Personalized Jamaican Tours.

-Letter from member Louise M. Smith stating reasons for leave of absence February 22, 1988.

-Letter February 1988 from Daily Local News and Return Postcard from “Close to Home” Editor Betsy Hungerford for club to send news to the paper.

-Note with a name for Community Service.

-Letter from Community Service Council of Chester County February 8, 1988.

-Letter February 23, 1988 from NAR informing clubs of death of Ann D’Agostino District 2 Secretary.

-Thank you from Millicent Ripka for a basket and plants dated April 1988.

-Letter from Embreeville Center February 18, 1988.

-Thank you dated March 9, 1988 from Ethel L. Reagan for bouquet and she gives remembrances of her sister Esther.

-NAR District III letters dated March 13, 1988 re: Health and Human Rights.

-Invitation from the SI of Lower Delaware County to their 50th Anniversary May 3, 1988.

-Invitation from SI of Harrisburg to their 50th anniversary Dinner June 28, 1988.

-SCWC invite to Museum tour in Manhattan May 14, 1988.

-Invitation from Business and Professional Women to May 18, 1988 meeting.

-Letter from Royer-Greaves School for Blind thanking SCWC for their participation in the Visitors’ Day program May 15, 1988.

-Flyer from SI of Harrisburg with map to 50th anniversary.

-Letter and brochure from Chester County Meals on Wheels and Homemaker/Health Services, Inc., asking for volunteers.

-Thank you from the DeWitts for flowers for Aunt Ruth postmarked February 18, 1989.

-Letter August 1989 from Bernice Bernatz asking for month off since she will be at shore.

-Letter May (?) 1989 from Lois Hall at Brethren Village to the OCBC Church Family describing her days at Brethren Village.

-Thank you note from Barbara at West Chester Friends Community School.

-Letter December 15, 1990 to NAR club presidents re: new voting procedures.

-Letter February 20, 1991 from Chester County Tourist Bureau re:  Cheshire County Youth Choir from England singing with Chester County students at Henderson H.S.

-Invitation from SI of Phoenixville to Luncheon Fashion Show March 10, 1991.

-Letter March 1991 from Amerikids re: 5th Anniversary Concert at Fugett Middle School.

-Invitation March 1991 from The County of Chester to the 2nd Annual Fund Raiser and Dinner for The Chester County Chaplaincy Ministries, Inc.

-Invitation and RSVP to SI of Atlantic City for their 60th Anniversary March 15, 1991.

-Invitation from SI of Allentown for their 44th Birthday Party.

– Thank you and invitation from the Salvation Army March 20, 1991 to a recognition dinner.

-Invitation from SI of Northeast Philadelphia to 50th Anniversary and honoring their Woman of Distinction Sister Francesca Onley and two YCA recipients March 26, 1991.

-Thank you letter from YWCA April 1991.

-Letter April 23, 1991 to all NAR clubs informing them of the death of Albert J. Krey.

-Sister of Past Club Governor Isabelle Krey, and asking cards to be sent to her in sympathy.

-Letter April 25, 1991 from March of Dimes and brochure re: The Great Race to be held June 2, 1991.

-Correspondence May 1991 re: letter from SI member Yuksel Birkan in Turkey asking for assistance with husband’s transplant surgery.

-Invitation from SI of Bucks County to fashion show May 17, 1991.

-Letter from Troop Appreciation Steering Committee to invite SCWC to participate in June 15, 1991 parade to honor troops from Desert Shield and Desert Storm along with proclamation of Mayor Chambers and newspaper clippings.

-Thank you from Royer-Greaves School for Blind June 5, 1991.

-Member letter September 12, 1991 (?) to President Eleanor inquiring about what club is doing for fellow member Florence.

Folder 6 –  Calvary Lutheran Church Dedication booklet March 3 to March 17, 1957.



Box 13 Committees: Attendance and Dinner, 1965-1990

Folder 1 – Dinner Committee Report Forms

Folder 2 – Dinner and Attendance Committee Reports September 1965, 1967-1968, 1973-1991

Folder 3 – Dinner Committee Reports September 1978 – December 1979 (These were taken out of a ring binder.)

Folder 4 – Dinner Committee Reports 1980 (These were taken out of a ring binder.)

Folder 5 – Dinner Committee Reports 1981 (These were taken out of a ring binder.)

Folder 6 – Dinner Committee Reports January 1982 – June 1983 (These were taken out of a ring binder.) Also 1984-1986.

Folder 7 – Dinner Committee Reports 1989 – 1990 (These were taken out of a ring binder.)


Box 14  Committees: Daisy Jamison Art Scholarship Fund and Invitational Art Show, 1965-1993

Folder 1 –  Notes and Minutes 1965-1970

Folder 2 –  Notes and Minutes 1971-1974

Folder 3 –  Notes and Minutes 1975-1979

Folder 4 –  Notes and Minutes 1980-1985

Folder 5 –  Notes and Minutes 1986-1987  

Folder 6 –  Notes and Minutes 1988-1990

Folder 7 –  Notes and Minutes 1991

Folder 8 –  Notes and Minutes 1992-1993.

Folder 9 – Invitational Art Show Programs 1966-1993

(For additional records of the Daisy Jamison Art Scholarship Committee see Boxes 23 and 27)


Box 15  Committees: [General, 1975-1987]; Birthday, 1976; Classification and Membership, 1970-1978; Community Service, 1958-1993; Education and Extension, 1974-1975; Finance, 1972-1986; Growth and Development, 1984-1986; Human Rights/Advancement of the Status of Women, 1979-1986; Laws and Resolutions, 1975-1986; Margaret E. Wolfangle Memorial Scholarship Award Committee, 1969-1990; Nominating, 1975-1980; Planning, 1980; Program and Music, 1970-1986; Public Relations, 1975-1985; U.N., Public Affairs and I.G.U., 1970-1986; Quill, 1975-1976; Ways and Means Committee, 1969-1994; Youth Activities, 1975; Youth Citizen Award, 1986; Youth Seminar, 1986

Folder 1 – [General committee related papers], 1975-1987

-List of committees and their members 1975-1976.

-Club Bulletin Editor letter.

-Business and Professional Women’s Club of Philadelphia Friendship Fete 1977 re: Ambassador Shirley Temple Black awarded. 

-Committees 1979-1980 description.

-Technical committee description of the committees.

-SOS flyer on Soroptimist Foundations Honor Roll November 20, 1985.

-Letter from club President to club members July 20, 1986 with attached 1986-1987 committees, chairmen and members

-Letter to club president from Maida E. Barrick President of the Soroptimist Foundation February 12, 1985 re: correction in previous letter.

-TAP Award Report June 19, 1986.

Folder 2 – Birthday, 1976

-Birthday Committee Annual report June 16, 1976.

Folder 3 – Classification and Membership, 1970-1978

-October 14, 1970 Classification & Membership committee.

-Classification committee March 19, 1975.

-Classification committee May 21, 1975 re: potential new members and May 29, 1975.

-Classification committee Annual report June 18, 1975.

-Classification & Development committee report January 14, 1976, January 20, 1976.

-Classification & Development March 10, 1976.

-Classification & Development May 19, 1976.

-Classification & Development Annual June 16, 1976, October 1976 re: names to be considered for membership.

-Classification and Membership Changes Calgary Convention June 1978.

Folder 4 – Community Service, 1958-1971

-September 18, 1958.

-October 7, 1959.

-Service Budget 1960-1971.

-Committee report September 28, 1966 and August 31, 1967. 

-Annual Report 1969-1970.

-Board meeting report December 1970 and March 10, 1971.

-Committee report February 10, 1971.

-Service Budget 1970-1971 and report March 15, 1971.

-Service Budget 1970-1971 and report May 19, 1971.

-Annual Report June 16, 1971.

Folder 5 – Community Service, 1972-1993

-Proposal May 10, 1972 re: donation to Holy Trinity Church Choir Boys for participation in the International Youth Music Festival in Graz, Austria.

-Proposal May 17, 1972 re: donations to two community projects.

-Committee report June 21, 1972.

-Service Budget 1972-1973.

-Service Budget amended November 15, 1972. 

-Annual Report June 20. 1973. 

-Service Budget 1973-1974.

-Proposal March 20, 1974 re: donation to Rape Crisis Council.

-Service Budget 1974-1978

-Service Budget 1976-1977.

-Community Service Annual report 1976-1977.

-Community Services January 5, 1977 re: Chester County Health Department new rules and regulations presentation at the Concerned Citizens of Greater West Chester mtg. Rules and Regulations attached.

-Committee Service committee report to Board May 11, 1977.

-Service Budget 1978-1979 with attached proposal May 11, 1978. 

-Annual Report 1977-1978 dated June 14, 1978.

-Service Budget 1979-1980.

-Annual Report 1979-1980.

-Board Report May 21, 1980.

-Annual Report  June 18, 1980.

-Service Budget 1980-1981. 

-Project Fund Budget (1983-1984?).

-Community Service committee 1984-1985.

-Service Budget 1985-1993.

Folder 6 – Education and Extension, 1974-1975. Reports and budgets.

Folder 7 – Finance, 1972-1986. Reports and budgets.

Folder 8 – Growth and Development, 1984-1986. Reports and budgets.

Folder 9 – Human Rights/Advancement of the Status of Women, 1979-1986. Reports, Women Helping Women, etc.

– “An Agenda for the 1980s”.

-Human Rights/Advancement of the Status of Women committee report 1979-1980.

-Program committee Annual report 1980.

-Women Helping Women reports, 1984-1986.

Folder 10 – Laws and Resolutions, 1975-1986. Reports, etc.

Folder 11 – Margaret E. Wolfangle Memorial Scholarship Award 1969-1974. Includes:

-Copy of Scholarship Award certificate and biography of Margaret E. Wolfangle

-Typed announcement of Margaret’s death.

-Announcement of the establishment of the Margaret E. Wolfangle Memorial Fund.

-Business Mtg September 10, 1969 minutes.

-October 8, 1969 report on initial finances of the award.

-November 19, 1969 financial update.

-SCWC honored by West Chester Schools February 23, 1970.

-March 19, 1970 financial update.

-Report  May 13, 1970 re: Mr. Jack Yohe Principal of Henderson H.S. and the procedure with which the award is to be given “With the award will be presented a certificate on parchment along with a biography of Margaret E. Wolfangle.”

-June 10, 1970 recipient Susan Huthmaker announced.

-Annual Report of the Margaret E. Wolfangle Scholarship Committee 1970-1971.

-M.E.W. committee report February, March, April, May 1971.

-Thank you letter June 18, 1971 from Roberta M. Melton.

-Letter March 16, 1972 from D. Bates Henderson Senior H.S. asking if there would be a M.E.W. scholarship for 1972.

-Letter March 27, 1972 to D. Bates Henderson Senior H.S. confirming scholarship.

-June 14, 1972 report confirming Valerie Hawkins as 1972 recipient.

-Letter to Brandywine College August 23, 1972 re: Valerie Hawkins’ scholarship.

-M.E.W. committee report March 21, 1973 original, copy and transcript.

-Handwritten report May 16, 1973 on the Doris E. Wolfangle afghan raffle. Includes list of ticket amounts sold by members.

-Handwritten copy of letter May 1, 1973 to D. Bates re: 1973 scholarship.

-Letter May 7, 1973 from D. Bates to Virginia Biehn re: 1973 recipient Candy DiBruno.

-Letter June 1, 1973 to Principal K. Michael re: scholarship.

-Letter June 2, 1973 2 carbon copies to Candy DiBruno.

-Report to SCWC club June 19, 1973 re: two award certificates delivered to Henderson H.S.

-Committee report November 14, 1973 re: financial update.

-Business mtg May 15, 1974 includes M.E.W. committee report re: change of emphasis of scholarship.  Handwritten report re: the change of emphasis.

-Letter June 1, 1974 to Henderson H.S. principal.

-Letter carbon copy to Elizabeth Boody 1974 recipient.

-Committee report June 12, 1974 (2 copies).

-Annual Committee Report June 19, 1974.

-Committee report September 18, 1974 mentions raising award amoun.

-Letter October 11, 1974 to Mrs. Wm. Hanley.

Folder 12 – Margaret E. Wolfangle Memorial Scholarship Award 1975-1979. Inlcudes:

-Margaret E. Wolfangle Memorial Scholarship Award committee report January 15, 1975 (2 copies) carbon copy contains handwritten note re: contacting East H.S. principal.

-Letter January 28, 1975 (2 copies) from West Chester Area School District re: the first graduating class of East H.S.

-Two handwritten notes by SCWC on bottom of letter. committee report February 1975, March 1975, April 1975, May 1975. letter May 23, 1975 to Joan Popadick 1975 East H.S. recipient.

-Letter May 23, 1975 to R. McAdams, principal East H.S. re: 1975 recipient.

-Letter May 23, 1975 to D. Cox, principal Henderson H.S. re: 1975 recipient.

-Letter May 23, 1975 to Justina Jones 1975 Henderson H.S. recipient.

-Letter May 23, 1975 from E. Prusack, Supervisor Business Education Department re. biography of 1975 award recipients.

-Committee Annual Report 1975 w handwritten note at bottom.

-Committee report June 1975. Business mtg report November 19, 1975.

-Letter February 3, 1976 to R. McAdams principal East S.H.S. re: 1976 award cc: D.Cox principal Henderson H.S.

-Committee report February 3, 1976.

-Typed sheet listing 1976 recipients.

-Newspaper clipping June 4, 1976 lists Henderson H.S. awards.

-Annual Report June 1976. letter June 4, 1976 to Ruth Fries 1976 recipient East S.H.S.

-Letter June 4, 1976 to Gwen Horinka 1976 recipient Henderson H.S.

-Business mtg September 15, 1976.

-Committee report December 1976, February 1977, March 1977. letter March 10, 1977 to Mrs. C.W. Burke.

-Letter April 11, 1977 to Margaret Burke re: 1977 recipients.

-Letter April 12, 1977 to Mrs. Bates re: information about recipients.

-Letter April 12, 1977 to Dora F. Wolfangle re: thank you for donation.

-Letter April 12, 1977 to Dr. Patricia Dixon, East S.H.S. re: information about recipients. Handwritten notes on copy.

-Committee report April 1977.

-Letter April 19, 1977 to Mrs. Anna Perry from D. Bates Henderson S.H.S. re: reply with information.

-Letter May 4, 1977 to P. Dixon re: more information on recipient.

-Committee report May 1977.

-Letter June 1, 1977 to P. Dixon re: award.

-Letter June 1, 1977 to D. Cox re: award.

-Committee report June 1977.

-Annual Report June 1977 includes 2 recipients – Henderson Robin Todd and East Lori Gould. letter June 13, 1977 to Robin Todd re: award dinner invitation.

-Recipient biographical information and newspaper clipping May 19, 1977.

-Letter June 14, 1977 to Lori Gould re: award dinner invitation.

-Committee report March 1978, May 1978. 

-Annual Report 1978. RSVP from Cathy Steele postmarked September 20, 1978.

-Thank you letter July 21, 1978 from Laura Spilman 1978 recipient.

-Thank you letter September 28, 1978 from Dora Wolfangle for special September mtg.

– Handwritten program for September 27, 1978 mtg.

-Envelope with East S.H.S. advisor name and phone number.

-October 1978 committee report.

-Letter October 1978 to SCWC from committee re: special September meeting which included the 1978 award recipients Lucy Serrano Henderson H.S. and Laura Spilman of East.

-Committee report March 1979, April 11, 1979 report w recipients names Lee Potter of East S.H.S. and Dorothy Bates of Henderson H.S.

-April 1979 committee report re: award recipients and parents attended the 45th Anniversary dinner.

-Committee report October 1979.

-Letter October 22, 1979.

-Committee asking for special business mtg to be held.

-October 24, 1979 special business mtg report.

-November 28, 1979 committee report. Committee report November 1979.

Folder 13 – Margaret E. Wolfangle Memorial Scholarship Award 1980-1990.  Includes:

-Committee report January 1980.

-Committee report April 1980.

-Award recipient announcement May 7, 1980.

-Committee report May 22, 1980.

-Letter June 2, 1980 to D. Bates Henderson H.S. re: 1980 recipient.

-Newspaper clipping June 7,1980, listing recipient.

-Annual report June 1980. Board Meeting Report November 19, 1980.

-Board Meeting Report February 18, 1981. Addresses for H.S. contacts.

-Letters March 30, 1981 to Lee Potter East S.H.S. and Dorothy Bates Henderson S.H.

-Letter April 1, 1981 to Margaret Thompson from Dorothy Bates re: 1981 recipient.

-Board report April 15, 1981.

-Letters April 20, 1981 to recipients Tracey Longacre and Judith Ann Wagner.

-Letter April 21, 1981 to Margaret Thompson from East H.S. re: 1981 recipient.

-Board report May 20, 1981.

-Business Mtg committee report May 20, 1981.

-Letter May 27, 1981 to Lee Potter East S.H.S. re: 1981 recipient and thank you.

-Annual report June 17, 1981.

-Letters March 21, 1983 to D. Bates Henderson S.H.S. and Ted Baldwin East S.H.S. re: 1983 award recipients.

-Letters April 6 and April 25, 1983 to Millicent Ripka from D. Bates and T. Baldwin re: award recipients selected.

-Invitation to and RSVP from Dora Wolfangle re: awards banquet.

-Invitations from SCWC to 1983 recipients and parents to award banquet May 4, 1983.

-Business mtg report May 16, 1985.

-Annual Report June 15, 1983.

-Board mtg report listing 1985 recipients Tina Marie McBride from Henderson S.H.S. and April Lewis from East S.H.S.

-Committee report June 19, 1985.

-Letters March 24, 1986 to Janet Clark Henderson S.H.S. and Ted Baldwin East S.H.S. re: 1986 award recipients.

-Letter to Libby Parry from East S.H.S. re: 1986 recipient.

-Letter April 1, 1986 to Libby Parry from Henderson S.H.S. re: 1986 recipient.

-Letters April 14, and 16, 1986 to recipients and parents inviting them to the awards banquet April 30, 1986.

-News photo May 12, 1986 with three SCWC student award winners.

-News clipping May 27, 1986 “Students in the News” announcing Kim Zandy as recipient of the 1986 award.

-Guidelines for future Margaret E. Wolfangle M.S. Award chairman.

-Annual report June 18, 1986. 

-Letter May 6, 1988 to Margaret Thompson from Henderson S.H.S. re: 1988 recipient.

-Resumé of 1986 recipient Tamika Gallimore.

-Recommendation for 1986 recipient  Samantha Bolton.

-Business mtg May 25, 1988.

-Note May 27, 1988 to Lori from Margaret re: committee records.

-Board mtg report June 1, 1988 w handwritten notes on bottom and back.

-Board mtg report January 17, 1990.

-Board report and Final Business mtg report June 20, 1990 with attached resumés for 1990 recipients Bill Matters of Henderson S.H.S. and Helen Baudry East S.H.S.

Folder 14 – Nominating, 1975-1980. Reports.

-Nominating committee May 2, 1975 re: officers for 1975-1976.

-Nominating committee April 15, 1977 slate of officers for 1977-1978.

-Nominating committee report May 7, 1980 re: slate of officers for 1980-1981.

Folder 15 – Planning, 1980

-Planning Committee report February 27, 1980.

Folder 16 – Program and Music, 1970-1986

-Program September 1970.

-Program and Music committee November 13, 1974.

-Program committee Annual report June 1977.

-Programs for June 1977.

-Program & Music committee June 18, 1975.

-Program committee Annual report 1976-1977.

-Program Committee report February 1976, August 1976, October 1976, and December 1976.

-Program committee January 1977.

-Program committee February 1977.

-Duties of the Program Chairman – The First Vice President October 26, 1983. Programs September 1984.

-Program committee report September 5, 1984, October 3, 1984.

-Program Committee Annual report 1984-1985 with Annual Luncheon Card Party Fashion Show report.

-Programs November 1984, December 1984.

-Programs March 1985, April 1985.

-Programs, May 1985.

-Programs June 1985.

-Program committee September 1985.

-September 1985. Invitation to 4th Annual Luncheon, Card Party & Fashion Show October 26, 1985.

-Program committee November 6, 1985.

-Program committee November 20, 1985.

-Programs May & June 1986.

-Flyer for Christmas Shop at Embreeville Center. Program committee March 1986 (?) and April 1986.

-Program committee Annual Report June 18, 1986.

Folder 17 – Public Relations, 1975-1985

-Public Relations committee April 23, 1975 re. joint efforts with West Chester University and their Society for the Advancement of Management Women’s Opportunity Workshop.

-Public Relations Annual report June 18, 1975. 

-Public Relations committee report September 1975, October 1975, November 1975, December 1975.

-Public Relations report January 1976, February 1976.

-Public Relations Annual report June 1976 (?) re: items reported in the Daily Local News including Dr. Twardowski’s WCU of his crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a sailboat.

-Public Relations March 11, 1985.

Folder 18 – U.N., Public Affairs and I.G.U., 1970-1986

-Annual Report June 17, 1970 Public Affairs & IGU committee.

-Public Affairs & IGU November report 17, 1976.

-Public Affairs & IGU committee March 19, 1975.

-Public Affairs and IGU report March 1976, April 1976, May 1976 re: earthquake in Guatemala and the Concerned Citizens of Greater West Chester mtg re: Post Office and Library moving from the borough.

-Public Affairs & IGU committee report February 9, 1977.

-United Nations and Friendship Links report  November 16, 1977.

-International Goodwill & Understanding Annual report June 20, 1985.

-International/ Goodwill & Understanding report June 18, 1956.

Folder 19 – Quill, 1975-1976

-Quill Annual report June 10, 1975.

-Quill Annual report June 9, 1976.

Folder 20 – Ways and Means Committee, 1969-1994. Reports, budgets, etc.

Folder 21 – Youth Activities, 1975. Report.

Folder 22 – Youth Citizen Award, 1986. Reports.

Folder 23 – Youth Seminar, 1986

-Youth Seminar committee Annual Report June 18, 1986.


Financial records, 1964-1991

Box 16 Financial records (Cash books, etc. 1962-1985)

-Cash Ledger July 1962-June 1968

-Cash Ledger July 1968-June 1974

-Cash Ledger July 1974- June 1985

-Soroptimist Federations of the Americas, Inc. Code of Ethics with Pledge


Box 17 Financial records (Reports, etc. 1964-1991)

Folder 1 – Treasurer’s General Instructions

Folder 2 – Treasurer’s Correspondence 1980-1982

Folder 3 – Annual Treasurer’s Report July 1964 – June 1975

Folder 4 – Annual Treasurer’s Report June 1975 – June 1986

Folder 5 – Monthly, Bimonthly Treasurer’s Report November 1966 – 1983

Folder 6 – Monthly, Bimonthly Treasurer’s Report November 1984 – November 1991

Folder 7 – Proposed Budget 1958-1992

Folder 8 – Income Tax Records Form 990 1962-1986

Folder 9 – Insurance Information


Box 18 Financial records (Reports, bills, correspondence, etc. 1966-1986)

Folder 1 – Treasurer’s Report November 1966- November 1991, Financial Report (less than annual) 1970-1975, Finance Committee Report 1968-1971, 1974-1975, 1980

Folder 2 – Annual Financial Report 1976-1983, Annual Treasurer’s Report 1966-1971, Summary of Audit 1976. Review 1977.

Folder 3 – Paid Bills July 1977-June 1979

Folder 4 – Paid Bills July 1979-June 1981

Folder 5 – Paid Bills July 1981-June 1983

Folder 6 – Paid Bills July 1983-June 1985

Folder 7 – Paid Bills July 1985-June 1986

 (There is correspondence in the Paid Bills files.  Especially noted are letters to participants in the Daisy Jamison Invitational Art Show which include the name and price of paintings sold.)


Box 19 Financial records (Bank statements, etc. 1975-1986)

Folder 1 – Savings Certificates Statement of Earnings for Art Scholarship Fund and the Margaret E. Wolfangle Memorial Fund

Folder 2 – Bank Statements and Cancelled Checks July 1977-June 1979

Folder 3 – Bank Statements and Cancelled Checks July 1979-June 1981

Folder 4 – Bank Statements and Cancelled Checks July 1981-June 1983

Folder 5 – Bank Statements and Cancelled Checks July 1983-June 1985

Folder 6 – Bank Statements and Cancelled Checks July 1985-June 1986

Folder 7 – Check Registers May 1975-June 1978, August 1978-April 1981, April 1981-June 1983, June 1983-May 1985.


Box 20 Guest Books, 1959-1992.

-Guest book (blue) 1959-1969.  Presented February 25, 1959 on 25th Anniversary by Elizabeth L. Cramer, President. Contains columns for date, name and address and remarks. Last entry date January 22, 1969.

-Guest book (red) 1977-1989.  Contains guests and speakers at meetings, such as a representative from Norcross, Mr. Gage of West Chester Area School District, Ronald Curry from Royer-Greaves School, and “Storm” Phillips from EAZY-101.  Includes Award Banquets for these years.

-Guest book (white) 1981-1990.  Contains guests for the Reception of the Annual Invitation Art Show dated April 1981 to April 1990.  Also contains a copy of the 1990 Art Show program with notations on two of the paintings.

-Guest book (blue) 1991-1992.  Contains guests for 1991 and 1992 Art Show, Soroptimist members in attendance, Art Reception, 1991 Awards Dinner, 1991 Annual Chester County Day preview, color slides and lecture guests.


Box 21 – Soroptimist Club of Southern Chester County, Coatesville and Venture Clubs of Coatesville and Southern Chester County, 1939-1955.

Folder 1 – SCSCC Social and Board Meetings 1939-1940

Folder 2 – SCSCC Social and Board Meetings 1941

Folder 3 – SCSCC Business Meetings 1942-1943

Folder 4 – SCSCC Social and Business Meetings 1944-1945

Folder 5 – SCSCC Board Meetings 1942-1948

Folder 6 – SCSCC Social and Business Meetings 1946-1947

Folder 7 – SCSCC Social and Board Meetings 1949-1951

Folder 8 – SCSCC Business, Board and Social Meetings 1952-1955


Box 22   Soroptimist Club of Southern Chester County  Ephemera, Attendance and Cash Ledger, 1939-1963, Scrapbooks 1938-1943, 1943-1959, 1964-1966.

Folder 1 – SCSCC Programs, Dinner, Members et. al. 1941-1964. Soroptimist Club of Oxford, Venture Club of Southern Chester County

Folder 2 – SCSCC of Coatesville Programs and Maps. Venture Club of Coatesville program December 1950 at Gordon Junior High School.

Ledger 1 – Attendance 1939 – 1959 and Cash Ledger1939 – June 1948.

Ledger 2 – Cash Ledger September 1948 – 1963.

Scrapbook 1 – 1938-1943

Scrapbook 2 –  1943-1951

Scrapbook 3 – 1951-1954

Scrapbook 4 – 1955-1959

Scrapbook 5 – 1964-1966



Box 23  Daisy Jamison Annual Invitational Art Show (3” x 5” beige metal card file box)

-Participants’ names and addresses, dates and names of works shown and some purchase prices and receipts.

-History of the Art Show, procedural cards and dates of the show from  1966 – 1988.

-Index card to the abbreviations on the participants’ cards.


Box 24  Classification and Membership Card File, ca. 1955-1971(4” x 6” gray metal file box) 

Appears to have been started ca. 1955 and continues until 1971.  Includes Active Members, Pending Members, Proposed Members and Former Members.  Semi-alphabetized.  Cards include business name and location and date they entered the club.  History Cards of members list offices held, committees served and yearly attendance.  Also notations on cards in regards to Proposed Members.  1959 Territorial Boundary map of the club and blank proposed members cards. 


Box 25  Scrapbooks, 1934-1946– include newspaper clippings of meetings with copy of speaker’s message, photos, artwork, programs, poems, cards, songs,  There are no scrapbooks in the collection for the years 1948-1950, 1950-1952, and 1954-1956.

1934-1936 – charter mtg news, pen & ink character sketches of member’s occupations, some speakers were: S. Schumucker, G. Comfort, Alden G. Alley, H. Russell,C. Swope “Rugged Feminism, Then and Now”, I. Darlington, W. VanKirk, N. Cameron, Dr. Mary Kendrick, A. Look, C. Brinton, G. Lamsa, Rev. H. Ulrich, G. Dewees, C. Stabler, Commodore Herbert Hartley commander of the Leviathan, Dr. H. Pleasants, jr., H. Hill, et. al.  Also includes 1936 Olympics tag and Olympian Ada Taylor Sackett spoke.  Many Christmas cards, especially from overseas.

1936-1938 – “Publicity Scrapbook” includes statistics of publicity included in scrapbook and an alphabetic index of contents and an index by month. Note reads:  “1937 to June 1938 awarded honorable mention at Atlantic City Convention.”  Speakers included Dr. E. Barr, C. Gillam, G. Whitcraft, L. P. Hill, H. Troutman, H. Russell.  See index for others. Photos of members celebrating their birthdays and some for their anniversaries.  Some wedding announcements are included. No Christmas cards in this book, but programs are included.

1938-1940 – Scrapbook “Covering period from Atlantic City Convention in June 1938 to Salt Lake City Convention in June 1940.”  Statistics of publicity included along with alphabetical  and monthly indexes. Some speakers were B. Newhall, F. Cooper, J. Dettra, G. Curwell, Judge Windle,  and I. Ranck.  See index for others. Photos and programs included. 

1940-1942 – Publicity statistics included along alphabetical and monthly indexes. Speakers included Mrs. G.H. Smith, esq., R. Pyle, C. Owens, J. Boyd, S. Brown, J. I. Woodward, Mrs. R.P. Brewer chairman of Women’s Division of the Chester County Defense Council, and Dr. Ivor Griffith.  See index for others.  Photos and programs included.

1942-1944 –  Alphabetized index. Speakers included: Dr. R. Gordon, Lt. Kathyrn Schlegel, H. Schramm, Dr. A. James, Rev. W. Ralston, A. Glisson Chief of Police, J. Royer-Greaves. See index for others.  Photos and programs included. Page 37 article “Soroptimists Hear How Mechanical Cow Helps War Effort” with speaker Miss Edith M. Dawson. 

1944-1946 – (very fragile) Alphabetized index.  Speakers include:  John Stephens, Aircraft Products Company speaks on the B-29 (see also scrapbook 1945-1946), Rev. J. A. Winterstein, Miss Rosa Lechner, Mrs. Ruth Welles of KYW, Col. James F. Cooney, Rev. Harold Faust of Philadelphia. See index for others.  Also included on page 1 is an article dated July 21, 1944, which states that SCWC had won a sliver cup for having the

best press book of all the Soroptimist Clubs in America and an article on page 44 that describes the sun rooms dedicated at the Valley Forge General Hospital.  Also included is the program for the VFGH dedication.  Page 64 is an advertisement for the 6th War Loan drive. A couple photos and many programs included.

1945-1946 – (This may be the personal scrapbook of Henrietta Fetters for her year as president.) Includes newspaper clippings, congratulation cards, thank you cards and other cards, programs, scripts of speeches she gave.  One newspaper clipping gives some of the text of speak Lt. Merritt J. Jeffers as he told Soroptimists his “experiences in the South Pacific.”  Also included are a program, invitation, and name tag  for the Presentation of the Army-Navy “E” Production Award to the Men and Women of the Aircraft Products Company for High Achievement in the Production of War Materials August 2, 1945, West Chester, PA, and the reception following. Also included West Chester High School 1946 graduation announcement.


Box 26  Scrapbooks, 1946-1962 – include newspaper clippings of meetings with copy of speaker’s message, photos, artwork, programs, poems, cards, songs,  

1946-1948 – (fragile) Publicity statistics and an alphabetized index.  Speakers include:  C. Boeckler, Dr. A. Clark on the Equal Rights Amendment, Dr. Pleasants, jr., Mrs. F. G. Street of the Frank G. Shattuck Co., Alice Dashiell, G. McKay, Dr. G. A. Stetson, Dr. M. Wolf, R. Scott, R. Sittler, Fern Barrer on the re-education of the brain injured, Dr. Patricia Drant on skin cancer, and Mrs. J. E. Sutton on Trans-Jordan.  Also included are copies of The Quill, programs and a black and white photo taken by Ned Goode of West Chester of the 14th Anniversary of SCWC February 25, 1948 at the Mansion House Hotel. 

1952-1954 – (fragile) Summary and score sheet. Alphabetized index. Speakers include: Rev. Robert B. Boell, Grance Chandler, K. Chamberlain, Dr. Dora Papara, J. Eiseman, J. Phillip Kochenderfer of the FBI, Joao Diaz de Queiroz of Brazil, Dr. J. L. Straughn of Aeroprojects, Inc., and Burgess Henry V. DeHaven.  A special event hosted by SCWC was “WIP presents Kitchen Kapers” show featuring Mac McGuire and Johnny Wilcox.

There are activity and “mentions” sections.  Also included is an obituary of Mary E. Munshower and sympathy cards and letters. News photo on pg. 213 of Dr. Jessie Royer Greaves on her 80th birthday.

1955 –  two sheets.  Page 83 has two clippings:  June 21, 1955 states that the dinner meeting will have Peter Decker speaking on the topic “Safety” and June 25, 1955 is a review of the meeting and gives an in depth report on Mr. Decker’s message. Page 84 has a thank you letter dated June 10, 1955, from Ella A. Goodman on behalf of the Golden Age Club.  The second sheet contains a Summary and Score Sheet for the scrapbook.

1956-1958 – (fragile) No index or statistics. List of officers and members. The Quill included. Color photos are dispursed throughout this scrapbook.  Speakers included Edith B. Ferrer of the West Chester Day Care Training Center, Geraldine McCormick of Bell Telephone, Senator T. Harney, Dr. Winifred G. Helmes, Dr. Horace Pettit, Dr. F. Fussell, Mrs. Marshall Brown, Mrs. Evelyn Bryan woman helicopter pilot, Dr. C. M. Voss, Mr. Richard James inventor of the Slinky™ January 25, 1957, Mrs. James Boals, Mrs. Wilbur Zimmerman, Miss K. Davis Chester County Girl Scouts, Mrs. Augusta Haugsted of Denmark, Mrs. Charles A. Melton and  Dr. Motohi Matustori speaking on comparing Japanese & American women after WWII.  News photos, lettercards from the SS Empress of Scotland, black and white photo with identifications of the members of the Macclesfield, England Club (copy in Box 4, Folder 11),  Unesco Gift coupons and certificate, exchange student application with photo from Paola Citterio of Italy,  Color post card picture of The Jet-Prop Viscount airplane from Capital Airlines, Articles on Braille Award and Alpha Eta Chapter awards to Dr. Jessie Royer Greaves.

1958-1960 – Loose pages and clippings.  Summary and score sheet with two ribbons. Brief index at back of book. The Quill included.  Speakers included: Roberta Hoskins of Pepperidge Farm, Inc., Miss McCormick from Bell Telephone talks on famous women, T. E. Warner, Dr Fred Khouri, Dr. C. Maxwell Myers on South America trip, Sandra Eaton county home economist, Mrs. J. E. Faucett, William Hires, Mrs. Hugh V. McDevitt, Mrs. Rae V. Beister superintendent of the US Mint, T. R. Butler, Esq. on trip to Russia, Gladys Jamison librarian on Easter Around the World, Susan C. Lewis superintendent of James Smith Memorial Home on her medical missions trip to Alaska, Albert Davis and Dr. Monica Reynolds of New Bolton Center.  Article and news photo on Gertrude Chandler’s Retirement, SCWC tour new Bell Telephone building, tour of the Chester County Historical Society, 85th birthday of Dr. Royer-Greaves, Program from the 32nd Annual Convention of the National Ladies Auxillary Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. Also Venture Club and Interservice Club clippings.

1960-1962 – No summary or index.  Newspaper clippings, photos, The Quill included.  This scrapbook contains the following items re: Dr. Jesse Royer-Greaves:  Black & White photo, booklet from the 13th Lane Bryant Annual Awards in the united States for distinguished volunteer service in 1960, Press release from Lane Bryant, Nomination letter from Mrs. Robert A. Kaster, Downingtown, PA, Remarks of Dr. Jessie Royer Greaves, Principal at the 1960 Lane Bryant Annual Awards, November 16, 1961 and news clippings which include two articles on other 1960 Lane Bryant Award winner from Africa Mrs. Machobance visiting the school along with her husband.  Also included are news clippings and photos re: the opening of Peyton Hall in 1960 along with schedule of the dedication day and visitor’s day 1961, announcement and napkin. clippings of other awards, boy scout troop, gifts from Acme and others.  Excellent biography information in the Lane Bryant booklet and nomination letter 

Speakers included:  club member Helen Russell re:  London convention and visit with the sister club of Macclesfield. Mrs. Englund of Minter Bros Inc.. James Cassano of the Social Security Administration. Catherine Davis on Korea. Esther Colton on recent White House Conference on Children and Youth. Dr. Benedict Lanahan of Burroughs Research Center and Military Field Service. Joseph Way County Agricultural Agent. Dr. Eleanor Wright psychiatrist at Embreeville. Renata Marchese Italian exchange student. Ruby Gray of Avon. Nora Waln writer (with photo) at the 27th birthday dinner February 22, 1961. Robert Brill, Health and Welfare of Chester county. Mrs. Burke tells of visit to Oberammergau. singer Mrs. Edwin Schofield. Mr. & Mrs. Martin Clompus on survey trip to Israel for B’nai B’rith. John W. Temple deputy warden Chester County Farm Prison. Dr. Noel Stern, president of West Chester State College. Albert L. Bailey of Westtown School Arboretum. Lt. Col and Mrs. Henry Sanders on Peru. and Dr. Edward French of Devereaux Foundation of West Chester.  Also included in this scrapbook is the birth announcement of Pamela Joy Gallant.   


Box 27 Daisy Jamison Art Scholarship Photo Album and Scrapbook, 1965-1984.

History of the Daisy Jamison Art Scholarship In Memory of Daisy Jamison First President Soroptmist Club of West Chester, PA.   News clippings, notes, scholarship certificate, yearly programs, and photos of the event and the works exhibited.  This book covers from the year the Art Show and scholarship was established in 1965 to 1984. See also Box 14.


Box 28 Miscellaneous Items

-Pewter plate Chester County Days (believed to be given in 1986 to SCWC for being hostesses during this event.

-Black block of wood for pen holder for guest book.

-Two year calendar planner 1987-1988

-Hallmark date book 1992 for Carol Ann McClure


Video 1 – “Women in Literacy – Soroptimists”  11:00 minutes ©1991 Laubach Literacy International.  This video shows the international literacy program in action with footage from Mexico and other countries.  It is stored in the CCHS video collection.