Collection Title: Iron Works Manuscripts and Account Books

Dates of Collection: 1789-1896

Collections Scope:

This finding aid aggregates information for manuscript materials related to iron works in Chester County. 

Collection Arrangement:

Materials are listed under iron works; iron works are arranged alphabetically. 

Related Material:

Researchers will also find materials on iron works in our library book collection and newspaper clipping files. 

Collections Contents:


J. Eli Crozier

Kennett Square Business Houses, 1887-1889, Account Book of Foundry

Coventry Iron Works

Ms.3209, 1789-1791, Account Book of Coventry Forge

Ms.76804, 1850-1855, Account Book of Coventry Forge

Ms.76807, 1865, Day Book of Coventry Forge


Ms.76803, 1854-1902, George Chrisman Accounts of iron works in Jersey City and Chester County and misc. Coventry farm accounts

Ms.76806, 1862-1865, George Chrisman Accounts at Coventry Personal (with his father’s estate)

Ms.76807, 1865-1869, George Chrisman and John B. Chrisman Coventry Forge and farm accounts

Ms.76810, 1854-1855, Chrisman Bros. Cash Book of Iron Works Kept by John B. Chrisman, S. Coventry

West Nantmeal Twp. Business Houses, 1845-1849, John B. Chrisman & John Irey Account Book

Doe Run Forge

West Marl-borough Business Houses, 1799-1802, Account Book of Doe Run Forge

West Marl-borough Business Houses, 1802-1804, Account Book of Doe Run Forge

Edwards Forge and Slitting Mill

Delaware County, 1814-1816

1816-1821, Slitting Mill Ledger, Daybooks

Hopewell Furnace

Warwick Twp. Business Houses, 1876-1896, Account Book of Hopewell Furnace

Laurel Iron Works

Ms.76669, 1848-1851, Journal 

Mary Ann Forge (Dowlin’s)

Ms.75079, 1813-1817, Day Book for Store John Dowlin

Ms.75080, 1820-1822, Day Book for Store John Dowlin

Ms.75081, 1829-1832, Day Book for John Dowlin

Ms.75082, 1832-1835, Day Book


Ms.75084, 1840-1845, Day Book for John/William Dowlin

Ms.75085, 1845-1849, Day Book for William Dowlin

Ms.75086, 1849-1855, Day Book for William Dowlin

Ms.75087, 1801-1802, Ledger C Accounts

Ms.75088, 1803-1804, Accounts

Ms.75089, 1804-1805, Ledger F Accounts

Ms.75090, 1806-1807, Leger H Accounts

Ms.75091, 1829-1832, Ledger Accounts



Ms.75094, 1834-1839, Accounts – A previously on spine

Ms.75095, 1838-1844, Ledger B Accounts

Ms.75096, 1842-1846, Personal Accounts 1 page farm work – store

Ms.75097, 1841-1845, Personal Accounts – some later John and Elizabeth Dowlin Settling Accounts for John’s Estate

Ms.75098, 1842-1849, Ledger C Accounts

Ms.75099, 1846-1850, Small personal account Book – W. Dowlin

Ms.76000, 1849-1856, Small Accounts W. Dowlin

Ms.76001, 1845-1867, A.J. Dowlin’s Book Store Accounts?

Ms.76002, 1861-1864, A.J. Dowlin Workers Small Accounts

Ms.76003, 1824-1842, J. Dowlin & Bar Iron sold Day Book

Ms.76004, 1837-1851, William Dowlin Workman’s Time Books Grain grown farm 1839, 1842, 1844

Ms.76005, 1857-1867, Workman’s times William Dowlin

Ms.76674, 1824-1831, Ledger R Accounts

Ms.76675, 1818-1820, Ledger P Accounts

Ms.77078, 1808-1810, Ledger K Accounts

Ms.77079, 1813-1815, Ledger N Accounts

Ms.4715, 1842-1866, Bar Iron sold 1858-1866, Accounts of Cinder & Boiler blooms. 1862-1866, and Blooms…made and Pig Iron delivered to Forge 

Pine Grove Forge

West Marl-borough Business Houses, 1802-1804, Account Book of Jonathan Webb

Pine Grove Iron Works

Lower Oxford Township Business Houses, 1848-1855, Provisional Account Book

Steele  & Worth

Ms.76393-76394, 1848-1851, Day Book of Hugh E. Steele & Worth, Newlin Township

Warwick Furnace

Ms.76673, 1789-1872, Thomas Bull’s Warwick Furnace Journal