Collection Title: Joseph Cope Papers

Collection Number: MS Coll 244

Dates of Collection: 1850 – 1990, bulk 1930 – 1990

Extent: 27 boxes; 27 linear feet

RepositoryChester County History Center, West Chester, PA

Language: English

Project Archivist: E. Richard McKinstry


Joseph Cope (November 21, 1886 – June 27, 1983) was a resident of Chester County, Pennsylvania whose ancestors can be traced to Wiltshire, England. Family lore records an Oliver and Mary Cope traveling to America with William Penn in 1701. Joseph’s father was Gilbert Cope (1840 – 1928), an accomplished genealogist, and his mother was Anna Garrett Cope (1848 – 1918). He had three siblings: Herman (1880 – 1945), Ellen (1884 -1979) and David, who died in infancy in 1885. Joseph attended Westtown Friends School and enrolled in Haverford College, but left in his Junior year to study agriculture at Penn State College.

On March 30, 1911, Joseph married Ellen Fussell (1879 – 1953; in newspaper reports variously identified as Ellen, Edith, and Rebecca), a resident of Media, Pennsylvania at Friends Meeting House, Middletown Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Joseph and Ellen had three sons: Gilbert, Alfred, and Edwin, who died in 1914 shortly after birth. Joseph and his wife are buried at Oakland Friends Cemetery.

Joseph Cope resided on a 74 acre dairy farm on South Concord Road, Westtown Township, Pennsylvania. where he raised a herd of Guernsey cattle. In the 1920 and 1930 federal censuses, his occupation was listed as farmer; in the 1940 census, he is identified as an assistant postman.

Joseph was active in several agricultural organizations. According to the 1932 – 1933 West Chester, Pennsylvania city directory, he served as Vice President of the National Farm Loan Association of Chester County, Secretary of the Chester County Farm Bureau, and Manager of the Rural Service Agency. The farm bureau was established in 1924 as a cooperative that assisted farmers in the purchase of farm supplies at wholesale prices. The Rural Service Agency was an employment agency, serving both employers and people seeking jobs. Employers registered for $1.00 per year. For $50.00, and as a “specialized scientific service,” the agency would supply character references of prospective employees.

Like his father Gilbert, Joseph was a genealogist. He claimed to have files on 30,000 Cope family members. To honor his father, Joseph established the Gilbert Cope Foundation of Genealogical and Historical Research whose purpose was to extend Gilbert’s genealogical work. The Foundation, under Joseph’s leadership, created and sold a fan-shaped genealogical chart for recording family histories. Its archival records are housed at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Joseph Cope was a member of the Society of Friends. He was affiliated with the Birmingham Monthly Meeting and the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.


The papers of Joseph Cope measure 27 linear feet and date from circa 1850 to 1990. Found within the papers are materials relating to Cope’s personal, religious, and professional interests.

Collection Scope:

Series I relates to Chester County, Pennsylvania and includes material on the history of the county, government agencies, politics, the city of West Chester, Westtown School, and local organizations.

Series II records the activities of the West Chester Bird Club where Joseph Cope served as an officer. Documentation includes meetings, trips, and biographical materials on C. Edwin Smith, as well as his poetry.

Series III, the smallest series, is about the Chester County Historical Society, now the Chester County History Center. Covered are the organization’s building, its charter, and genealogical research.

Series IV relates to the Society of Friends. Papers record the activities of various monthly and yearly meetings, especially the Birmingham Meeting and the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, to which Joseph Cope belonged, as well as Friends Hospital and other Friends sponsored operations.

Series V includes publications not associated with any of the other collection series.

Series VI focuses on religious material outside of the Society of Friends. Covered are Bible studies, faith, as well as two fundamentalist evangelists, Carl McIntire and Oral Roberts.

Series VII holds information on the state of Pennsylvania, including such institutions as the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, the Atwater Kent Museum, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Series VIII gathers miscellaneous topics, including labor unions, art and artists, patriotism, racial integration, sexual health, temperance, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and the Vietnam War.

Series IX consists of materials on the Cope Family. Included are personal bills and receipts (Bell Telephone Co., Temple Printing Co., etc.), information on various family members, and genealogical material. Also documented are Joseph Cope’s office, the Rural Service Agency, and stamp collecting.

Series X, relating to farming and dairy farming, is the largest grouping. Organizations documented include the American Farm Bureau, the Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative, the Farmers Protective Association of Pennsylvania, and the National Farm Loan Association of Chester County. Topics include milk production, milk plants, and testing for tuberculosis. There are also some printed publications relating to farming and dairy farming.

Information For Researchers:

  • Access: Collection is open for research. 
  • Publication Rights/Terms of Use: The Chester County History Center makes its archival collections available for non-commercial, educational, and personal use unless restricted by copyright and/or donor restrictions, including but not limited to access and publication restrictions.  CCHC makes no representations concerning such rights and restrictions, and it is the user’s responsibility to determine whether rights or restrictions exist and to obtain any necessary permission to access, use, reproduce, and publish materials from the collections.
  • Preferred Citation: Joseph Cope Papers, 1850 – 1990, bulk 1930 – 1990. MS Coll 244. Chester County History Center Library. West Chester, Pennsylvania.
  • Processing History: The sequence of the papers reflects Cope’s original arrangement, and a high percentage of original folder titles have been retained in the finding aid. Accretions were processed and fully integrated as one collection and a finding aid was prepared by E. Richard McKinstry in 2020 and 2021.

Names and Subject Terms:

  • Subjects:
    • Agriculture
    • Bird Watching
    • Dairy Farming
    • Education
    • Evangelical Christians
    • Farms and Farming
    • Milk Production
    • Poets
    • Quakers
    • Religion
    • Society of Friends
    • Tuberculosis in Animals
    • Vietnam War
  • Types of Materials:
    • Manuscripts
    • Periodicals
    • Printed Books
  • Names, Personal:
    • Cope, Alfred Haines
    • Cope, Gilbert II
    • Cope, Joseph
    • Cope family
    • McIntire, Carl
    • Roberts, Oral
    • Smith C. Edwin
  • Names, Corporate:
    • American Farm Bureau
    • Atwater Kent Museum
    • Birmingham Monthly Meeting
    • Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative
    • Chester County History Center
    • Farmers Protective Association of Pennsylvania
    • Friends Hospital
    • Historical Society of Pennsylvania
    • National Farm Loan Association of Chester County
    • Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
    • Rural Service Agency
    • Society of Friends
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • West Chester Bird Club
    • Westtown School
    • Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania
  • Names, Geographical
    • Chester County, Pennsylvania
    • Pennsylvania
    • West Chester, Pennsylvania

Collection Arrangement:

Manuscripts are arranged in 10 Series:

Series I: Chester County, Pennsylvania (Box 1 – Box 4)

Series II: West Chester Bird Club (Box 4 – Box 6)

Series III: Chester County Historical Society (Box 6 – Box 6)

Series IV: Quakers (Box 6 – Box 10)

Series V: Publications (Box 10 – Box 12)

Series VI: Religion (Box 12 – Box 14)

Series VII: Pennsylvania (Box 14 – Box 15)

Series VIII: Miscellaneous (Box 15 – Box 17)

Series IX: Cope Family (Box 17 – Box 19)

Series X: Farming and Dairy Farming (Box 19 – Box 27)

Related Material:

Photographs from the Joseph Cope Papers are filed with the Chester County History Center’s collection of photographs. CCHC holds materials related to other members of the Cope family. Included are collections, letters, diaries, and albums. Another related collection, Gilbert and Joseph Cope Genealogical Research Materials (GSP041.HSP), is located at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

CCHC Manuscript Materials:

  • Gilbert Cope Papers (MS Coll 119)
  • Cope and Gilpin Family Correspondence (MS Coll 126)
  • Josiah Cope Papers (MS Coll 131)
  • Album, Deborah Cope, undated (2005.5004.45)
  • Album, Joseph Cope, 1814 (2005.5004.46)
  • Album, Caleb S. Cope, 1829 (2016.58.10)
  • Diary, Caleb Swayne Cope, 1838-1874 (2005.5001.75)
  • Diary, William C. Cope, 1858-1861 (2005.5001.77)
  • Diary, Ellen Cope, 1930 (2005.5001.76)
  • Diary, Mary Hughes Cope James, 1940s (2005.5001.158)
  • Letter from Nathan Cope to Benjamin Cope, 1807 (Letter 25936)
  • Letter from Nathan Cope to Benjamin Cope, 1807 (Letter 25937)
  • Letter from Francis Cope to Benjamin Cope, 1814 (Letter 25940)
  • Letter from Caleb Swayne to Benjamin and Rest Cope, 1822 (Letter 25934)
  • Letter from Benjamin Cope to Rest Cope, 1832 (Letter 25939)
  • Letter from PPS (niece or nephew of Rest Cope) to Rest Cope, 1837 (Letter 25938)
  • Letter from Francis Pyle to George Cope, 1905 (Letter 25942)
  • Letter from J. M. Hershey to George Cope, 1926 (Letter 25941)

Collection Contents:

Series I: Chester County, Pa. (Box 1 – Box 4)

Box 1

Folder 1          Adult Night School

Folder 2          Auto Club of Chester County

Folder 3          Banks

Folder 4          Banks—Miscellaneous

Folder 5          Barclay Home

Folder 6          Battle of Brandywine

Folder 7          Birmingham Township

Folder 8          Boy Scouts

Folder 9          Brandywine Alternative Fund

Folder 10        Brandywine Valley

Folder 11        Bridges

Folder 12        Burial Associations

Folder 13        Butler, Major General Smedley Darlington

Folder 14        Cemeteries

Folder 15        Chester County Board of Assistance

Folder 16        Chester County Commissioners

Folder 17        Chester County Day

Folder 18        Chester County Farm Bureau, Fire Service Division—1

Folder 19        Chester County Farm Bureau, Fire Service Division—2

Folder 20        Chester County Freeholders

Folder 21        Chester County Health Department—1

Folder 22        Chester County Health Department—2

Folder 23        Chester County Hospital

Folder 24        Chester County Judges

Folder 25        Chester County Legal Record—April 1963

Folder 26        Chester County Legal Record—May 1963

Folder 27        Chester County Legal Record—June 1963

Folder 28        Chester County Library

Folder 29        Chester County Public Health Association

Folder 30        Chester County Schools

Folder 31        Chester County Trust Company

Folder 32        Chester County Tuberculosis Society

Folder 33        Church Farm School

Folder 34        Copeland School

Folder 35        Daily Local News Advertising

Box 2

Folder 1          Day Care Association

Folder 2          Delinquent Taxes

Folder 3          East Bradford Township

Folder 4          Elections

Folder 5          Embreeville State Hospital

Folder 6          Expansion

Folder 7          Fame Fire Company

Folder 8          Fire Companies

Folder 9          Fire Departments

Folder 10        Fire Zones

Folder 11        First National Bank of West Chester

Folder 12        Flood, Dorothea R.

Folder 13        Friends Hall at West Chester

Folder 14        Friends Shelter for Girls

Folder 15        Fruit Growers of Chester County

Folder 16        Gaudenzia House

Folder 17        Glen Mills Paper Samples

Folder 18        Hopewell Village

Folder 19        Hotels, Motels

Folder 20        Housing Developments

Folder 21        Koons, Marcy Linda

Folder 22        Longwood Gardens

Folder 23        Maps

Folder 24        Men of Retirement Age

Folder 25        New Century Club

Folder 26        Oakbourne Hospital

Folder 27        Oakbourne Road

Folder 28        Paoli, Pa.

Folder 29        Paoli Memorial Hospital

Folder 30        Parks

Folder 31        Photographs

Folder 32        Pocopson Home

Folder 33        Police

Folder 34        Political—1

Folder 35        Political—2

Folder 36        Prison

Folder 37        Public Schools

Folder 38        Rural Free Delivery

Folder 39        Regional Development Planning

Folder 40        Schramm, Inc.

Box 3

Folder 1          Sewage Disposal

Folder 2          Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals—1

Folder 3          Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals—2

Folder 4          Southern Mutual Automobile Protective Association

Folder 5          Supervisors

Folder 6          Tax Action Committee

Folder 7          Taxes

Folder 8          Teachers and Directors

Folder 9          Township Contacts

Folder 10        Townships

Folder 11        Trees

Folder 12        United Fund of Greater West Chester

Folder 13        Valley Forge

Folder 14        Watkins, G. Robert

Folder 15        West Chester—Miscellaneous

Folder 16        West Chester 175th Anniversary

Folder 17        West Chester Centennial

Folder 18        West Chester Civic Association

Folder 19        West Chester Gazette

Folder 20        West Chester Pictures

Folder 21        West Chester Public Library

Folder 22        West Chester School District

Folder 23        West Chester Sesquicentennial

Folder 24        West Goshen Township

Folder 25        Westtown Centennial Memorial Fund

Folder 26        Westtown Elections—1

Folder 27        Westtown Elections—2

Folder 28        Westtown Elections—3

Box 4

Folder 1          Westtown Miscellaneous

Folder 2          Westtown Registry List

Folder 3          Westtown Residents

Folder 4          Westtown School—1

Folder 5          Westtown School—2

Folder 6          Westtown School—3

Folder 7          Westtown School 150th Anniversary

Folder 8          Westtown School Alumni Association

Folder 9          Westtown School Central Currents

Folder 10        Westtown School Commencement, 1966

Folder 11        Westtown School Development Program

Folder 12        Westtown School Publications

Folder 13        Westtown Supervisors

Folder 14        Westtown Thornbury School District

Folder 15        Westtown Zoning

Folder 16        Williamson School


Series II: West Chester Bird Club (Box 4 – Box 6)

Box 4

Folder 17        Audubon

Folder 18        Banner

Folder 19        Bird Observation Cards

Folder 20        Bird Sanctuaries

Folder 21        Bulletins

Folder 22        Carlisle, Pa. Prints and Negatives

Folder 23        Calendar and Trips

Folder 24        Chester County Day

Folder 25        Chester County Historical Society

Folder 26        Christmas Census

Folder 27        Cope, Joseph, Miscellaneous

Folder 28        Cope, Joseph, Treasurer

Folder 29        Correspondents

Folder 30        Field Trips

Folder 31        Findlay, Violet

Box 5

Folder 1          Hawk Mountain

Folder 2          Hoopes Reservoir

Folder 3          Jackson, Thomas H.—North American Bird Egg Collection

Folder 4          Kelly, Arthur P.—Lecture Extracts

Folder 5          Library

Folder 6          Local News Reports

Folder 7          Meeting Attendance

Folder 8          Meeting Minutes, 1915-1947

Folder 9          Meeting Minutes, 1950s

Folder 10        Meeting Notices

Folder 11        Meeting Reports, 1944 & 1945

Folder 12        Meetings

Folder 13        Membership

Folder 14        Newspaper Clippings

Folder 15        Organization

Folder 16        Photographs & Negatives

Folder 17        Pictures

Folder 18        Publications

Folder 19        Reports

Folder 20        Shore Trips—Photographs and Negatives

Folder 21        Smith, Anna K.—Sister of C. Edwin Smith

Folder 22        Smith, C. Edwin

Folder 23        Smith, C. Edwin—Canby Family

Folder 24        Smith, C. Edwin—Correspondence

Folder 25        Smith, C. Edwin—Correspondence with Joseph Cope

Folder 26        Smith, C. Edwin—Essays, 1

Folder 27        Smith, C. Edwin—Essays, 2

Folder 28        Smith, C. Edwin—Original Poems

Folder 29        Smith, C. Edwin—Poems of C. Edwin Smith

Folder 30        Smith, C. Edwin—Poetry, 1

Folder 31        Smith, C. Edwin—Poetry, 2

Folder 32        Smith, C. Edwin—Poetry, 3

Folder 33        Smith, C. Edwin—Poetry, 4

Box 6

Folder 1          Smith, C. Edwin—Postcards, Letters & Bills

Folder 2          Smith, C. Edwin—Publication of Poems

Folder 3          Smith, C. Edwin—Sale of Poems

Folder 4          Smith, C. Edwin—Stamp Club Items

Folder 5          Smith, C. Edwin—Treasurer

Folder 6          Smith, C. Edwin—Tributes

Folder 7          Smith, C. Edwin—Will

Folder 8          Spring Census

Folder 9          Trip Expenses


Series III: Chester County Historical Society (Box 6)

Box 6

Folder 10        Annual Election, 1937

Folder 11        Building

Folder 12        Building Committee

Folder 13        Building Fund Campaign

Folder 14        Charter

Folder 15        Donations

Folder 16        General

Folder 17        Minutes

Folder 18        Newsletter and News


Series IV: Quakers (Box 6 – Box 10)

Box 6

Folder 19        Abington Monthly Meeting

Folder 20        The American Friend

Folder 21        American Friends Service

Folder 22        American Friends Service—50th Anniversary

Folder 23        American Friends Service Committee

Folder 24        American Friends Service Quaker Service

Folder 25        Arch Street Monthly Meeting

Folder 26        Arch Street Yearly Meeting

Folder 27        Atlantic City Monthly Meeting

Folder 28        Baltimore Yearly Meetings

Folder 29        Bart Meeting

Folder 30        Birmingham Meeting, 1963

Folder 31        Birmingham Meeting, 1964

Folder 32        Birmingham Meeting, 1965

Folder 33        Birmingham Meeting, 1966

Folder 34        Birmingham Meeting, 1967

Folder 35        Birmingham Meeting, 1968

Folder 36        Birmingham Meeting, 1969

Folder 37        Birmingham Meeting, 1970

Folder 38        Birmingham Meeting, 1971

Box 7

Folder 1          Birmingham Meeting, 1972

Folder 2          Birmingham Meeting, 1973-1974

Folder 3          Birmingham Meeting, 250th Anniversary—1

Folder 4          Birmingham Meeting, 250th Anniversary—2

Folder 5          Birmingham Meeting, 275th Anniversary

Folder 6          Birmingham Meeting Briefs of Title

Folder 7          Birmingham Meeting Forum

Folder 8          Birmingham Meeting Original Site

Folder 9          Birmingham Meeting Visiting Schedules

Folder 10        Birmingham Monthly Meeting—The Meeting Messenger

Folder 11        Birmingham Monthly Meeting Chestnut Street—1

Folder 12        Birmingham Monthly Meeting Chestnut Street—2

Folder 13        Birmingham Monthly Meeting High Street

Folder 14        Bradford Meeting

Folder 15        Bradford Meeting Reunion, 1940

Folder 16        Brick Meeting

Folder 17        Burlington Monthly Meeting

Folder 18        Catawissa Meeting

Folder 19        Chester Monthly Meeting

Folder 20        Chester Quarterly Meeting

Folder 21        Chesterfield Monthly Meeting

Folder 22        Chestnut Hill Monthly Meeting

Folder 23        Chichester Meeting

Folder 24        Colora Meeting

Folder 25        Committee on Aging Friends

Folder 26        Concord Monthly Meeting

Folder 27        Concord Quarterly Meeting

Folder 28        Concord Quarterly Meeting Extension Committee

Folder 29        Conscientious Objectors

Folder 30        Darby Monthly Meeting

Folder 31        Downingtown Meeting

Folder 32        Evesham Meeting

Folder 33        Falls Monthly Meeting

Folder 34        Frankford Monthly Meeting

Folder 35        The Friend, Richard R. Wood

Folder 36        Friends—English—20th Century

Folder 37        Friends—Race Street

Folder 38        Friends Bible Association

Folder 39        Friends Boarding School, Barnesville, Ohio

Folder 40        Friends Book Store

Folder 41        Friends Committee on National Legislation

Folder 42        Friends Conservative Conference, 1965

Folder 43        Friends Education Fund

Folder 44        Friends First Day Schools

Folder 45        Friends General Conference

Folder 46        Friends General Conference, 1969

Folder 47        Friends General Conference Quarterly

Folder 48        Friends Graded School

Folder 49        Friends Historical Association

Box 8

Folder 1          Friends Homes

Folder 2          Friends Hospital—1

Folder 3          Friends Hospital—2

Folder 4          Friends Hospital—3

Folder 5          Friends Indian Committee

Folder 6          Friends Journal

Folder 7          Friends Meetings Calendars, 1934-1966

Folder 8          Friends Meetings Directories

Folder 9          Friends Neighborhood Guild

Folder 10        Friends Peace Committee

Folder 11        Friends Prison Service

Folder 12        Friends Religious Education Committee

Folder 13        Friends School, Church Street—1

Folder 14        Friends School, Church Street—2

Folder 15        Friends Shelter for Girls

Folder 16        Friends Social Order Committee

Folder 17        Friends World Committee

Folder 18        Friends World Conference, 1937

Folder 19        Friends World Conference, 1967

Folder 20        Friendsville Current, 1931-1935

Folder 21        Friendsville Current, 1936-1939

Folder 22        Friendsville Current, 1940-1953

Folder 23        Germantown Monthly Meeting

Folder 24        Goshen Monthly Meeting

Folder 25        Green Street Meeting

Folder 26        Gwynedd Meeting

Folder 27        Haddonfield Monthly Meeting

Folder 28        Haddonfield Quarterly Meeting

Folder 29        Hand Book

Folder 30        Haverford College Library

Folder 31        Haverford Monthly Meeting

Folder 32        High Street Meeting

Folder 33        Kennett Monthly Meeting

Folder 34        Japan Committee

Folder 35        Kendal at Longwood

Folder 36        Lansdowne Monthly Meeting

Folder 37        London Grove Monthly Meeting

Folder 38        Marlborough Meeting

Folder 39        Marshallton Meeting

Box 9

Folder 1          Media Monthly Meeting

Folder 2          Meetings—Miscellaneous

Folder 3          Middletown Monthly Meeting

Folder 4          Millville Monthly Meeting

Folder 5          Money Monthly Meeting

Folder 6          Moorestown Monthly Meeting

Folder 7          New England Yearly Meetings

Folder 8          New Garden Monthly Meeting

Folder 9          New York Yearly Meetings

Folder 10        Newark Monthly Meeting

Folder 11        Newtown Meeting

Folder 12        Norristown Monthly Meeting

Folder 13        North American Indians

Folder 14        Ohio Yearly Meetings

Folder 15        Parkerville Meeting

Folder 16        Pendle Hill—1

Folder 17        Pendle Hill—2

Folder 18        Penn Hill Meeting

Folder 19        Philadelphia General Meeting

Folder 20        Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting

Folder 21        Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1945

Folder 22        Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1955

Folder 23        Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1962

Folder 24        Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1963

Folder 25        Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1964

Folder 26        Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1965

Folder 27        Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1966

Folder 28        Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1967

Folder 29        Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1968

Folder 30        Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1969

Folder 31        Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1969—Adjourned Sessions

Folder 32        Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1970

Folder 33        Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1971

Folder 34        Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1973

Box 10

Folder 1          Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1974-1975

Folder 2          Philadelphia Yearly Meeting—Esther Darlington Rosenberg Project

Folder 3          Philadelphia Yearly Meeting—Proposed Plan for Closer Unity

Folder 4          Plymouth Meeting

Folder 5          Providence Monthly Meeting

Folder 6          Publications—1

Folder 7          Publications—2

Folder 8          Publications—3

Folder 9          Quaker Action Group

Folder 10        Quaker History

Folder 11        Quaker Men

Folder 12        Reading Monthly Meeting

Folder 13        The Restorationist

Folder 14        Sadsbury Monthly Meeting

Folder 15        Salem Monthly Meeting

Folder 16        Schools–Miscellaneous

Folder 17        Shrewsbury Meeting

Folder 18        Southampton Monthly Meeting

Folder 19        Springfield Meeting

Folder 20        Swarthmore College Library

Folder 21        Swarthmore Meeting

Folder 22        Twelfth Street Meeting

Folder 23        Upper Dublin Monthly Meeting

Folder 24        Upper Evesham Monthly Meeting

Folder 25        Uwchlan Monthly Meeting

Folder 26        Valley Monthly Meeting

Folder 27        West Chester Meeting

Folder 28        West Chester Meeting—Friends Messenger, 1956-1963

Folder 29        West Chester Meeting—Friends Messenger, 1959-1973

Folder 30        West Grove Monthly Meeting

Folder 31        Western Quarterly Meeting

Folder 32        Westfield Monthly Meeting

Folder 33        Westtown Monthly Meeting

Folder 34        Willistown Meeting

Folder 35        Wilmington Monthly Meeting

Folder 36        World War I

Folder 37        Wrightstown Monthly Meeting

Folder 38        The Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, Robert J. Leach, 1944

Folder 39        Yearly Meetings—Miscellaneous


Series V: Publications (Box 10 – Box 12)

Box 10

Folder 40        The Auk

Folder 41        The Bible Friend

Box 11

Folder 1          Brandywine Bugle

Folder 2          The Business Review, 1946-1947

Folder 3          The Business Review, 1948-1949

Folder 4          Car-Del Scribe, 1968-1969

Folder 5          The Challenging Counterfeit

Folder 6          Crusader

Folder 7          Desiderata

Folder 8          The Facts Against Compulsory Vaccination

Folder 9          The Friend of Truth

Folder 10        Guide to Repositories of Manuscript Collections in Pennsylvania

Folder 11        Hoard’s Dairyman

Folder 12        The Hollow Earth

Folder 13        Home Study Course of Army Mental Tests

Folder 14        Human Events

Folder 15        Illustrated Price Catalog of Old Books Wanted

Folder 16        In Place of War

Folder 17        Is Hell Eternal or Will God’s Plan Fail?

Folder 18        The Journal of the Friends Historical Society … for 1937

Folder 19        Little Cesar

Folder 20        The Medical Liberty Avalanche, 1930

Folder 21        The New Pennsylvania

Folder 22        The North American Veterinarian

Folder 23        The Outcome of Infinite Grace

Folder 24        Pacem in Terris

Folder 25        Peace Action

Folder 26        Pennsylvania Notes

Folder 27        A Pictorial History of the United States

Folder 28        The Prison Journal

Folder 29        Providence Journal Almanac

Box 12

Folder 1          The Provoker Press

Folder 2          The “Queen Mary”

Folder 3          The Right of Way

Folder 4          A Set of Alphabets

Folder 5          The Story of the Constitution

Folder 6          The Truth Teller

Folder 7          United States Investor

Folder 8          Voice Magazine

Folder 9          Winning Hearts and Minds

Folder 10        The Zincali, 1843


Series VI: Religion (Box 12 – Box 14)

Box 12

Folder 11        Bible Study

Folder 12        Book Loans

Folder 13        Brown, Rev. James H.

Folder 14        Camps Farthest Out

Folder 15        Catholic Worker

Folder 16        Cedar Crest CFO Retreats

Folder 17        Christian Medical Foundation

Folder 18        Crusader

Folder 19        Edgar Cayce & Parastudy

Folder 20        Fellowship Messenger—1

Folder 21        Fellowship Messenger—2

Folder 22        Finger Lakes CFO Retreats

Folder 23        Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International

Folder 24        Full Gospel Business Men’s Voice

Box 13

Folder 1          God

Folder 2          Gould Farm

Folder 3          Gould Farm News

Folder 4          Graham, Billy

Folder 5          Healing

Folder 6          Healing—English Friends

Folder 7          Healing—Prayer Groups

Folder 8          Hoopes, Virginia

Folder 9          International Order of St. Luke the Physician

Folder 10        Jones, Willard B.

Folder 11        Koinonia Foundation—1

Folder 12        Koinonia Foundation—2

Folder 13        Laubach, Frank G.

Folder 14        Life-Study Fellowship

Folder 15        London Grove Prayer Group

Folder 16        McIntire, Carl

Folder 17        Miscellaneous Magazines

Folder 18        National Council of Churches

Folder 19        New Life = Nuwe Lewe—1

Folder 20        New Life = Nuwe Lewe—2

Folder 21        New York CFO

Folder 22        Order of St. Luke Conference, 1963

Folder 23        Pennsylvania CFO

Folder 24        Pittsburgh Bible Institute

Folder 25        Prayer

Folder 26        Prayer Group Meetings

Folder 27        Publications—1

Folder 28        Publications—2

Folder 29        Rettig, Rev. Richard

Folder 30        Riale, Edwin

Folder 31        Richard, James

Box 14

Folder 1          Roberts, Oral

Folder 2          St. Stephen’s Church, Philadelphia

Folder 3          Sharing: A Journal of Christian Healing

Folder 4          Speaking in Tongues

Folder 5          Spiritual Frontiers

Folder 6          Starr Daily

Folder 7          Thomforde, Margaret W.

Folder 8          Travis Helen-Muriel

Folder 9          The Watch Tower

Folder 10        Who is Jesus Christ?

Folder 11        World Wide Missions

Folder 12        York Prayer Group


Series VII: Pennsylvania (Box 14 – Box 15)

Box 14

Folder 13        Atwater Kent Museum

Folder 14        Bucks County, Pa.

Folder 15        Constitutional Convention

Folder 16        Delaware County, Pa.

Folder 17        Delaware County Christian School

Folder 18        Delaware County Historic Tours

Folder 19        Gunning

Folder 20        Highway Department

Folder 21        Highways

Folder 22        Historical Society of Pennsylvania—1

Folder 23        Historical Society of Pennsylvania—2

Folder 24        Hospitals

Folder 25        Lancaster County Historical Society

Folder 26        Norristown State Hospital

Folder 27        Pennsylvania Railroad

Folder 28        Pennsylvania State Chamber of Commerce

Folder 29        Pennsylvania State College

Box 15

Folder 1          Schools

Folder 2          Shapp, Milton

Folder 3          University of Pennsylvania

Folder 4          Welcome Society

Folder 5          Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania—1

Folder 6          Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania—2


Series VIII: Miscellaneous (Box 15 – Box 17)

Box 15

Folder 7          Aluminum

Folder 8          American Civil Liberties Union

Folder 9          American Medical Association

Folder 10        American Medical Liberty League

Folder 11        Arboretums

Folder 12        Art and Artists

Folder 13        Assessments

Folder 14        Assessors Lists, 1930

Folder 15        Atomic Energy Boomerang

Folder 16        Bees

Folder 17        Before It Is Too Late

Folder 18        Bell Telephone Co.

Folder 19        Blind Organizations

Folder 20        Blotters

Folder 21        Catholic Peace Fellowship

Folder 22        Citizen’s Medical Reference Bureau

Folder 23        Communism—So Called

Folder 24        Conscientious Objectors to War

Folder 25        Constitutional Convention

Folder 26        Coughlin, Rev. Charles E.

Folder 27        Credit Union

Folder 28        Davis Family Genealogy

Folder 29        DiRocco’s Delight

Folder 30        Drugs

Folder 31        DuPont

Folder 32        Earlham College

Folder 33        Electric Construction

Folder 34        Electronic Method of Diagnosis

Folder 35        Evans, Sarah C.—Poetry

Folder 36        Federal Farm Board Abolishment

Folder 37        Fellowship of Reconciliation

Folder 38        Fieldcrest Publishing Co.

Folder 39        Fire Insurance

Box 16

Folder 1          Ford Motor Co.

Folder 2          Forestry—1

Folder 3          Forestry—2

Folder 4          Franklin Motor Cars

Folder 5          General Motors Trucks

Folder 6          Hampton Institute

Folder 7          Home Rule

Folder 8          Human Guinea Pigs

Folder 9          Labor Unions

Folder 10        National Council for Prevention of War

Folder 11        Obituaries

Folder 12        Patriotism

Folder 13        Peace Pilgrim

Folder 14        Philadelphia Board of Health

Folder 15        Post Office Department

Folder 16        Quaker Building and Loan Association

Folder 17        Racial Integration

Folder 18        Railroads

Folder 19        Roosevelt, Franklin D.

Folder 20        Rope

Folder 21        Sex Literature

Folder 22        Sexual Health and Welfare—1

Folder 23        Sexual Health and Welfare—2

Folder 24        Sexual Health and Welfare—3

Folder 25        Taxes

Folder 26        Temperance

Box 17

Folder 1          Vaccinations

Folder 2          Vietnam

Folder 3          Vietnam—American Friends Service Committee

Folder 4          Vietnam—Concerned Democrats

Folder 5          Vietnam—Crime of Silence

Folder 6          Vietnam—Local News

Folder 7          Waldron, Charlotte B.

Folder 8          War

Folder 9          Willys-Overland Co.


Series IX: Cope Family (Box 17 – Box 19)

Box 17

Folder 10        Automobile Club of Chester County—1

Folder 11        Automobile Club of Chester County—2

Folder 12        Automobile Insurance Sales

Folder 13        Bell Telephone Co.—1

Folder 14        Bell Telephone Co.—2

Folder 15        Bell Telephone Co.—3

Folder 16        Bills

Folder 17        Brownell Photo Lithograph Co.

Folder 18        Building repairs, etc.—1

Folder 19        Building repairs, etc.—2

Folder 20        Chester Valley Engineers

Folder 21        Clompus & Martin

Folder 22        Cope, Alfred Haines—1

Folder 23        Cope, Alfred Haines—2

Folder 24        Cope, Alfred Haines—3

Folder 25        Cope, Ellen

Folder 26        Cope, Gilbert II—1

Folder 27        Cope, Gilbert II—2

Box 18

Folder 1          Cope, Joseph—Farm Records

Folder 2          Cope, Joseph—Federal Land Bank of Baltimore

Folder 3          Cope Family

Folder 4          Copybook, Letterbook

Folder 5          County Line Construction Co.

Folder 6          De Soto Sedan, 1930

Folder 7          Drew, Dr. Margaret Spencer

Folder 8          Employment Advertising—Daily Local News

Folder 9          Genealogical Society of Utah

Folder 10        Gilbert Cope Foundation

Folder 11        Greeting Cards

Folder 12        Gunning

Folder 13        Head, James L.

Folder 14        Help Wanted Advertisements

Folder 15        History of Chester County, by Gilbert Cope and J. Smith Futhey

Folder 16        Joseph Cope Legal Action

Folder 17        Joseph Cope’s Office—1

Folder 18        Joseph Cope’s Office—2

Folder 19        Joseph Cope’s Office—3

Folder 20        Joseph Cope’s Office Personnel

Folder 21        Knowles Settlement

Folder 22        Letterheads

Folder 23        Letterheads, Advertising

Folder 24        Love, Dr. S. R.

Folder 25        Notebooks

Folder 26        Our Calendar

Folder 27        Pomona No. 3 Exchange

Folder 28        Property

Folder 29        R. L. Polk & Co.

Folder 30        Receipts—1

Folder 31        Receipts—2

Folder 32        Rettew, J. Barton

Box 19

Folder 1          Rural Service Agency—1

Folder 2          Rural Service Agency—2

Folder 3          Stamps

Folder 4          Stamps—Ellen Cope

Folder 5          Stamps—U. S., etc.

Folder 6          Temple Printing

Folder 7          Toynton, Hollis & Maxine

Folder 8          Williams, Joseph G. Property


Series X: Farming and Dairy Farming (Box 19 – Box 27)

Box 19

Folder 9          Abbotts Dairy

Folder 10        Advertisers

Folder 11        Agricultural Census, 1920

Folder 12        Agricultural Census, 1930

Folder 13        Agricultural Extension—1

Folder 14        Agricultural Extension—2

Folder 15        Agricultural Press

Folder 16        Allied Dairy Farmers Association

Folder 17        Ambruster, Howard W.

Folder 18        American Farm Bureau Federation—1

Folder 19        American Farm Bureau Federation—2

Folder 20        Andrew, E. Frances Green

Folder 21        Automobile Insurance

Folder 22        Automobile Sales Reports—County Record

Box 20

Folder 1          Bishop, Alvard L.

Folder 2          Board of Health

Folder 3          Bureau of Agricultural Economics

Folder 4          Bureau of Animal Industry

Folder 5          Bureau of Animal Industry—Massachusetts

Folder 6          Bureau of Animal Industry—Washington, D.C.

Folder 7          Butler, Thomas S.

Folder 8          Carpenter, Charles T.

Folder 9          Carrons, Robert M.

Folder 10        Chester-Delaware County Farm Bureau

Folder 11        Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative—1

Folder 12        Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative—2

Folder 13        Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative—3

Folder 14        Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative—4

Folder 15        Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative Annual Meetings

Folder 16        Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative Correspondence—1

Folder 17        Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative Correspondence—2

Folder 18        Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative Correspondence—3

Folder 19        Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative Financials

Folder 20        Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative Injunction

Folder 21        Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative Meeting Minutes, 1912-1931

Folder 22        Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative Meeting Minutes, 1926-1930

Box 21

Folder 1          Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative Membership Notes—1

Folder 2          Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative Membership Notes—2

Folder 3          Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative Membership Notes—3

Folder 4          Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative Membership Notes—4

Folder 5          Chester County Farm Bureau Cooperative Membership Notes—5

Folder 6          Chester County Farm Directory Purchasing Guide, 1949, 1953

Folder 7          Chester County Farmers’ Association

Folder 8          Chester County National Farm Loan Association

Folder 9          Coatesville Record

Folder 10        Constitutions

Folder 11        Consumers Union

Folder 12        Cope and Forsythe

Folder 13        Cows

Folder 14        Creamer, Lewis

Folder 15        Daily Local News

Folder 16        Dean, Dr. Merrill B.

Folder 17        Eaby, Charles W.

Folder 18        Earle, George H.

Folder 19        Eastern Farmer

Folder 20        Eastern Milk Producer, 1940-February 1944

Folder 21        Eastern Milk Producer, February-June 1944

Box 22

Folder 1          Farm Bureau Cooperative

Folder 2          Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

Folder 3          Farm Land for Sale

Folder 4          Farm Products Shows

Folder 5          Farm Sales

Folder 6          Farmers and Consumers League of the United States

Folder 7          Farmers Clubs

Folder 8          Farmers Forum

Folder 9          Farmers Forum—October 1931

Folder 10        Farmers Forum—November 1931

Folder 11        Farmers Forum—December 1931

Folder 12        Farmers Forum—January 1932

Folder 13        Farmers Oil and Paint Company

Folder 14        Farmers Production Credit Association

Folder 15        Farmers Protective Association—Charter Application

Folder 16        Farmers Protective Association—Washington County, Maryland

Folder 17        Farmers Protective Association of Iowa

Folder 18        Farmers Protective Association of Pennsylvania—1932

Folder 19        Farmers Protective Association of Pennsylvania—Annual Meetings

Folder 20        Farmers Protective Association of Pennsylvania—Chester County—1

Folder 21        Farmers Protective Association of Pennsylvania—Chester County—2

Folder 22        Farmers Protective Association of Pennsylvania—Chester County—3

Folder 23        Farmers Protective Association of Pennsylvania—Cumberland County

Folder 24        Farmers Protective Association of Pennsylvania—Dauphin County

Folder 25        Farmers Protective Association of Pennsylvania—Director’s Meetings

Box 23

Folder 1          Farmers Protective Association of Pennsylvania—Franklin County

Folder 2          Farmers Protective Association of Pennsylvania—Juniata County

Folder 3          Farmers Protective Association of Pennsylvania—Lancaster County

Folder 4          Farmers Protective Association of Pennsylvania—Montgomery County

Folder 5          Farmers Protective Association of Pennsylvania—Snyder County

Folder 6          Farmers Protective Association of Pennsylvania—York County

Folder 7          Farmers Union—Iowa

Folder 8          Federal Land Bank Association of Norristown

Folder 9          Federal Land Bank of Baltimore

Folder 10        Federal Trade Commission Hearing—Philadelphia

Folder 11        Fertilizers

Folder 12        Fritz, Dr. W. Wallace

Folder 13        Fruit

Folder 14        Funderwhite, Frank

Folder 15        Glass, Hon. Carter

Folder 16        Grange Records

Folder 17        Haines, J. B.—1

Folder 18        Haines, J. B.—2

Folder 19        Hamilton, J. A.

Folder 20        Harbison’s Dairy

Folder 21        Highland Dairies

Folder 22        Horses—1

Folder 23        Horses—2

Folder 24        Inter-State Milk Producer’s Review—Vol. 15-16

Folder 25        Inter-State Milk Producer’s Review—Vol. 17, 40

Folder 26        Little Oakbourne Valley Farm

Folder 27        Loans

Folder 28        Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Folder 29        Milk Control Board

Box 24

Folder 1          Milk Corporations

Folder 2          Milk Distribution

Folder 3          Milk Ordinances

Folder 4          Milk Plants—Christiana, Pa.

Folder 5          Milk Plants—French Creek, Pa.

Folder 6          Milk Plants—Honeybrook, Pa.—1

Folder 7          Milk Plants—Honeybrook, Pa.—2

Folder 8          Milk Plants and Dealers—Pennsylvania

Folder 9          Milk Prices, 1939

Folder 10        Milk Shed Hearing

Folder 11        Milk Trust

Folder 12        Miller, Edwin P.

Folder 13        Mushroom Growers Association

Folder 14        National Bank of Avondale

Folder 15        National Farm Loan Association of Chester County—1

Folder 16        National Farm Loan Association of Chester County—2

Folder 17        National Farm Loan Association of Chester County—3

Folder 18        National Farmers Union

Folder 19        New York Farmers Protective Association

Folder 20        New York State Department of Agriculture—1

Folder 21        New York State Department of Agriculture—2

Folder 22        New York State Department of Agriculture—3

Folder 23        New York State Department of Farms and Markets

Box 25

Folder 1          Nugent, Anna S.—1

Folder 2          Nugent, Anna S.—2

Folder 3          Pancoast, J. Walter

Folder 4          Pennsylvania Animal Industry Bureau

Folder 5          Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Folder 6          Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Federation

Folder 7          Pennsylvania Farmers and Thresherman Association

Folder 8          Perry County, Pa.

Folder 9          Peverill, H. G.

Folder 10        Philadelphia Better Business Association

Folder 11        Philadelphia Milk Shed

Folder 12        Philadelphia Record

Folder 13        Pinchot and T. B. Investigations

Folder 14        Potatoes

Folder 15        Poultry

Folder 16        Producers Registration

Folder 17        Production Credit Corporation

Folder 18        Radio and Broadcasting

Folder 19        Reading Railroad

Folder 20        Regional Agricultural Credit Corporation

Folder 21        Reno, Milo

Folder 22        Rink, M. Ida

Folder 23        Ross, M. A.

Folder 24        The Rural New Yorker—1

Folder 25        The Rural New Yorker—2

Folder 26        Scott-Powell Dairies

Folder 27        Scrapbook—1

Folder 28        Scrapbook—2

Box 26

Folder 1          Scrapbook—3

Folder 2          Scrapbook—4

Folder 3          Scrapbook—5

Folder 4          Seeding

Folder 5          Sharts, Joseph W.

Folder 6          Sheffield Producers Cooperative Association

Folder 7          Short, H. C.

Folder 8          Sikes, N. F.

Folder 9          Social Order Committee

Folder 10        Soule, H. E.

Folder 11        Stokes, George C.

Folder 12        Stoltzfus, Ezra

Folder 13        Supplee-Wills-Jones Milk Co.

Folder 14        Thomas, Haines & Co.

Folder 15        Thomson, J. Harry

Folder 16        Tri-County Dairy Co.

Folder 17        Truck Crops

Folder 18        Tuberculin Testing, Anti—1

Folder 19        Tuberculin Testing, Anti—2

Folder 20        Tuberculin Testing, Anti—3

Folder 21        Tuberculin Testing, Pro

Folder 22        Tuberculosis, Bovine and Human—1

Box 27

Folder 1          Tuberculosis, Bovine and Human—2

Folder 2          Twaddell, Edward H.

Folder 3          Underhill, Dr. Eugene—1

Folder 4          Underhill, Dr. Eugene—2

Folder 5          Union Joint Stock Land Bank of Detroit

Folder 6          United States Department of Agriculture

Folder 7          Unity Dairymen’s News

Folder 8          Van Doren, R, L.

Folder 9          Veterinarians

Folder 10        Victor Dairies

Folder 11        Virginia Dairies

Folder 12        Walker, Capt. and Mrs.

Folder 13        Watts, William J.

Folder 14        Wawa Dairy Farms

Folder 15        Yeatman, Mary Florence