Collection Title: Scrapbooks Collection: Isaac Anderson, WWII Scrapbooks

Dates of Collection: August. 1939 – December. 1945


Isaac Anderson was born on April 11, 1891 and married Edna Boyd on March 2, 1913 in Barnsley, Chester County, PA. In 1939, Mr. Anderson was 48 years old. Though he was not of fighting age, one scrapbook contains a postcard from a Mr. William Anderson in Philadelphia, who may have been Isaac Anderson’s son. The postcard features the U.S.S. Augusta (1942).

Resources Used

“Chester County Marriages Grooms Index 1885-1930.” Marriage Records. West Chester: Chester County Archives.

Postcard. Isaac Anderson Scrapbooks, Box 10. 1945. Chester County Historical Society Scrapbooks Collection. West Chester.

Collections Scope:

Anderson’s collection includes ten scrapbooks that capture newspaper articles related to WWII. The articles are related to international events, rather than coverage of local events during this time period.  While most entries have dates included, the newspaper from which the article was clipped is not always apparent.

Related Material:

See also the CCHS Scrapbooks Collection and Beatrice Menig Political Scrapbooks Collection. 

Collection Arrangement:

Scrapbooks in this collection were created chronologically. The listing for this collection provides some detail about the events covered in each scrapbook as well as beginning and ending dates.