Collection Title: Estelle Cremers Papers

Collection Number: 207

Dates of Collection: 1979 – 2006 (photocopies of deeds 1700s)

Box Numbers: 1-47

RepositoryChester County Historical Society

Project Archivist: Margaret Miles Baillie


Estell Harrop Cremers (February 23, 1925-November 28, 2010) was the daughter of David and Elsie (Robinson) Harrop.  She graduated from Scott High School, Coatesville, Pa, and went on to become an accomplished vocalist as a graduate from the Curtis Institute of Music and singer with the Academy of Music.  She was also the soloist at Washington Memorial Chapel.  She met her husband William there.

Information For Researchers:

  • Acquisition Information:
    Collection was donated by Estelle Cremers to the Chester County Historical Society Library in 2010.

Collections Scope:

The collection contains materials Estelle Cremers gathered while doing property research for various people and causes.  She did research for individuals who wished to see if their property was eligible local, state or national nomination to the Bureau for Historic Preservation. She was also known for her help with local causes such as French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust, Coventryville and the Welkinweir property.  She was given a lifetime achievement award for Chester County for her historical preservation work among other state government awards.

Collection Arrangement:

Manuscripts in the collection are arranged according to geographically location, with townships being first in the hierarchy.  The secondary arrangement is by subject.  The collection was arranged, as best as could be done, with items kept together as originally donated.

Collections Contents:


Box 1 – Birmingham

Box 2 – Charlestown

Box 3 – East Bradford, East Coventry

Box 4 – East Coventry, Elverson

Box 5 – East Marlborough

Box 6 – East Nantmeal

Folder 1 – The Murray-Lynn Homestead, Glenmoore; correspondence, notes, chain of title, and NDHP forms.

Folder 2 – PHRS forms for: McAfee Farm; Marion Swingle Stroud property, Elverson; Everett Rodebaugh property, Pottstown; Mrs. Raymond Paradis property, Glenmoore; Tzacuk properties, March Acres, Elverson (w newspaper clipping); Henry Griner property “John Buckwalter Farm”; Glenmoore; Jack Sack property “Allison Farm,” Glenmoore.

Folder 3 – Genealogy notes, property notes, auction brochure for Sweetwater Farm; news article: E. Nant. Tap has Welsh Heritage 1982; notes on Redding Furnace Far; photocopy 1969 Reg. of HS Jacob Hause House; architectural descriptions: Jacob Hause House; Joshua Marsh House: The Dolby House.

Folder 4 –  Lecture script re: Tilt Mill at Flowing Springs and; newspaper photos and articles on properties.  Copy of 1967 Indenture for 59.843 acres property from Sterling & Elizabeth Warners to Samuel & Eleanor Morris; Beaver Run/Camphill Special Schools, Inc. chain of deed; various copies of land deed; notes on property & genealogy; correspondence re: speaking at open house regarding renovation of school.

Folder 5 – Welkinweir, home of the Rodebaugh’s. photos, slides, correspondence and invitations, genealogy, notes, maps, articles, transcripts.  Chain of title, declaration of shipment of antiques.

Box 7 – East Nantmeal

Box 8 – East Pikeland

Box 9 – East Vincent

Box 10 – East Vincent

Box 11 – Goshen, East and West

Box 12 – Honeybrook, London Grove

Box 13 – North Coventry

Box 14 – North Coventry

Box 15 – North Coventry

Box 16 – Phoenixville/Pikeland

Box 17 – Schuylkill

Box 18 – Schuylkill

Box 19 – Schuylkill

Box 20 – Schuylkill

Box 21 – South Coventry

Box 22 – South Coventry

Box 23 – South Coventry

Box 24 – Tredyffrin/Easttown/Uwchlan

Folder 1 – Log Houses of T/E Survey; correspondence, notes, et. al.

Folder 2 – Photocopies of articles, papers, notes on papermaking and various papermills; some copies of photos; photocopy of 1738 Uwchlan property on east side of Brandywine and photocopy of 1738 document for Vincent township properties on the Schuylkill.

Folder 3 – Templin Family info.

Folder 4 – Lionville Historic District w description and statement of significance; map; copy of petition for Lionville’s Borders, 1738; description/list of properties in Lionville H.D.;   NRHP of 15 bldgs (2 copies); Qtr Sessions 1726; Coatesville Record article on historic preservation of Lionville 1/19/1981; DLN article, Lionville school  n.d.; revolutionary war timeline bundled with Ezekiel Leonard deed 1789 and misc. articles.

Folder 5  –Brochure on Lions Share Inn; Dennis Whelen Homestead; Red Lion Tavern State Registry included in LHD, 2 photocopies of Tavern.

Folder 6  – Envelope  for Uwchlan C.T.; Photocopies of John Palmer indenture, 10/17/1729 (fading).  Chain of title 1729-1940 to W. & P. Robinson (fading); PARS Form for Robinson Estate. PHRS From for House, part of Mary Ann Forge; PHRS for A. Burigatto Vickers Pottery;  Article on Vickers Tavern, the Burigattos, DLN 10/19/99; 2 articles on Anna B. Temple Diaries w photos and 1992 addendum; ChesCo A.I.Form and PHRS Form for Mary Ann Forge House and Barn; Architectural drawing of Philips Ancestral Home by S. Brody; Ltr to Knauer & Carr from Ed Weintraub, State Historic Preservation Officer RE: Philips family home; Donation Envelope “Uwchlan Conservation Trust, Inc.”; ltr from E. Bauer 11/30/93; 2 copies of ltr to Edwin Bauer from E. Cremers 2/14/1994. 

Folder 7 – Correspondence from Suzy Brody 11/1/92; Correspondence from Wendy Bonavito 11/11/98; from Ed Bauer 9/13/88; to Susannah Brody from J. Davidson 11/5/87; U.T. 4/4/89; List of Township property registrations 3/27/89; CC Historical Sites Survey May key Uwchlan 6 pgs.; Uwchlan T.H.C. Analysis of the Congdon Property; Bill to HCUT; List of properties within housing developments and notes regarding them; UT property owned by Shared Medical, Inc., w copies of photos.

Folder 8 – Info on Joseph Piccone “Happy Days” Farm and Samuel Butler “Milky Way” Farm w copies of photos; papers on the Dienna Property w analysis; lts from Edwin Bauer; CCHI form for house at Dowlin Forge which was used as a station house on the Brandywine Railroad; PHRF Edward Matlavage house; PHRS Ogden Nash, Exton; Edward Matlavage, Chester Springs; Phillips Street, Chester Springs; Wm Armstrong, Exton; Bernard Hankin, Moore Farm, Exton; St. Paul’s UCC Church, Exton; White School, Exton; Elmer Matthews, “Milky Way” Farm, Lionville; Wm Smith, Exton; Baird Estate, Lionville; Joseph Weaver, Downingtown; Paper on Clover Lea Farm.

Folder 9 – receipt for services 1989; map  for 136 buildings surveyed, highlighted for key; 1988 Uwchlan Twp map 5 copies; 1988 Government Directory; “A History of Dowlin Forge” originally known as Mary Ann Forge. Brody, Susannah. UTHC, 1991.  Booklet.; Certificate for John Dowlin Property 1987, J. Davidson; ltr to J. Davidson from Doug Hanley, Twp. Supervisor 1987 re: Wayne Clapp ltr. And Young family property; certificate for Henry Acker Farm 1988; Housing units construction current and planned w map & population May 1987; minutes of UTHC December 1979; copy of articles w photos on Uwchlan school house and teachers, CCL Nov. 18, 1990.

Folder 10 – Lionville; various notes, notes from Susan Brody,  photocopies, maps, et. al.

Box 25 – Upper Uwchlan

Folder 1 – Copy of Historic Resource Inventory U.U. Twp, 2001; Photocopy of Ches Co Historic Sites Survey Photo Log.  Copy of article from Village Record April 10, 1869 RE: Lesley & Ada Philips Farm, Photocopy of newspaper picture of the Millford Mills.

Folder 2 – Transcript of Deed Keely to Keely 8/25/1795.  Notes and Chain of Title for the Keely Farm.  Photocopy of ophan’s court petition of Rebecca Keely, Widow and heirs of John Keely, 1852.

Folder 3 – Chain of Title and deed searches for Richard & Elizabeth Kerber; Johnathan Coates/Richard Evans Mill;  Smedley Mill; Dunham & Edith Hollister.  Ashton/Dorlan’s Mill.

Folder 4 – Document/info on Butler-Couch House; Peter Stitler Complex; Fellowship Farm; 1998 clipping on Route 100.

Folder 5 – Copy of booklet “The Way it Was,” by R.A. Moore which is about Byers Station.  U.U. Twp. Map Oct. 2004.  Chain of Title St. Andrews Lane, Potts – Buckwalter property.  Photocopies & transcript on Pritchet.  Articles on the Moore Century Farm, and new homes at “The Reserve” in U.U.

Folder 6 – William Denny farm reports, photocopies, genealogy, maps and chain of title.  Correspondence w Doris Grassi 10/21/1988.

Folder 7 – “Deed Searches for the Village of Eagle” UUT, Tri-County Heritage Society. w copies of maps, documents, chain of title, et. al.; narrative for the Butler-Couch house w related documents; chain of title for Eagle Tavern/Hotel.

Folder 8 – Civil War lists, Militia lists, Veterans listings, bounty info, copy of application for burial of deceased soldier; newspaper clippings.

Folder 9 – newspaper clippings on Simpson’s Store, Moore garage, 8/27/1981; photocopy of articles on Eagle history in the 1800s.

Folder 10 –  “Byers: East of ‘the Eagle’” Village was last stop on the line. Paul, Barbara. The Mercury 3/16/1987, w photos of Margaret Lumis and Jim Wait, copy; history notes, copies of more newspaper clippings.

Folder 11 – Fairmont Creamery. Newspaper clippings. Notes.

Folder 12 – Font, Milford Mills. Typed transcript of The Story of Font, DLN 1931 (and a copy); notes on Font; typed transcript of advertisements of properties for sale in Upper Uwchlan 1800s; copies of newspaper clippings  and notes re: Font; chain of title for Font area; Saul’s stocking factory articles;  “The Denny/Krauser/Styer Farm” research by E. Cremers; notes.

Box 26 – Upper Uwchlan

Folder 1 – Upper Uwchlan Township by Estelle Cremers. Paper and spiral bound research paper/book.

Folder 2 – Correspondence, receipts for book.

Folder 3 – 2 copies of book; notes; maps; photocopies, et. al.

Folder 4 – Photocopy of Horace E. Snyder’s autograph album, student at Edgefield Institute, Little Conestoga Road, UU.  Note reads:  “original album photocopied with permission of Horace E. Snyder’s granddaughter – Emma Hughes Smith.”; newspaper article re: Larry Smith, superintendent of March Creek State Park, May 1, 1997, with photo.

Folder 5 – Uppattinas School and Resource Center booklet, 1996. History of the school (p1,3 &4); “A Farm in Uwchlan” by Ross M. Griffiths, re: the McClure brothers farm, the Greenbank School and Uppattinas.; Windsor School brochure and notes regarding education; notes from Register of Pupils of Dolby Public School.

Folder 6 – History of Mt. Pickering Lodge No. 446 – 100th anniversary; notes on Pickering Lodge, patrons of Husbandry, and F & A.M. Lodge #446; map of Eagle Area Farms 1940s; Marsh Creek State Park photos of dam, construction plans, park info, list of personnel, et. al; copy of Delaware River Basin Commission decision on Chester County Water Resources Authority, 1966; Marsh Creek Dam and Reservoir Project, Interim Report June 22, 1964; Report on the application to build dam across Marsh Creek, 1968; copy of report on dam safety program; copy of article on Milford Mills, PI May 15, 1988, w photos of Park Ranger Downing; ltr from Mel Cohen to Gov. Shafer asking that there not be a race track in Upper Uwchlan, March 7, 1968; history on area near Marsh Creek Dam site; info on McClure Mansion; photo of Byers rr station; misc. maps.

Folder 7 – July 19, 1943, article recalling Texas Eastern’s laying of the “Big Inch” pipeline through Eagle to Phoenixville; clippings on Lyndell Oil; clippings on TE booster station at Conestoga Rd & Milford Rd; clippings on twp. zoning supervisors; article on Max “Boo Boo” Hoff, East Branch Citizen 5/28/80; research re: Fox hunting in U.U.

Folder 8 – miscellaneous research materials; maps, documents, et. al.

Folder 9 – miscellaneous research materials; maps, et. al.

Box 27 – Warwick

Folder 1 – Report on Progression of Structural Changes to Coventry House 1733 – 1960, Estelle Cremers, November 4, 2003. Copies and notes.

Folder 2 – picture of watercolor of Warwick Furnace Latrobe. Copy of news article “Iron region joins rolls of history,” by Catherine Quillman, Inquirer May 14, 1995 with photo of Estelle Cremers and Piersol’s Grove.  Correspondence w Mr. & Mrs. Clyde W. Summers, March 26, 1993, re: Campbell Soup Tract; Press Release-Draft re: North Warwick Historic & Archaeological District. w notes; Copy of Campbell Soup ltr to Mr. & Mrs. Norman Styer, Sr. March 30, 1993; List of properties and owners; NR process in PA sheet for Warwick Historic & Archaeological District.

Folder 3 – Map Warwick Historic & Archaeological District. w NRHP description, attached prehistoric archaeological sites North Warwick – 3 copies w fold out map.

Folder 4 – St. Peters Walking tour – guided script; self-guided tour booklet; map; building list.

Box 28 – West Caln, West Nantmeal and Misc.

Folder 1 – West Caln Township Historical Commission announcement of community commemoration of the 225th Anniversary of the American Revolution with a self-guided tour of historic structures.  (2002); map for tour “Patriots, Loyalists & Quakers on the Back Side of the Mountain,” w description of properties on reverse.

Folder 1 –West Nantmeal August 12, 1998 historical commission meeting agenda with old and new business reports; agenda for October 14, 1998 mtg w correspondence from E. Cremers regarding meeting and property search  how-to for researchers.

Folder 2 – large photo of Brookdale Farm; property map of WNant. Twp.; list of properties and PHRS form with 28 completed property forms including mills, furnaces and Langoma; typed transcript of 1764 document “against Denision”.

Folder 3 – misc. notes; biography of Ada Fleming Ford; various notes on properties; copy of 1883 deed Shingle & Dengler to Wilmington & Northern RR Co.; HABS Isabella Furnace; w photo; copy of various pgs. from “Down the Eastern and Up the Black Brandywine,” W.W. MacElree. Chain of deed attached; CCAI form for “Leiberman,” Isabella Furnace; Transcript and document. Photo of Lewis Mill 1898 with picture of Forrest West (?) and Mabel Keenan; copy of np clip Loag’s Corner Post Office, Honeybrook Herald; color copy of photo of Barneston Bridge.

Folder 4 – Chester County Misc.

Folder 5 – Chester County Misc., and other states.

Box 29 –  Indian Sites, Slavery

Folder 1 – Cadzow, Donald A. Archaeological Studies of the Susquehannock Indians of Pennsylvania. Safe Harbor Report No. 2, Publications of Pennsylvania Historical Commission, V. III., Harrisburg, 1936.

Folder 2 – Notes on Anne B. Hare (Nurse) and her thoughts on appearances of Indians, “Poltergeists or not,” “Chief Dancing Sky” and “Three Feathers”  and Annie Yocum.

–          Business Card for W. Thomas Waters, Hibernia County Park Superintendent.

–          Handwritten notes on Indian History, which mentions on pg. 3 “Conestoga was a major trading center for Seneca, Susquehannocks and other local Indians.  1st deeds for land in the Conestoga area were all to Indian Traders.  1720 – French established trading post on the Niagara.  Trade continued until about 1740 at Conestoga.  Depletion of fur-bearing animals and westward push of settlers. 

–          Geologic Pamphlet regarding Delaware, Lenni Lenape, Conestogas, etc., Notes read “pg. 17 By the end of 18th century – complete termination of any native Indian Cultures in Pennsylvania.”

–          Notes on Indian Contracts, authors, book illustrator, speakers, etc.

–          Notes on French Creek State Park Base Camps & Villages; The Jacob Farm Site.

–          From PHMC, Roads & Map Reference and Weslager, C.A.  “Red Man on the Brandywine”

Folder 3 – Notes from Warrantee Survey “p.57 At one time there was a considerable Indian population in the Phnxv area (…between mouth of Fr. Ck & Valley Creek)”

–           Notes from: Kent, Barry C. Susquehanna’s Indians. Anthropological Series #6, PHMC 1984. Regarding the Conestoga and Susquehannock. (see Folder 6 for booklet)

–          Note “…Archaic period Indians 8000 B.C. to 1000 B.C., occupied intermittently in Warwick Twps.” and more.

–          Pamphlet: McCann, Catherine Pennsylvania Archeology:  An Introduction.  1983, Historic Pennsylvania Leaflet No. 31.

–          2 photocopies of “Archaeological Description of Old Iron Country National Register Historic and Archaeological District.”  One copy with notes.

–          Millar, Robert J. Prehistoric Artifacts of the Schuylkill Valley.  Reading Area Community College.  Photos of stone artifacts with location of find and remarks.

–          Newspaper article: “Wellsboro Man Makes Special Arrowhead Finds in County.”  Wed., August 29, 1984.  (no newspaper name given)

Folder 4 – Jehle, P. A. and Carr, K. W.  The Southeast Pennsylvania Upland Archaeological Project:  Intrasite Analysis of Plowzone Sites.  May 1983.  Gives information on Evansburg State Park, Black Rock Farm, French Creek State Park, Jacob Farm, Spohn Site, Summit Level Farmsite, Jacobsburg State Park and Dale Prinkey.

Folder 5 – Indian Sites.  Includes notes, contacts, etc., Typed transcript of phone conversation with Marshall Becker, a descendent of Lenape, professor at WCU.  Lists Lenape contacts (2 pages)

–          3 pages Pennsylvania Archaeological Site Survey, PHMC, for site “Dorrance I’, Northside Road, Elverson, Warwick Township.

–          The Legend of the Spade Gang.  Copy of a story of West Hollow, 4 pages.

–          Photocopy:  Kraft, Herbert C. and Kraft, John T. The Indians of Lenapehoking.  n.d. with Bibliography.

Folder 6 – Photocopy:  Kent, Barry C. ed., Susquehanna’s Indians.  (see Folder #3 for reference to booklet). 

–          Photocopy of paper written by:  Morris, Eleanor, July 23, 1992.  The Native Americans. 4 pages.

–          Map “1980 Open Space and Historic Preservation, Watersheds of the French and Pickering Creeks,” with notations.

Folder 7 – Photocopy and fax to Estelle Cremers regarding a Sensitivity Survey for registered sites within the vicinity of the marsh intersecting with Marsh Creek.  Notations on map (3 pages) and blank photocopies of maps.

–          Photocopy of information regarding Indians from Charles Jacob in 2002 to Estelle.  10 pages.

–          Various newspapers articles from The Daily Republican, Phoenixville, PA

–          Historic Pennsylvania Leaflet No. 32, Chief Cornplanter.  2 copies

–          Historic Pennsylvania Leaflet No. 24, The Walking Purchase. 2 copies

–          Photocopies of Map Early Indian Trails and Villages, Chester County Planning Commission.

–          Photocopy:  Johnson, E., Indian History of the Schuylkill and Perkiomen Valleys.  The Perkiomen Region, Vol. XII – Nos. 3 & 4, October 1984.  3 pages.

Folder 8 – Pennsylvania Archaeologist. Vol. 51, Dec. 1981. No. 4.  Includes map of 18th Century Indian towns in Pennsylvania.

Folder 9 – Record of Slaveholders around 1780.  Photocopy of An Act for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery. A handwritten transcript of Chester County record of slaveholders, locations, slaves’ names and their ages.  (This includes current Delaware County as the county was not divided until 1790.)

–          Photocopy of William Gibbons, prothonotary  , statement and signature, 1793.

–          Photocopy of Isaac Gilpin’s signature, 1794.

–          Photocopy:  p. 76 – 143. Salnger, Sharon. Labor and Indentures Servants in Pennsylvania 1682-1800.  Cambridge University Press, 1987.

Box 30  Iron Industry

Folder 1 – Graphite – notes one Jones Mines, Crosley Mines (graphite kaolin, train schedule, Jos. Rogers pottery), George Heckner, Paul Bemner, Isabella Furnace. Brochure on Oil Industry Drake Well, David Harris “Pioneer Run” in Titusville; Ore Reduction plant, Chester Spgs, PA; Defense Plant Corp – PLANCOR 1254 Photocopy and notes; Copies of photos of Acme Graphite Co., Byers.

Folder 2 – History of Phoenix Iron Works, 2 copies;  Newspaper articles on Phoenix Iron.  Copy:  “Forges and Furnaces” booklet.  “Iron and Steel in America” Hagley Museum booklet.  Outline Iron Industry by Carole Epler;  Letter from Dan (Graham?) and booklet “Early Charcoal Iron Forges and Furnaces in Chester County, PA” Draft January 1, 2005. Draft “Isaac Potts and the Valley Forge ‘Washington at Prayer’ Legend.

Folder 3 – Copy of “Morris, Foxall and the Eagle Works:  A Pioneer Steam Engine Boring Cannon” by Charles E. Peterson.  Photocopy Iron in the Pines – Chapter 2 “The Furnace in the Forest.”  Photocopy “Early Ironmasters of Pennsylvania.” Notes on some reading (in which E. Cremers claims the author is all wrong).  Photocopies regarding Frederick Sheeder –German Steel and Futhey & Cope.  Finalize Copy of this Treatise.

Folder 4 – Notes on Ligionier Valley Iron Furnace (Westmoreland Co.). Windsor Forge.  Photocopy of article “1812 Washington Furnace.” Photocopy notes on Windsor Forges;  Newspaper clippings from Altoona, Mercury, and Tricounty papers and CCHS files.  August 1979 conclusions, 2 copies.

Folder 5 – Short History of Phoenix Steel, Claymont, DE (typed letter). Berks County conservancy News Charming Forge, 1994, and Tea Invitation; 2 copies of 1985 Lippincott’s Magazine 1873 p. 9-26 “Iron Bridges….”.  photocopy from G. Cope collection.

Folder 6 – Reading Furnace article 1915, Reading Eagle.  Slitting Mill 1786 Lease for Persifor Frazer-Forge and  Potts- Mill w transcript.  Folder on Mines – Jones, Warwick, Steele.  Info from Leininger.

Folder 7 – Correspondence with David Ingram.  Notes and photocopies of materials regarding Thomas Baylies and the Coalbrookdale Furnace.

Folder 8 – Notes from Thomas Diehl.    Baer, Christopher. Guide to History and Records of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation.   Photocopies of “Chapter VI – The Iron Industry of Chester County by Stewart Huston” with bibliography.


Folder 9 –  Copy:  Soulliard, Sue Kohl. Charcoal Making, Spring 1999, Journal of the Berks County Genealogy Society.  Charming Forge – photocopy of article “Historic Places to Visit in Berks County” by Koehler,  Ray, Historical Review of Berks County, Summer 1961.  Mentions other forges as well.  Colebrookdale – photocopy of article “Colebrook – “Mother” of Pennsylvania’s Iron Industry,” by Schultz, G. W., Historical Review of Berks, Co., October 1944.

Folder 10 –  Gilbralter Forge – Photocopy of original documents pertaining to forge from the Berks County Agricultural Center County Annex, 3 documents.  Loxley, Benjamin – information on him, typed and photocopies.  He cast cannonballs during the Revolutionary War, among other business ventures.

Folder 11 – Isabella Furnace and Rebecca Furnace – 2 copies of National Register of Historic Places Registration form.  Copy of “Chester County, A Travelers Album” by Euguene L. DiOrio (one autographed).  Article w photos of Langoma, home of Joseph  Potts.  Newspaper article from the Mercury Local regarding Rebecca Furnace.

Folder 12 – Newcomen Society Copy of “Early Refining of Pig Iron in England” by Schubert, H. R. 1952.  Letter from Suzy Brody regarding article 12/20/1993.  Photocopy: report on Elizabeth Furnace, author unknown.  Photocopy: Savage, Wilbert N.  Early Blast Furnaces. Game News, March 1977.  Photocopy: “The Manufacture of Iron….” Overman, Frederick. Phila, 1850.  Pgs. 150-165. Book in CCHS collection.  4 pgs. of misc. handwritten notes.

Folder 13 – Joanna Furnace – Pamphlets, newspaper clippings and photocopies of the History of Berks County in Pennsylvania, Montgomery County. Jonathan Jones. Cornwall Furnace – Pamphlets and newspaper clippings. Dale Iron Works 1791-1822 – photocopy of article from Historical review of Berks County, July 1949, pgs. 98-104.  Article has some photos.

Folder 14 – Reading From certificate from PHMC, May 21, 1997. 4 copies.

Box 31  Iron Industry

Folder 1 – Misc. Notes. Copy:  Iron Country Tour 1968, E. J. Heydiner.  Folder on The National Iron and Steel Heritage Museum.  Typed notes and handwritten notes regarding research on forges and other projects.  “The Perkiomen Region, Past & Present,” Sept. 1894-April 1901. Pg. 46  Pig Iron Marketed in 1738-39.

Folder 2 – 2 copies:  Lukens Report:  Remarkable Past – Promising Future. DiOrio, Eugene.  (One copy autographed by author).  1 copy OCHS Journal, Vol. 16, Nov. 1, 1987. Bookmarked article page 37 “Lost in the Forest of Dean” by Richard Allen.  Folders on Lukens, Coatesville and HABS Survey.  Copy of article “There was difficulty and danger on every side…The Family and Business Leadership of Rebecca Lukens .” By Judith Scheffler, WCU. Clippings, etc.

Folder 3 – The Durham Iron Works, Durham Twp, Bucks Co., PA.  Fackenthals, B. F. 1932, copy;  The Local Historian, 2006, Vol. 36, No. 2, Tri-county Heritage Society; copy DLN article, Downingtown Mill scene, 9/13/1979; copy DLN article, The Pollock Mill, 1/31/1980; copy PI article, Exploring Heartland – Casually (Eagle Iron Works), 9/24/1978; Tri-county Record, 6/9/2006, Lukens District; copy Reading Eagle article, 9/19/1982, and sketch of Newlin grist mill: copy article Gunkly Mill, East Whiteland, 6/19/1979; article Lightfoot Mill (Anselma), West Pikeland Twp., re: O. Earnest Collins, 3/14/1978; article Rome Mill, Lititz, PA, 9/29/1977; article Eshelman Mill, Lancaster, PA,  4/22/1978; copy of Iron Workshop Newsletter, June 1987; copy Specific Evaluation of Robesonia Furnace Historic District, Berks Co. 11/21/1985; copy of The Manufacture of Iron…, Overman, Frederick, 1850.; copy of “Working Agreements: The Use of Subcontracting in the Pennsylvania Iron Industry 1725-1789,” Kennedy, Michael V., Michigan State U., n.d.; copy of Archaeology, etc., book 2.  W notes mentioning “Genesis 4:22 Tubal-Cain..’to have been an instructor of workers in iron and copper.’ Iron was used to make weapons and tools in the time of David.”  And other notes/sections on the earth’s core, and iron and steel.

Folder 4 – David Thomas: Iron Man From Wales, Williams, Peter N., Natl Welsh-American Foundation, 1995. booklet; article from the Morning Call on Thomas and The Hokendauqua plant, Lehigh Valley. Ltr from J. Davis regarding article, 2/14/1995; Reply to Jane from Estelle, 2/18/1995; notes; article Forged in Bondage, Slaves helped two PA ironmakers succeed, author says re: William Weaver, Thomas Maybury.

Folder 5 – Hopewell Furnace.  Booklets, brochures, articles, archaeological surveys, NRHPI, diagrams of the furnace and properties.

Folder 6 – Hopewell Furnace. Statement for management, 1981; articles, 1993 final report on Vegetation, Edaphic, and Historical Analysis of Charcoal Hearths at Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site, Pennsylvania. Notes, correspondence US Dept. of Interior, NPS; copy of newspaper photo article on plantation heyday, The Mercury, June 1, 2003; NPS Photostat on the CCC Camp at Hopewell; pamphlet; Society for Industrial Arch. Newsletter, Winter 1987, #4, Forest Service Saves 1886 Charcoal Kilns; Summer Camp at Hopewell; Informational Brochures on properties at Hopewell and activities such as sheep shearing; Report on Hopewell by Eleanor Morris w n.p. photocopy; notes.

Box 32 Iron Industry, Non Chester County

Folder 1 – Berks County, Mt. Pleasant Furnace; “Courtesy of Edward Quinter 1997.”  Photocopies of property boundaries, forge, house and mill locations, notes. Plot of the original Goshenhoppen Mission Property.

Folder 2 – Berks County, Pine Grove; Pine Forge Mansion and Industrial Site National Register Notification Process in PA Sheet, June 2003; Copies of Photos and maps for NRHP process; additional notations by E. Cremers for NRHP process.

Folder 3 – Berks County, Structures, “Cazille,” Brecknock Twp; 6 color photos of house and barn; copy of Brecknock Township history with family names; chain of title; description of property; transcript of water rights 1795; map; copy of indenture; 2 copies of deeds 1827, 1835, 1914; copy maps Brecknock; transcripts of deed 1873; notes on other property owners; early land warrants; business card for Sandra Stief; bill for charges 1996; notes.

Folder 4 – Berks County, Structures, Mr. Dietrich, Albany Twp; memo to Mr. Dietrich 1995; notes; photocopy of newspaper article Lancaster Farming, 2/27/1999, “Dietrich’s Meats Sells Fresh From the Farm”; ltr from B. Campbell 1995; genealogy of the Allemangel Area of Berks and Lehigh counties; copy of a couple of different church records; notes and more photocopies of some deeds.

Folder 5 – Berks County, Structures, Kramer Estate and Dietrick Farm; Photos B & W Dietrick Farm?; Postcard from Barbara Campbell; receipts and letters; photocopy History of Berks County; Map Valentine Brobst Tract 1817; photocopies land survey and documents; narrative history  of Marlin Dietrich home w documents; notes; chain of title w map and notes.

Folder 6 –Lancaster County, Iron Industry, Poole Forge, Caernarvon Twp. history pamphlet;  NRHP registration form and description.

Folder 7 – Lancaster County, Iron Industry, White Chimneys, Slaymakers; Full spread magazine article, section “To See America,” entitled  Houseful of Our History on White Chimneys with color photos by Nina Leen.

Folder 8 – Lancaster County, Structures, Klein Barn, Lititz.; correspondence, typed description and check list for Bureau for Historic Preservation NR Nomination, 1982.

Folder 9 – New Jersey, Iron Industry, ”Of Batsto and Bog Iron,” Boucher, Jack E., 1964, The Batsto Citizens Advisory Committee, Laureate Press, Egg Harbor City, NJ.; article Altoona Mirror, 10/9/1988 “Iron-making village lurks with history.”; photocopy of “The Howell Works Restoration – The Deserted Village at Allaire,” June 1971.

Folder 10 – England, Iron Industry, “Men and Mining in Warwickshire” White, A.W.A., Coventry Branch of the Historical Association, 1970, Coventry and North Warwickshire History Pamphlets: No. 7.

Box 33 Navigation Chester County and Non-Chester County, Properties

 Folder 1 – copies of documents re:  Art School Road/Chester Springs Road 1820s.;  Coventryille Historic District NRHP inventory nomination form with description and maps.; Oaks Canal Dam #26, photocopies. Notes.

Folder 2 – copy “The Schuylkill,” Nolan, J. Bennett. Rutgers Univ. Press, 1951.; chain of title Schuylkill Navigation Company, Mon Clare, Lock # 60 & 61, Port Providence Lock #61.; notes; maps; “The Old Schuylkill Canal,” Shrawder, Joseph. 1957. 2 copies and copy of original paper.

Folder 3 – copy of Will of John Jacobs, Schuylkill Navigation Co., w transcript & map; list of boatmen and their ages, Upper Providence 1850, 1860,1870 census; notes and photocopies of documents; 12 copies of map drawings (2 in color 10 b/w) of Schuylkill River and navigation related locations.

Folder 4 – Typed notes, essay, and conclusions; NRHP Inventory nomination form Oakes Reach Section (drafts); correspondence; material on Schwart’s Locks #57 and description of lock keeper procedures.  Info on PRR Schuylkill Division; article “Canal history comes to life for Oaks fifth grader,” Elliott, Shirley, regarding Richard Pawling, canal boat Captain John Hummel reenactor. Article regarding “tramps,”  “Paths Varied for Another Era’s Jobless.” By Kennedy, Joseph S., Phila. Inq. 1/28/96.; 2 receipts for shipments, 1886; article regarding Fricks Locks and other articles; copy of article re: Erie Canal from “Bulletin of the Business Historical Society,” pgs. 6-18.; copy of essay “Spring City- Royersford” by Postell, Pamela; copy of news re: Phoenixville urging restoration  of area between Route 113 and Perkiomen Creek.

Folder 5 – Delaware and Raritan Canal, NJ, map, notes and articles, one of which tells of two Trenton  boys who drowned skating on the canal.

Folder 6 – NRHP registration form, description, diagram,  Schall House, Green Lane, Mont. Co. (near Perkiomenville).

Folder 7 – Montgomery County, Lower Salford Twp., Historic Resource Survey, USGS Quadrangle Maps, UTM Coordinates of Resources, August 1993.  Contains geological survey map and property location maps.

Folder 8 – Montgomery County, Lower Salford Twp., chain of title for Henry Ruth; photocopy of original documents; transcript  and copy of land of indenture of Jacob Prise to Abraham Prise; copy of last will and testament of J. Rudolph Harly 1809; additional indentures and documents; copy of petition of Price Homestead Association and Kriebel estate inventory.

Folder 9 – Montgomery County, Lower Salford Twp., receipts, notes; chain of title for Christian and Jacob Bergey 1879; chain of title Abraham and Elizabeth Gerges 1776; transcript of tracts and parcel numbers w names.

Folder 10 – Montgomery County, Lower Salford Twp., chain of title for Christian & Catharine Holdaman to Jacob Waganer, 1799; chain of title James Steel/Christian Weyerman 1729; Alderfer/Allenbach/Rosenberger chain of title; et. al.; photocopies of indentures, etc.; chain of title to Valentine Kratz 1734 (New Life Boy’s Ranch); receipts and notes.

Folder 11 – Montgomery County, Lower Salford Twp.,  receipts and notes; chain of title Alderfer/Groff Grist Mill Tract 1842; chain of title search for #169, 170,172, 173.

Folder 12 – Montgomery County, Lower Salford Twp., receipt for research by J. Davidson; chain of title search #155 163, 7, 8, 164, 166, 2; chain of title search #165 w copies of documents.

Folder 13 – Montgomery County, Lower Salford Twp., receipts; memos to/from J. Davidson; chain of title Baptist Mennonite Meeting, 1738; chain of title Penns to Henry Ruth, 1728; chain of title search #192, 193, 194, 202, 203 (Price Cemetery)205, 12, 65, TBS-1 (related to 205), 403, et. al. and documents;  deed to German Baptist Society called The United Brethren, 1806, w copy;  copies of documents.

Folder 14 – Montgomery County, Lower Salford Twp., list of properties, tax map # and owner in 1995; fax 2 pages; bill for research;  fax list of properties; notes.

Folder 15 – Montgomery County, Upper Gwynedd Twp. “Upper Gwynedd Twp. Centennial 1891-1991” Merck, Sharp & Dohme Graphic Services; Map of properties, outlined; bill; chain of title for properties in the Sumneytown Pike Project;

Box 34 Non-Chester County, Delaware County, and Miscellaneous

Folder 1 – Radnor “A Rare and Pleasing Thing: Radnor Demography (1798) and Development.” Cummin, Katharine Hewitt, Owlswick press, Phila., 1977. Photocopy of book. Pgs. 1-77.

Folder 2 – Cummin bk cont., pgs. 78-227.

Folder 3 – Cummin bk conclusion, pgs. 228-463. 1 page of notes.

Folder 4 – newspaper clippings, reference helps on property research; copy of The National Register for Historic Places.  Copy of Photographic standard for the NRHP; Table of Chester County Twps; list of Chester County Mills, compiled by Clarence D. Clapper, Telford, PA; 1976 Directory List of CC properties pgs. 77-100 plus 1 page additions; 2002 NR Listed and Eligible Properties, PHMC, Bureau for Historic Preservation.  Other notes, correspondence, et. al.

Biographical materials

The following folders contain notes, photocopies, geneaology, et. al.  Some also contain booklets, publications, magazines and photographs.

Box 35 – A-B

–          Baugh and allied families; Bender, Benner, Bergey, Bingaman, Boyer (Phnxv.-VF),Bozart (Buzzard) Enger-Bastler, Brinton 1704, Brookdale Farm see Keenan, Brower union Twp. Berks Co., Murphy – Ann Brown(e), Brown Family, Brown, Brown Family, Brownback, Buckwalter, Bull, Bull – Thomas family,Bunn, Butler.    

Box 36 – C

–          Care, Chrisman, Clemens, Christie, Cloud, Cloyd, Coates, Cook, Cope – family. Cope – Abiah, Corl, Correll, Cosgrove-Cope E. Bradford Twp., Creesman.

Box 37 – D

–          Dampman, Dasher, David – (Funk, Clothier, Morris), Davis, Dewees, Dolby, Dannenhouer – Godfrey, Donafelter – Wendel, Drexel – Gottlieb, Dupont, Duyckinck (Knowles, Polly)

Box 38 – E-F,  Folders 1 -10

–          Ecker, Emrey/Emery, Evans (negative of house), Evans, Ewing, Eyrich,

Fertig, Fitzpatrick (James), Fleming/Ford, Forsythe, Francis, Benjamin Franklin (fireproofing housing, fires, stoves), Funk, Frank Furness (biography), Furloy.

Box 39 – G

–          Galt, Gates (Theophilus – the Battle Axes), Goldfarb (Rhoads/Body), Graham (of Honeybrook), Grier (David West), Griffen (autobiography of John Griffen Pennypacker), Griffith (Nantmeal branch Ches. Co. 1716), Griffith, James Wilson, Grubb (Love), Guest.

Box 40 – H

–          Hager, Hall (Elias), Harlan (Dr. Roby), Harley, Hartman (Supiot Farm), Hartman, Harvey (Rev. Samuel), Hayes, Heffelfinger, Helfferich, Hench (see Riece/Pennypacker), High (Hock), Hiester-Hench, Himes (Isabelle), Hockley, Hoffman, Hoofman-Hoffman (George), Holbe-Boyer, Holbe-Houck, Holbe-Swinhart, Hollenbach (George), Hook, Houck, Houpt, Hunsberger.

Box 41 – J-K

–          Jenkins, John (James), Jones (of St. Marks and Honeybrook), Jones (Jonathan), Keen (Conrad & Christinea), Keenan, Kennedy, Kennedy (Sara), Kime-Keim, Kirk, Knauer, Kulp (of Coventry), Kurtz (Rev. Christian)

Box 42 – L-M

–          Lardner, Lewis (W. Nantmeal), Liggett (and Mill), Lightfoot (Benjamin), Lightfoot (Thomas),
Lincoln, Linderman (Justice & Mary), Lisle (Clifton), Lloyd (David & Grace, Humphrey), Lloyd (Thomas), Lockheart (and McKnight), Long (Dr. Matthew & family),  Longstreth – Starr, Lumis, Lomas, Loomis, Lubold, Maitlands – Mettlens – Metlans, McCall Manor, McIlvaine, McVeagh, Meredith.

Box 43 – M-O

–          Millard, Miller, Miller (Philip 1796), Miscellaneous Geneaologies, Morgan, Morris (Phila), Mosteller, Murray (Jacob), Myers (A.C.), Neiman, Okie & Pensbury, Olwine, Orrs – Overholtz.

Box 44 – P-R

–          Painter, Parker, Paul, Pawling, Peters (Richard), Pews, Phillips, Plain (Plane), Porter, Price (Jacob), Price (Philip), Price, Pugh (Family), Pugh (Homestead w photos), Pyle, Rice (Abigail – Water Dipper)

Box 45 – S-T-U-V-W

–          Stager, Stauffer, Stauffer (Christian – Mont. Co,), Stille, Stockton, Stoner, Stubblebine, Supplee (Honeybrook), Swinehart, Talbot, Taylor, Templin, Thomas, Thomas (John and Inventory), Thomas/Painter, Todd, Tyson, Urner, Urner-Stover,V00rhes,  Walker, Walters, Wanger (George F.), Warder (Ann – Diary), Warren Point.

Box 46 – W-Y

–          Wayne (Anthony), Weimands/Winings, Wells, West, Washington (George), Whelen (John – Farm), Whisler, Whitaker (Joseph – Hopewell), Whiteside, Willson/Winnings, Wollerton Family, Yeager (E. Vincent), Yerger Estate,  Yorger House (Yorger, Veit).

Box 47 – V

Van Leer, Vaux (George)