Collection Title: Sharples Family Papers

Collection Number: Ms. Coll. 215

Dates of Collection: 1817-1975

Box Numbers: 4 boxes, 60 folders, 19 loose items

RepositoryChester County Historical Society, West Chester, PA

Language: English

Project Archivist: Dana Mollica

Information For Researchers:

  • Access:
    Collection is open for research.
  • Publication Rights:
    For permissions to reproduce or to publish, please contact the Librarian of the CCHS library.
  • Preffered Citation:
    Sharpies Family Papers, 1817-1975. Ms. Coll. 215. Chester County Historical Society Library, West Chester, Pennsylvania.
  • Acquisition Information:
    Donated by Charles L. Cherry, Ph. D., August 2012
  • Processing History:
    Processing and finding aid prepared by Dana Mollica, 2013.

Collections Scope:

The material in this collection mainly belonged to Alfred D. and Rachel R. Sharples and their children, Elizabeth (“Bess” or “Bessie”), William P., Mary A., Henry R., and A. Roberts. The bulk of materials consist of personal letters exchanged between these family members and their friends and relatives, including a sizable amount of letters written by Paschall family members, particularly Beulah Worth, Edith Scott and S. Edward. Some miscellaneous items besides letters are included, such as various receipts, bank account books, estate papers, calling cards, blueprints, newspaper clippings, a farm diary, and more.

Collection Arrangement:

This manuscript collection was found in an attic and given to CCHS in three boxes. The collection is arranged according to the creator (or, in a few cases, the owner) of each letter or item. The letter writers were arranged alphabetically, and the letters of each writer were arranged chronologically. The collection is organized into four series with subseries at the folder level:

Series I: Sharples/Sharpless Family

            Folders 1-19

Each individual family member that had written a substantial number of letters was given one or more folders, and individuals who wrote only one or a handful of letters were placed in the last folder in the series. Some miscellaneous items besides letters are also included.

Series II: Paschall Family

            Folders 20-30

Each individual family member that had written a substantial number of letters was given one or more folders, and individuals who wrote only one or a handful of letters were placed in the last folder in the series. Some miscellaneous items besides letters are also included.

Series III: Relatives and Friends

            Folders 31-53

Each folder was labeled with a letter of the alphabet, and letter writers were organized alphabetically by last name or last initial, or according to a first name when a last name or last initial wasn’t available. These letter writers wrote one to several letters. Some miscellaneous items besides letters are also included.

Series IV: Miscellaneous

            Folders 54-60 and books, booklets, etc.

Folders have the following labels: Financial, Newspaper Clippings, Wedding Invites and Calling Cards, Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous Blueprints, Illegible or Missing Signatures, and Empty Envelopes and Paper Scraps. There are also various items that didn’t fit in folders, mainly booklets and books. The writers/owners in this series are unknown with the exception of the Wedding Invites and Calling Cards, and some of the booklets and books.

Collections Contents:

Series I. Sharples/Sharpless Family

Box 1

“Notes” Folder:

A quickly sketched family tree and photocopied pages from Sharples-Sharpless and Paschall family history books (the pages include some biographical information) used during the arrangement of this collection and the creation of this finding aid. 

Folder 1: Alfred D. Sharples (3/23/1844 – 10/19/1919), born in West Chester, PA.

(folder 1 of 2)

A few letters from Alfred to his family (ranging from September 1906 to July 1919), two letters written to him expressing well wishes during his recent “illness” and “disability” from the Daily News and the State Normal School (sent a few months before his death), and a letter to him in reference to the Darlington estate. Financial documents include receipts for purchases from various local businesses, mortgage payments and an inheritance tax payment, a National Bank of Chester County deposit slip, a large poster for a public auction he held to sell all his stock and farming implements, and documents related his wife, Rachel R. Sharples, acting as the executrix of his last will and testament. Miscellaneous items include newspaper clippings, a “diary” page that mostly lists deaths, unused postcards alerting customers to the closing of his Machine Shop and Brickyard, and a penmanship practice book.

Folder 2: Alfred D. Sharples (folder 2 of 2)

Blueprints signed by Alfred D. Sharples. Blueprints pertain to an unlabeled building, “Friend’s Boarding Home” (drawn in 1891, 1892, 1897, 1908, 1909 and 1913) and “Family Home” (1897). There are unsigned blueprints in Folder 58 that may have also belonged to him.

Note: There are a few books that belonged to Alfred in Box 4.

Folder 3: A. Roberts Sharples (8/30/1888 – 2/11/1961), born in West Chester, PA.

(folder 1 of 2)

Receipts, a Drexel Institute of Art, Science and Industry 11th Annual Commencement agenda, an advertisement postcard from Allied Services & Maintenance Co., and a few letters to Roberts. One of the letters to Roberts included newspaper clippings, Roberts’ Civil Defense Volunteer card, a class VI(a) driver’s license (scooter with side car), and a class I (passenger car) for “Navy owned vehicles” driver’s license in the envelope. There are also letters written by Roberts to his family, mostly to his mother, Rachel R. Sharples, and his wife, Clara. A few of these are undated, the rest are from March 1911 to December 1913. Some of the letters include messages from his wife, Clara. One letter included a message from Liz R./L.

Folder 4: A. Roberts Sharples (folder 2 of 2)

Letters from Roberts, ranging from February 1914 to November 1942

Folder 5: Clara Van Sandt Broadbent Sharples (3/8/1888 – at least 1963) Born in Philadelphia, PA.

Two invites to Clara and Robert’s wedding, a letter to Clara about her brother George’s firing from his job at a synagogue, receipts, and letters from Clara to her family ranging from March 1911 to September 1928.

Note: A few letters from A. Roberts Sharples (folders 3 and 4) included messages from Clara.

Folder 6: Eleanor S. Sharples (1/7/1868 – 11/11/1934), born in Yonkers, NY.

Letters from Eleanor to her cousins, Alfred D. Sharples and Ravanna, ranging from March 1908 to October 1919.

Folder 7: Elizabeth (“Bess” or “Bessie”) Sharples (6/9/1872 – 9/29/1902)

Receipts, Normal School class of 1891 mementos, Moore Literary Society By-Laws, recommendation letters for Elizabeth’s teaching ability, a Normal School cash/sales book, and letters written by Elizabeth ranging from September 1893 to July 1902.

Note: Some letters from Rachel R. Sharples (folder 15) contained messages from Elizabeth.

Folder 8: Henry Roberts Sharples (9/17/1874 – 6/14/1963), born in West Goshen Township, PA. (folder 1 of 3)

A letter to Henry about his mother’s death from the Pennington School Headmaster, Henry’s business cards (in an envelope addressed to Mrs. A.D. Sharples), an invitation to his wedding (in envelope addressed to William P. Sharples), and letters written by Henry to his family members ranging from February 1887 to December 1919. Some of the letters have messages from Rachel (“Mamma” or “Mother”), Esther (his wife), and Jane.

Folder 9: Henry Roberts Sharples (folder 2 of 3 )

Letters from Henry, from January 1920 to November 1930.

Folder 10: Henry Roberts Sharples (folder 3 of 3)

Letters from Henry, from January 1931 to July 1962.

Folder 11: Mary A. Sharples (9/30/1876 – at least 1965) (folder 1 of 2)

Blank stationary, receipts, miscellaneous items, and letters written by Mary to her family ranging from August 1900 to August 1933.

Folder 12: Mary A. Sharples (folder 2 of 2)

A small book listing expenses Mary paid for yard work and labor from 1939 to 1961. A manila envelope labeled “Miscl. Receipts…” contains receipts for Mary A. Sharples and Rachel R. Sharples, a few financial documents, an American National Red Cross membership card (Rachel’s) and a West Chester Bird Club Annual Membership Card (Mary’s). Another manila envelope labeled “maintenance and other special receipts” contains more receipts for Rachel and Mary, as well as an Annual Membership Card to the Chester County Historical Society (Mary’s).

Note: Some letters from Rachel R. Sharples (folder 15) included messages from Mary. There is also a ringed sketchbook and a small notepad in box 4 with drawings signed by “Sharples” that may have belonged to her. (Mary’s name and address are written on the back of one of the sketchbook pages in her handwriting. The signature on the drawings has the same sharp, square-ish quality of her signature.)

Folder 13: Nathan H. Sharples/Sharpless (8/9/1834 – 7/8/1903), born in West Chester, PA.

(folder 1 of 2)

Various legal documents related to the Nathan H. Sharpless estate: Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Orphans Court of Philadelphia County, First Trial Balance Sheet, Table of Relationships (maternal and paternal sides), diagram of land he owned, his last will and testament, documents acknowledging what he received from Rachel Sharples Parry’s estate and William P. Sharples’ estate, and more.

Folder 14: Nathan H. Sharples/Sharpless (folder 2 of 2)

Various legal documents related to the Nathan H. Sharpless estate: Orphans Court of Philadelphia County, The Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, and booklet of properties being sold/rented/leased, including Nathan H. Sharpless’ property.

Folder 15: Rachel Roberts Sharples (2/2/1846 – 12/31/1934) (folder 1 of 2)

Letters to William P. Sharples, one of her sons, ranging from July 1892 to June 1904. These letters all contain a message from Rachel, signed “Mamma,” and each letter also contains a message from one of her three daughters, Mary, Bess (Elizabeth) or Ellen. There are also many letters to Roberts Sharples, another son, and Robert’s wife, Clara, ranging from June 1911 to July 1928. Most of these are signed “Mother” or “Mother S.” There is one letter to Ellen, and two to William P. Sharpless (her cousin).

Folder 16: Rachel Roberts Sharples (folder 2 of 2)

Receipts from local businesses and documents related to bonds. A few miscellaneous things including her last will and testament, a letter concerning her subscription to the American Magazine, a program for the Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, a “Memorandum” book that contains lists of expenses paid, dates ranging from 1902 to 1911, and more.

Note: Some letters from Henry Sharpes (Folders 8-10) had messages from Rachel on the back. An American Red Cross Membership card and some receipts belonging to Rachel are in Mary A. Sharples’ folder (Folder 12).


Box 2

Folder 17: William P. Sharples (11/14/1879 – 10/9/1904)

A few letters from William Paschall Sharples to family members ranging from 1894 and 1896. A few school report cards and two notes from teachers about William being ill and missing school. There are two handwritten and one typed poems that were possibly written by him as penmanship/typing practice at school. Also possibly his are some Young Men’s Christian Association materials: a booklet, a membership card, an anthropometric chart, and a letter. More materials that possibly belong to him are an International Association of Machinists Honorary Retiring Card, envelopes from 1901 and 1902 paychecks from Hibbard-Rodman-Ely Safe Co. and Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Co., and Adams Express Co. Money Order Receipts.

Folder 18: William P. Sharpless

A last will and testament of William P. Sharpless (2/9/1808 – 5/21/1879).  A few letters, a Western Telegram, blueprints, a Chester County Trust Company checkbook and a “Farm Notes” book (a book of photos and notes about the various farm properties he owned/sold, in Box 4) seem to belong to another William P. Sharpless, probably William Penn Sharpless (9/2/1847 – 2/11/1933).

Folder 19: Various Sharples/Sharpless Family Members

A. E. (?) Sharples (1939)

Ann Sharples (’35)

Caroline Hawxhurt Sharpless (“The Woman’s Auxiliary of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers Memorial Fund” packet with Caroline’s biography inside, undated)

Ellen Sharples (letters and receipts, 1893, 1896, 1901)

Note: Some letters from Rachel R. Sharples (Folder 15) contain messages from Ellen.

Esther F. Sharples/Esther B. Foulke (1901, 1911, 1914)

Fred F. Sharples/F. F. Sharples (poem, 1948)

H. H. Sharples (1919)

I. Hool Sharples (undated)

Laurence (?) Sharples (undated)

Linda Singles Sharples (poem, undated)

Mabel H. Sharples (7 letters, 1894-1911)

Margaret Sharpless (1940)

Martha Sharpless (undated)

Mary Sharples (undated)

Philip Price Sharples (marriage and death newspaper clippings with letter, 1957)

Philip T. Sharples (a 1951 letter and a blueprint that was “based on rough sketch by P. T. S.”)

Robert P. Sharples (1919)

S. P. Sharples (1921)

S. Emlen Sharples (blueprints—two signed by him, and some others that seem to have names written in his handwriting)

Sarah J. Sharples (’88)

Stephen P. Sharples (1856)

T.P. Sharples (1958)

William Broadbent Sharples (1960)

Envelope addressed to “Alfred and Rachel Sharples” full of postcards (from Bery Sharpless, Cousin Abbie, Margaret, Annie L. Sharpless, H.S., M.S., undated)

Receipts (mostly for Miss. Sharples or Mrs. Sharples, but also Baly Sharpless, Mrs. A. L. Sharples,  Mrs. A. S. Sharpless, Mrs. A. P. Sharples, and A. A. Sharples)


Series II. Paschall Family

Folder 20: Beulah Worth Paschall (born 1876).

Letters written by Beulah to family members, mostly “Cousin Ann.” Most of the letters are from 1896, one is from 1894 and the rest are undated. Some of the letters were written from the George School in Newtown, PA and others from West Nottingham Academy in Colora, MD.

Folder 21: Edith  S. Paschall (born 1880). (folder 1 of 7)

Letters, mainly to “Cousin Ann.” Undated, and 1896 to 1897. Many letters were written from the George School, Pa.

Folder 22: Edith  S. Paschall (folder 2 of 7)

Letters,1898 to 1899.

Folder 23Edith  S. Paschall (folder 3 of 7)

Letters,1901 to 4/30/1905.

Folder 24Edith  S. Paschall (folder 4 of 7)

Letters,10/22/1905 to 9/12/1908.

Folder 25: Edith  S. Paschall (folder 5 of 7)

Letters9/16/1908 to 8/26/1910.

Folder 26: Edith  S. Paschall (folder 6 of 7)

Letters,9/15/1910 to 7/16/1911. 

Folder 27: Edith  S. Paschall (folder 7 of 7)

Letters,10/6/1911 to 1928.

Folder 28: S. Edward Paschall (11/22/1853 – 6/9/1938). Born in Merion Twp., Montgomery Co., PA. (folder 1 of 2)

Letters to family members written by Edward ranging from March 1907 to December 1913.

Folder 29: S. Edward Paschall (folder 2 of 2)

Letters to family members written by Edward ranging from January 1914 to May 1937.

Folder 30: Various Members of the Paschall Family

Alfred Paschall (6 letters, 1873-1903)

Elizabeth R. Paschall (1908, 1909)

Jane S. Paschall (receipt, 1919)

Mary Roberts Paschall (named changed to Mary P. Remey after she was married, some letters signed “Mary and Patience,” one envelope included a letter from “Pete,” and another included a letter from Mary S. Bowdin, 36 letters from 1905-1951)

Patience L. Paschall (12 letters from 1912-1972)

Stephen Paschall (“Some Account of Stephen Paschall” written by Robert Scott Paschall, undated)

Series III. Relatives and Friends.

Note: Each person listed is associated with a letter (or letters) unless otherwise stated. Years are provided, though the number of letters is only given if the years covered a large time span.

Folder 31: A Names

Aarole (1939)

Affie (1908)

Alfred and Family (1931)

Alice (1894, 1919)

Ania (6 letters, 1921-1973, includes one letter from Stein)

Annie (1913)

Adams, Harry G. (1901)

Aliver, Mary (1974)

Ayres, May Harlan (1933)

Folder 32: B Names

Bida (1903)

Bill (1960)

Blanch, Don & Children (undated)

Bridgit (or Bridget?) (undated)

Bridit (or Bridget?) and Pat (1905)

B., Anna D. (undated)

B., Eileen (undated)

Baird, Mildred (undated)

Bancroft, Emma C. (1908)

Bancroft, William P. (1908)

Barnes, Anna D. (1939)

Barnes, J. C. (1817)

Biddle, Anna Miller (1940)

Brinton, Debora H. (1937)

Brinton, Ellen S. (1924)

Broadbent, George (undated “biography”)

Broadbent, G.C. (1939)

Broadbent, Grace C. (1973)

Broadbent, Jane Elizabeth Hoar (7 letters, 1913-1952, includes a letter from Joseph)

Broadbents (1939, from “The Arden Broadbents”)

Brown, C.C. & Mary (’92)

Brown, Miss. May (undated)

Byrd, Vivian S. (1920)


Box 3

Folder 33: C Names

Carl (1913)

Chad & Children (1912)

Chic(?) (1912)

Clara (1970)

C., Reba E.(1908)

Campbell, E. S. (1905)

Campbell, Robert (1905)

Carmalt, Lama (1905)

Carroll, Katie (1898)

Caughey, Clara (undated)

Cerlman, John Roberts (receipt, 1897)

Chambers, Sarah R. (1934)

Christie, Ruth E. (1973)

Cloud, Horrald (1959)

Conan, William J. (receipt, 1840)

Cope, Joseph and Nellie (1935, 1939)

Cox, Grelielma (’96)

Cranston, Elizabeth B. and Jos. M. (undated)

Cresson, Mary H. (1922)

Criswell, J. Carl (1908)

Criswell Jeannette C. (1913)

Cromwell, Sarah (1939)

Cl—, Mr.& Mrs. & Family (1939)

Folder 34: D Names

D., Allir (1906, 1908, 1912)

D., Mary P. (1919)

Darlington, Alf (1919, 1924)

Darlington, Alice F. (West Chester State Normal School Program for 1889, 4 letters 1908-1919)

Darlington, Anne J. (1908)

Darlington, Edward B. (1919)

Darlington, Emlen P. (1919)

Darlington, Emma S. and  Mark H. (undated, 1908)

Darlington, Eaalina(?) H. (1939)

Darlington, Glice F. (1919)

Darlington, H. M. (1915)

Darlington, Hannah Mercer (Chester County Trust Co. account book, 1914, and National Bank of West Chester account book, pages ripped out and remaining are blank)

Darlington, Henry T. (1919)

Darlington, Homer J. (1901)

Darlington, Jane S. (1919 receipt, notes about her life)

Darlington, Thomas H. (2 bond and warrants, 1868 and 1873)

de Mohneuschildt, Wynne (1951)

Diming, Stark W. (1911)

Donghten(?), Alice B. (1915)

Folder 35: E Names

Ede (1972)

Edna (1960)

Elizabeth (2 different Elizabeths, 1905 and 1911)

Ethel (1912)

E., A(?). A(?). (1928)

Earl, Margay (1916)

Ely, Helen H. (6 letters, 1894-1940)

Eiseman, Marie (1973)

Ehinger, Ella M. (1932)

Emminger, Margaret (1912)

Entrikin, Albert L. (1908)

Entrikin, Isabella T. (3 letters, 1907-1919)

Entrkin, Mabel P & B. (?). (3 postcards in one envelope, 1908)

Evans, H. S. (a check to the MacKellars and a receipt for payment to E. A. Hemphill, 1967)

Folder 36: F Names

Fanny/ F. (3 letters, 1908-1913)

Fay (undated)

Frances (three letters, 1902-1939)

Frank (undated)

Faxon, Fanery D. (undated)

Faxon, Tom (1929)

Freedly, John (1841, 1842)

Folder 37: G Names

Geist, Mrs. (undated)

George (’17)

Goodson, Mary D. (1963)

Gordon, Esther (1974)

G[illegible], Florence (1935, 1937)

Folder 38: H Names

Hannah (undated)

Helen (undated)

H., J.M. (1950)

Hagy, C. Newton (1926)

Hagy, Earl R. (1926)

Hagy, Kathrine B. (1915)

Hall, S. E. (1919)

Hart, W. H. (1910)

Hayes, J. Carroll (1912, 1927

Heagley, Sue (also from Anne Farrelly Daugherty and Marie Farrelly Dean) (undated)

Higgins, Emma L. (1919)

Hike, Toam, Francis, Mat & Debbie (undated)

Hoar, Gerti and Irene (1912)

Hopewell, Elizabeth D. (2 postcards in an envelope, other Hopewell’s first name is illegible, 1908)

Folder 39: I Names

The Iliffs (1939)

Mr. & Mrs. Ingham  (undated and 1831)

Folder 40: J Names
James & Ethel (undated)

Jane (1921, probably A. R. Sharples’ wife)

Jenny (1908)

Jessie (1907)

Joe (1910)

“Bro.” John (4 letters, 1909-1919)

Jeffis, C. Rodney (undated)

Jocher, Flora T. (1912)

Johnson, John C. (undated)

Johnson, Mary Morrison (1945)

Jones, Clara L. (1935)

Jrey (or Grey?), Florence (undated)

Folder 41: K Names

Kellogy, Mr. & Mrs .Bird (1912)

Kevopes (or Keoopes? Or Koopes?), Joirah (undated, page of information on Camwood/Barnwood shrub)

Kifs, J. (undated)

Kingham Jr., Archibald H. (1926)

Krepps, Keever A.(1918)

Folder 42: L Names

Lilian (undated)

Lillian (undated)

Louise (2 different people?, 1908 and 1970)

“Aunt” Lydia (1911)

“Cousin” Lydia (1905, 1908)

Lizzie (4 letters, 1902-1913)

Littlefield, Ada D. (1910)

Logan, Jenny H. (1911, 1914)

Lund, Christie (undated prayer)

Folder 43: M Names

Maggie (1940)

Marion & Tom (undated)

Mary (1960)

Mary (1918)

May (1939)

May (1913, 1928)

May & Forrest (undated)

Mayaut (1928)

Maude (’11)

Maurice and Beulah (1939)

Myrtle, Alf’s wife (1919)

Marr, J. (1939)

Maris, Ellis (1842)

Martin, A. M., S. A. Martin and H. W. Sharpless (envelope of postcards, 1908)

Maxwell, Tammie (1971)

McKinstry, E. L. (undated)

McNeilly, Martha (1888, 1892)

Mercer, Hannah D. (1919)

Merroth, Dorothea S. (1950)

Mervine, Margnerite (1912)

Miller, N. May (1912)

Moore, Eleaun Maclay (undated)

Moore, Jim & Edna (1912)

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley and Family (undated)

Morgan, Adele C. (1908)

Mulvany, D. N. (1843)

Murdoch, Larry & Patty (undated)

Folder 44: N Names

Nellie (1912)

N., W. D. (1912)

N[illegible], Claire A. (1932)

Folder 45: O Names

Olmsted, Sarale (1951)

O’Neil, James (1861, 1862)

Folder 46: P Names (1 of 2)

Pattie (undated)

Pete (6 letters, 1948-1957)

Phil (1935)

Polly (’27)

Priscilla (5 letters, 1966-1973)

P., A. and M. A. P. (1903, two postcards in one envelope)

P., Laura E. (1939)

Packer, Mary Anna (1919)

Parry, Rachel S. (’80)

Folder 47: P Names (2 of 2)

Passmore, Alena M. (1929)

Passmore, Emaline S. (1908)

Passmore, Ida Lester (1911-1913)

Passmore, Mary J.  S. (1911)

Paull, Katie D. (1919, 1963)

Paxon, Alice Hall (’35)

Petrekin, Peggy (three letters, 1904-1911)

Philips, Florence Hall (1935)

Phillips, Morgan (undated receipt for money paid for services by Harris Carpenter)

Pike, Hattie P. (1928)

Platt, Alice B. (1911, 1912)

Pownall, I. D. (’18)

Price,? (estate papers, information for 1830’s to early 1840’s)

Price, Eli K. (1886 biographical memoir and 1900 dedication of Price Hall address in his memory)

Price, Louisa T. (1924)

Price, Marian (1928)

Pyle, Liba (a note about receipts for payments, 1817)

Pusey, Mrs. Walter C. Jr. (Betty) (1974)

Folder 48: R Names (1 of 2)

Rachel (1912)

Raranna (’19)

R., Liz/L. (38 letters from 1893 -1926)

Note: One letter from A. Roberts Sharples included a message from Liz. See Folder 3.

Reid, Mary Anna (1908)

Remey, Charles Mason (undated)

Ritter, Mr. & Mrs. J. (1939)

Roberts, Aann (1896)

Folder 49: R Names (2 of 2)

Roberts, Alfred S. and Nancy (1918, 1966)

Roberts, Eleanor, Al & Heather (1974)

Roberts, Elizabeth (letter and last will, 1904, includes note from Liz R./L., 1903)

Roberts, Elizabeth A. (undated National Bank of Chester County account book “B,” pages ripped out, remaining are blank)

Roberts, Isaac (1932, 1933)

Roberts, John C. (1918, 1920)

Roberts, Mary P. (1908)

Roberts, Stanley M. (1922)

Rushmore, Jane P. (1919)

Russell, Josephine, B. (undated)

Folder 50: S Names

S. & H. (undated)

Sally (1908)

Sarah (1892)

Sarah (1911)

Serrill (1919)

S., E. B. (1912)

S., E. S. (undated poem with note)

S., Fanny M. (’80)

S., M. (undated)

S., M. R. (1919)

Sade, Sarah (letters signed “Sade,” “Sarah,” and “Sarah Sade”, 6 letters from 1911 to 1920)

Sager, John P. (1945)

Savery, Mary W. (undated)

Sellers, Dorothy Paschall (1914, 1950)

Schaffer, Mary T. S. (3 letters, 1908-1913

Scheetz, M. T. (1895)

Scheetz, Maggie (1895)

Scheetz, Mary (1919, 1940)

Schramm, Jeannette (1939)

Sheppard, Clara T. (1918)

Slmler, M. V. (1939)

Smedley, Elizabeth M. (1908)

Speakman, Estelle Hall (1919)

Stanley, Marion (1931)

Stubbs, Thomas H. (1937)

Stull, Mary B. (3 letters from 1912-1921)

Folder 51: T Names

Tom (undated, 1931)

Thomas (undated)

Taylor, Florence M. (1917)

Taylor, Lydia Foneka (1912)

Taylor, Thomas M. (1917)

Terhime, Honard (1904)

Townsend, Bertha D. (papers related to Bertha receiving money from the Washington Townsend estate, 1905, and papers related to her own estate, 1903)

Townsend, Margaret G. (letter (undated), “list of securities” (1914), deposit book (1905)

Trur, Allis (1907)

Folder 52: V Names

Valenti, Eva (undated)

Van Weelde, J. (1919, 1920)

Folder 53: W Names

Walli (1898)

W., E. (undated)

W., R. B. (1907)

W., S. S. (1892, 1918)

W., Mary (1939)

Wagner, Mr. & Mrs. Vernon W. (1939)

Walsh, Mirmie,(1919)

Walson, Emma E. (undated)

Walton, Dara E., Joseph S. Walton, and Deborah F Stubbs (envelope with three     postcards, 1908)

Walter, Anna Martha (“copy from her diary,” 1872)

Walter, Emilie B. (1924)

Warner, I. Chapman (receipt, 1936)

Warner, Sarah S. (1908, 1912, 1914)

Warren, Mary S. (1927)

Warrington, Anna L. (1973)

Watsons, D. W. Pike and the (1939)

Way, Hy. H. (1910)

Wharton, John E. Jr. (1914)

Whiteman, Elizabeth (undated))

Whitney-Thinger Household (1928, 1929)

Williams, Emma (poems, 1906)

Williams, Mary (1975)

Witmer, Katherine B. (1910)

Series VI: Miscellaneous

Folder 54: Financial

Financial documents that are not obviously associated with a specific individual. Receipts, form letters regarding stocks, a record of a deed, a record of a copartnership for a business, endowment investments for the Chester County Hospital, lists of payments made to Friends Burial Grounds, and more.

Folder 55: Newspaper Clippings

Advertisements (train fares, coal sellers, property auction/sales), obituaries (John H. Speer Jr., Dr. Jesse Green, Mrs. Henri Hulme, W.P. Tyson, Annie T. Sharpless, Mrs. Emerson Wade, Dr. William H. Carmalt, Frank H. Broadbent, Marion M. Bruckner, Sara Cole DeHaven), other clippings.

Folder 56: Wedding Invitations & Calling Cards

Wedding invitations and calling cards.

Box 4

Folder 57: Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous things that didn’t fit anywhere else.

Folder 58: Miscellaneous Blueprints

Some blueprints that couldn’t be connected to the creator. Philip T. Sharples, Alfred D. Sharples and S. Emlen Sharples created blueprints, so they may have belonged to them.

Folder 59: Illegible or Missing Signatures

Letters with illegible signatures or that are missing signatures.

Folder 60: Empty Envelopes and Paper Scraps

Envelopes that didn’t contain anything and scraps of paper with writing on them.

Books, Booklets, Etc.

A.D. Sharples Items:

  • brown book: “diary” and expenses paid, 1872-1877
  • “Vodges’ “Architect’s and Builder’s Pocket and Companion Price Book,” 1882
  • little black book with clasp: expenses and random bits of writing/notes
  • Chester County Trust Co. book (with two checks from William P. Sharples to Dr. L. W. and [illegible] Corson tucked inside).
  • 2 National Bank of Chester County balance books (one book has one entry, other is blank with page ripped out).

Other Books, Booklets, Etc.:

  • “Farm Notes”- A farm diary written by W. P. Sharples (probably William Penn Sharples). Contains photos, newspaper clippings and handwritten notes about property or farms William owned and sold.
  • “Book 7”: balance book with purchases from 1818 to 1821. First line says “Dr. Ths. Paschall in [?] with Tho. Moore P.”
  • Chester County Trust Co. booklet, October 10, 1900. Loose by-laws and newspaper clippings of Elbert N. Pusey and Frank Battles slipped inside.
  • Ringed sketchbook and notepad of drawings signed “Sharples.” (Could be Mary A. Sharples’? Her address is written on the back of one of the pages in her handwriting.)
  • West Chester State Normal School Annual Catalogs: 1886, 1894, 1896, 1899, 1902, 1911
  • “Re-union of Loudoun Valley Academy,” November 7, 1914 program.
  • C.F. Zimmerman’s “Simplified Harmony Teacher and Short-hand Writing of Chords, Also, New Method of Music by Figures” booklet.
  • International Conciliation, “The Control of the Fighting Instinct,” by George M. Stratton, Issue no. 73, December 1913.
  • “Minutes of the Yearly Meeting of Friends Relative to the Donation Called the Joseph Jeanes Fund” booklet with handwritten notes.
  • small notepad filled with notes (top page says “Newspapers – 1806 to 1880”).
  • Cable Release No. 29 by Eastman Kodak Company (small white box).
  • Kodak Super-XX Panchromatic High Speed Film (small yellow box).
  • Envelope of “Engel’s Quick Way” Art Corners (patented 1907)
  • Bryan’s Shoe Shop promotional tickets (blue).
  • Daniel Corbit family tree (long, rolled up paper)