Collection Title: Civil War Collection

Collection Number: 181

Dates of Collection: 1861-1967

Box Numbers: 2 boxes, 46 folders, 2 linear feet

RepositoryChester County History Center, West Chester, PA

Language: English

Project Archivist: Margaret Miles Baillie


The Civil War Collection consists of miscellaneous Chester County regiment related military documents, recruitment, reunions and bounty payment records that were given to CCHC over time by various donors.  Some of the county residents referred to in the documents served in regiments outside of Pennsylvania such as the Massachusetts 54th and the 123rd New York Volunteers. The collection provides a resource of names, regiments and military regulations.


During the U.S. Civil War, the County of Chester, Pennsylvania, was extensively represented.  Men served in approximately 208 Pennsylvania regiments, ten colored regiments and in twenty-six state regiments.  Fifty-two men served in the Navy, forty-two served as surgeons, and five were graduates of West Point.  Additionally, two served as US Army paymasters and seven were Army engineers.[1]  Represented in the collection are several of those regiments and their men.

[1] Harper, Doug R. Index of Civil War Soldiers & Sailors from Chester County, PA. CCHS, n.d.

Collections Scope:

The collection spans the years from 1861 to 1967 with the bulk of the manuscripts from 1861 to 1866.  It consists of Chester County regiment related military documents, recruitment, reunions and bounty payment records.  Some of the county residents referred to in the documents served in regiments outside of Pennsylvania such as the Massachusetts 54th and the 123rd New York Volunteers.

Information For Researchers:

  • Access:
    Collection is open for research
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    For permissions to reproduce or to publish, please contact the Librarian of the CCHC library.
  • Preferred Citation:
    Civil War Collection. Ms. Coll. 181. Chester County History Center Library. West Chester, Pennsylvania.
  • Acquisition Information:
    Dr. Mary H. Smith donated the Bvt. Col. D. L. Smith papers, accounts and reports on July 25, 1939.
  • Processing History:
    Processing and finding aid prepared using DACS by Margaret Miles Baillie, 2009.

Collection Arrangement:

The primary arrangement of the manuscripts is by subject series.  The secondary arrangement is chronological.

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Collections Contents:

Box 1

Series I – Regiments and Personalities

Folder 1 – Brandywine Guards – 1 item.

– Payment of donation by Board of Commissioners to Capt. John W. Nields for the Brandywine Guards.  Order No. 441, July 20, 1861.

Folder 2 – The Bucktails – 2 items.

– General Orders No. 13, October 25, 1861, from Brig. Gen. Thomas L. Kane. 2nd Brigade, 1st Div., 12th. [The Bucktails].

– Pass. July 31, 1863. Private R. Stevenson.

Folder 3  – The Regimental Association of the Bucktails, F.R.V.C. – 16 items.

– Reunion Programs.  12th, 13th, 16th.

– Reunion Orders of announcement and invitation for the 12th reunion, 1899.

– Letter from the Financial Committee regarding yearly membership dues, the annual report and the 12th Reunion.

– Booklet for the 14th Annual Reunion, Rdgway, PA, September13-15, 1900, with Roster of Survivors and Members compiled to August 1, 1901.

– Six poems by Walter L. Grayson.  Titles:  Never Again, Elizabeth Temple, Memorial Day, Boy and Dog, The Noble Brave, and Joel J.    

– Two postcards. One entitled Company H Kennett Rifles.  One entitled with picture of Joel Jackson Swayne.

– Envelope with ad and picture on it, “In Memory of the Bucktails.” Postmarked Kennett Square, September 1967.

Folder 4 – U.S. Colored Infantry. Establishment of. – 4 items.

– Receipt July 15, 1864, from W. Townsend to Thomas W. Beugless for subsistence of colored volunteers.

– Minutes of the meeting of the Committee of Finance at W. Townsend’s office regarding subsisting a company of colored men as recruits.  Proposition of Thomas H. Beugless accepted.  July 12, 1864.

– Newspaper clippings of advertisements for colored recruits. (photocopy)

– Newspaper clipping of Capt. Thomas H. Beugless’s obituary, January 16, 1866. (photocopy)

Folder 5 – U.S. Colored Infantry. 6th Regiment. – 2 items.

– Certificate of Muster of Losson L. Miller, Co. H, 6th Regiment U.S. Colored Troops. July 27, 1863.  (photocopy – original in CCHS Miller family files).

– Certificate of Muster of Israel Miller, Co. A, 6th Regiment U.S. Colored Troops. July 27, 1863.  (photocopy – original in CCHS Miller family files).

Folder 6 – U. S. Colored Infantry. 25th Regiment. – 3 items.

– Discharge Certificate of Jeremiah Ford, Co. A, 25th Regiment.  December 6, 1865. 

– Certificate of Discharge Certificate of Jeremiah Ford, Co. A., 25th Regiment. November 11, 1911.

– Pension Certificate, No. 470,049, of Jeremiah Ford, Co. A., 25th Regiment. March 29, 1915.

Folder 7 – McCall’s Division. 4 items.

– Orders No. 6 by Gen. McCall. August 18, 1861.

– Descriptive List of Private John M. Grow, Co. E, 1st Reg.  February 27, 1862.

– Order No. 46 by Brig. Gen. McCall. Undated.

– Special Orders No. 68 by Brig. Gen. McCall. March 23, 1862.

Folder 8 – 4th Reg. PA Vols. – 1 item.

– Special Order No. 37 by Brig. Gen. McDowell.  July 20, 1861.

Folder 9 – 12th Infantry. – 1 item.

– Adam’s Express Company’s Army and Soldiers Package Express receipt.  Lt. Major H. Stacey, 12th Infantry, U.S.A.  April 28, 1862.

Folder 10 – 97th Reg. PA Vols. – 1 item.

– Payment order by Robert W. Humphrey, Fernandina, FL, to Jacob E. Humphrey.  March 13, 1862.

Folder 11 – 124th Reg. PA Vols. – 18 items.

– Call for volunteers, 124th Reg. PA

– Notes on the losses at Antietam. Undated.

– Start of a letter to Miss Lettie F. Whitehead. September 5, 1862.

– Order by Col. Joseph W. Hawley to Lt. Christman, January 9.  Undated.

– Report of pay and clothes drawn by Pvt. Emmet R. Evanson while on the rolls of the Odd Fellows Hall Hospital, Washington D.C.  November 15, 1862.

– Letter to the editor of the [Coatesville] Record from John D. Rigg, (Co. A, 8th MD Vols.) regarding the 124th.  January 20, 1863.

– General Orders No. 1 by Col. Joseph W. Hawley. January 12, 1863.

– General Orders No. 4 by Col. Joseph W. Hawley. January 29, 1863.

– Order by Col. Joseph W. Hawley to Capt. Eicholtz regarding Lt. Whitehead. January 31, 1863.

– Special Orders No. 17 by Col. Joseph W. Hawley. February 7, 1863.

– Special Orders No. 8 by Col. Joseph W. Hawley.  February 20, 1863.

– Special Orders No. 51 by Joseph W. Hawley. February 24, 1863.

– Special Orders No. 57 by Lt. Col. S. Litzenberg. February 27, 1863.

– Special Orders No. 62 by Lt. Col. S. Litzenberg. March 2, 1863.

– General Orders No. 8 by Lt. Col. S. Litzenberg. March 5, 1863.

– Furlough Application for Pvt. William Siverd, Co. F, 124th Reg. to visit his home in Lancaster County, by Capt. James A. Eicholtz.  March 23, 1863.  Extract by Lt. Anthony Morris re: furlough transportation. April 14, 1863.

– Special Orders No. 100 by Col. Joseph W. Hawley.  March 31, 1863.

– Letter by Brevet Major John T. Chambers of Kennett Square describing his experiences during the Battle of Antietam; written on the 58th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam. September 17, 1920.

Folder 12 – 124th Reg. PA Vols. –  15 items.

– Circular No. 10, Ordnance Office.  March 16, 1863.

– Ordnance Inventory received from Capt. James A. Eicholtz, Co. F, 124th Reg. PA Vols.  March 14, 1863.  2 pages.

– Inventory of clothes.  Undated.

– Requests for Bounty.  2 items.  Sgt. Gratz, February 21, 1863.  Sgt. William W. Potts, March 24, 1863.  George W. Ford, pension agent.

– List of men that belong to Company A, 124th Reg. PA Vols.  Undated.

– Resolution rendering tribute to the memory of Hamilton Monaghan and Charles Roxberg by Co. F, 124th PA Vols.  March 20, 1863.

– Report of losses.  Refers to getting items to the Post Quartermaster at Harper’s Ferry.  Undated. (Samuel Simes written on reverse.  Related to front?)

– List of inventory delivered by George Malin, Jr., to Capt J. Eicholtz, Co. F, 124 Reg. PA. Vols.  April 1863. 2 copies.

– Descriptive List and account of Alban Ingram, Co. F, 124th Reg. PA Vols.  February 26, 1863.

– Clothing Issued from U.S. General Hospital, Washington D.C. to Pvt. H. Bassen, Co. F, 124th Reg. PA Vols.  March 26, 1863.

– Envelope “State of Pennsylvania. Executive Office-Military Department.”  Has “Capt. Co. B” inscribed on the side.  Undated.

– Clothing Inventory, No. 52. Capt. James Barton, Jr.  Blank.

Folder 13 – 123rd New York Vols. – 1 item.

– Morning Report Form, The 123rd commanded by Col. A. C. McDougall.  March 22. Undated. Men and items are listed on the form.

Folder 14 – Special Orders No. 157 Leave of Absence for Lt. Col. D.S. Smith, 5th Army Corps. June 21, 1865. 1 item.

Folder 15 – Partial letter addressed to Brig. Gen. Seth Williams. October 4, 1862. 1 item.

Folder 16 – Pennsylvania Monument at Monocacy.  Speech given November 24, 1908. 1item.

Series II – Bounty Payments and Payments

Folder 17 – Account Books. 2 items.

– Extra Bounty Account Book, Oliver Sidwell, Jr.  Records paid bounties.  Records for many Colored Troop soldiers, Chester County men that had enlisted in other states, and widow’s applications. (See end of finding aid for partial list of names.)

– Expense Claims, Servants Pay Claims, and Ration Money Claims, Charles C. Pennypacker. 1866-1867.

Folder 18 – Civil War Bounty Payments Act 1863. 1 item.

Folder 19- Civil War Bounty Payments. February 1863. 2 items.

Folder 20 – Civil War Bounty Payments. March 1864. 2 items.

Folder 21 – Civil War Bounty Payments. April 1864. 4 items.

Folder 22 – Civil War Bounty Payments. May 1864. 3 items.

Folder 23 – Civil War Bounty Payments. June 1864. 1 item.

Folder 24 – Civil War Bounty Payments. July 1864. 1 item.

Folder 25 – Civil War Bounty Payments. August 5-18, 1864. 9 items.

Folder 26 – Civil War Bounty Payments. August 22-31, 1864. 11 items.

– August 31, 1864 document also has two signatures for September 1 and 3.

Folder 27 – Civil War Bounty Payments. September 1864. 10 items.

Folder 28 – Civil War Bounty Payments. October – November 1864. 1 item.

Folder 29 – Civil War Bounty Payments. Undated. 2 items.

– Forms partially filled out with Mrs. Harriet E. Rambo’s signature.

Folder 30 – Civil War Bounty Agent. Reuben Benard Testimony. Undated. 1 item.

– 2 pages.

Folder 31 – Handbill. Ford’s United States Bounty, Back Pay, and Pension Office, Philadelphia, PA.  George W. Ford, Pension Agent. Undated circa 1860s.

Folder 32 – Draft Handbill. Undated. 1 item.

– States: “Don’t destroy this, but give it to a friend, thereby you may SAVE YOURSELF FROM THE DRAFT.”  Lists bounties with instructions on how to enlist and thereby avoid the draft.  Capt. Chas. N. Cadwallader, 2nd Artillery, 112th PA Vols., General Recruiting Officer.

Folder 33 – Recruiting Advertisement. 4th Reg. PA Vols.  Undated. 1 item.

– Newspaper advertisement.  Captain 4th Regt., PA R.V.G. Recruiting Officer.

Folder 34 – List of men recruited by Frank Crosby, August 6, 1862. 2 items.

– West Whiteland draft booklet of Joseph  F. Hill, Deputy U.S. Marshall, 1862.

Box 2

Series III – Miscellaneous Forms and Orders

Folder 35 – Confederate States of America, House Bill No. 9. May 6, 1864. 1 item.

Folder 36 – Roll Call; Parade and Drill lists. Undated. 3 items.

Folder 37 – Inventory Ledger.  Undated. 1 item.

– “An inventory of items in Quartermaster’s store houses, shops and office; officers’ quarters; company quarters, guardhouse and offices; saw mill; corral; other memorandum receipts and issued to members of band.” Also lists surgical supplies, veterinarian supplies, hat and uniform decorations, blacksmith tools, etc.  Lists total on hand and on return.

Folder 38 – Quartermaster Form No. 10 and Account Current Form. 1861 – 1866. 8 items.

– Forms filed by Lt. D. L. Smith, A.A. Quartermaster, U.S. Army.

– 2nd qtr., 1861; June 1861; 3rd qtr., 4th qtr., 1861; 3rd  qrt 1862; Sept – Dec, 1861; January 1866.

Folder 39 – Quartermaster Monthly Summary Statements, Summary Statement, and Abstract of Contingencies. 1862; 1866. 4 items.

– Filed by Capt. D. L. Smith and Bvt. Col. D. L. Smith

Folder 40 – Quartermaster Receipts, etc. 1862; 1865; 1866.  7 items.

– Receipt from Capt. D. L. Smith to Capt. H. D. Woodruff. September 30, 1862.

– Tax on Salaries. December 1865 and January 1866. Bvt. Col. D. L. Smith.

– Receipt for Commissary Property. January 1866. Bvt. Brig. Gen. Thomas Wilson.

– Abstract of Contingencies. January 1866. Fred W. Simon, J.P.

– Affidavit of E. D. Hopkins sworn before F. W. Simon. January 31, 1866.

– Receipt for Subsistence Stores. January 2, 1866. Bvt. Lt. Col. L. W. Smith.

– Abstract of Contingencies. January 1866. S. J. Soper & Co., Auctioneers.

Folder 41 – Discharge Form. May 1863. 1 item

– Partially filled out discharge form for J. Haines Long.

– Discharge for Gibbons Stringer, 1863. 

Folder 42 – Discharge Forms. Blank. 9 items.

– 1 copy of form from the GPO dated May 15, 1861.

– 5 copies of the form AGO No. 99.

– Both forms have the Oath of Identity on the reverse.

– Certificate given to volunteers at time of their discharge to enable them to receiver their pay. 1 copy. 1 partial copy.

– Officer’s Certificate of Disability. 1 copy.

Folder 43 – Blank Forms. 9 items.

– Return of the Regimental Recruiting Party (partial)

– Quarterly Return of Clothing, Camp and Garrison Equipage.  1 full form; 1 partial.

– Quarterly Return of Ordnance and Ordnance Stores. Complete form. 3 copies.

– Invoice of Ordnance and Ordnance Stores. 1 form.

– Voucher No. 3 for Officers. 1 form. 

– Blank confederate bond. 1 form.

Folder 44 – Ephemera. 2 items.

– Ladies Aid Society event tickets, 1863, 1864.

Folder 45 – Chester Co. Soldiers’ Socks Project

Folder 46 – Coatesville Ladies Aid Society, Dr. Florence Williams, 2012


Extra Bounty Account Book, Oliver Sidwell, Jr. (Box 1, Folder 17)

Listed as joining U.S. Colored Troops:

Henry Jackson, Avondale

Joseph W. Green, Coatesville

Joseph Thomas, Coatesville

George H. Jones, Coatesville

John Henson, Coatesville

Charles Anderson, Coatesville

Joseph Jones, Coatesville

William F. Pennington, Coatesville

William H. Redman, West Chester

William Walker, West Chester

WilliamWartos, West Chester

John Thomas, Darlington Corner

James Walker, Parkersville

Daniel Reed, Kennett Square, New Garden P.O.

John T. Salsbury, Ercildoun

Henry Harris, Avondale or West Grove

James Hardy, Media

Daniel Hopkins, Coatesville

Joshua Ricketts, Kennett Square

Henry Jackson, Kennett Square

Joseph Haines, Oxford

Eliza J. Skeene, widow of Henry James Skeene

William R. Johnson’s son James Franklin Johnson

(Ranks and other information included in account book’s entries.  Regiments other than the U.S. Colored Troops are also recorded.)