Collection Title: Battle of the Brandywine

Dates of Collection: 1776-2006

Box Numbers: 3 boxes

Repositiory: Chester County Historical Society, West Chester, PA

Language: English

Collections Contents:


1. Battle of Brandywine  Folder # A

  1. Newspaper Articles ref: Lafayette’s Visit  August 1825
  2. Pamphlet “Lafayette at West Chester” July 1825
  3. 1889 Memoranda Containing Newspaper Clippings related to Battle of Brandywine Celebration
  4. Clipping from Pennsylvania Magazine of History related to British Losses at Brandywine.
  5. Letter regarding payment for monument to fallen American Soldiers in Ephrata.
  6. Pamphlet re: Battle of Brandywine

2.  Battle of the Clouds

  1. Pamphlet “ A Historical Paradox”
  2. Pamphlet “The Battle of the Clouds” (quantity 2)
  3. Paper “The Battle of the Clouds” Excerpts from Various sources, pertaining to probable location
  4. Battle of Brandywine Documents and references in the collection of the Historical  Society  Pennsylvania [ copied by Anne Cook,  Oct. 1989]
  5. 5.Rohrbeck, Benson W. “Battle of the Clouds Talk.” East Goshen Twp.’s Living History Day, September 16, 2006. 

3.  Picture of John Chadd House  [Photos transferred to photographic collection]

4.  Battle of Brandywine (Doughty, Thomas)

  1. Catalogue #311 from Carnegie Book Shop
  2. Plaza Art Auctions Galleries Public Sale no. 1517.
  3. Letter from Plaza Art Galleries to Harwood Darlington ref: Sale of Thomas Doughty Painting.
  4. Engraving of Battle of Brandywine site
  5. Booklet “The Battle of Brandywine”

5.  Battle of Brandywine (August 31, 1777 to July 7, 1778) [Letters of Major Baurmeister]

6.  Battle of Brandywine – Loyalist Records  [accounts from P.R.O ms. In London Part 2 (Loyalist records)]

7.  Battle of Brandywine “Travels in North America” [Accounts of visit to Battle of Brandywine Site in 1780 by Marquis De Chastellux”]

8.  Battle of Brandywine Reminiscence”  June 1922

9.  Battle of Brandywine Folder #B

  1. Article from Keystone Motorist  “Lafayette and The Brandywine  July 1922”
  2. Article from Keystone Motorist  “Historic Byways Around   Philadelphia”      

10.  Chandler, Elizabeth Margaret Essay   “A Legend of  Brandywine”

11.  Battle of Brandywine Folder #C

  1. Pamphlet  “Battle of Brandywine Story”
  2. Pamphlet  “ Battle of Brandywine Celebration  1915”
  3. Pamphlet  “Battle of the Brandywine” – Chester County Tourist Promotion Bureau.

12.  Battle of Brandywine  “Brandywine Battlefield’s  Summer History Program

13.  Battle of Brandywine Folder #D

  1. Papers related to Battle of Brandywine Historical Society
  2. Papers related to Pennsylvania Relations to the Battle of Brandywine

14.  Battle of Brandywine Newspaper Accounts

15.  Letter of request for information on Pennsylvania Loyalists of the Revolution

16.  Battle of Brandywine  Newspaper Articles – 1941 “New Material on the Battle of         

         Brandywine”  Dr. Charles W, Heathcote.

  1. L-1  10/30/1941
  2. L-1  11/01/1941
  3. L-2  11/01/1941 cont.
  4. L-2  11/04/1941
  5. L-3  11/06/1941
  6. L-3  11/08/1941
  7. L-4   11/08/1941  cont.

17. Battle of Brandywine, Diary of Lieutenant James McMichael of the Pennsylvania  Line,  1776-1778

18. Lafayette’s Headquarters at Battle of Brandywine  “Gideon Gilpin Property”

19.  Delaware County Historical Society

  1. Program – 1910 Celebration of Battle of Brandywine
  2. Letter

20. Battle of Brandywine Miscellaneous

21. Head, Liz   “Stories of  Battle of Brandywine Week  Sept 1777

  1. Pamphlet “ The Battle of the Clouds – 16 September, 1777” A Historical Paradox.

22. Hickman, John – Speech of Battle of Brandywine – September 11, 1860

23. Lippincott’s Magazine – September 1877  Article—  “ Brandywine 1777”

24. Montre’sor, John  “Journal of Captain John Montre’sor”

25. Battle of the Clouds

  1. Address before the Society of the Sons of the Revolution
  2. Newspaper Article re: Battle of the Clouds placement at Immaculata College
  3. Letter to Miss Margaret Hoppe from Douglas Macgannon
  4. Newspaper Article from Bicentennial Courier

26. Pleasants, Henry, Jr.  “ The Battle of the Clouds”  from “The General Magazine and Historical Chronical” July 1938.

            1.   Paper by Marr, Mathew J. May 1993

27. Paine, Thomas  “Letter to Doctor Franklin”

28. Perrins, Thomas G.  “Battle of Brandywine – or – Chadd’s Ford From “The General Magazine and Historical Chronicle” – July 1941

29. Brandywine Day (Program) Sept 11, 1893

30. Battle of Brandywine – Map

31. Battle of Brandywine – Newspaper Accounts from the Burney Collection in the British Museum..  Petitions of Loyalists

BOX 2 

32. Letters from a Hessian Mercenary

      1. The British in Chester County

33. Serle, Ambrose: American Journal   1776-1778 (extracts)

34. Associated Battalions and Militia of the Revolution  [ from PA Archives Series]

35. Battle of Brandywine – Chester County Historical Society – 1915 Celebration Items:

  1. Pin (Transferred to Museum Collection 3/88)
  2. Program
  3. Invitation

36. Campaign of 1777 from History of the United States by Emma Willard  1829

37. Revolutionary Sermon Delivered to the American Army September 10, 1777 by the Rev. Jacob Troute.

38. Washington’s Headquarters at the Battle of Brandywine:  a  Reconstruction  of the Benjamin Ring Farm – Masters Thesis of Margaret Munier

39. Battle of Brandywine – George Washington Papers and Correspondence in Library of Congress – Supplement to Microfilm – Presented by Marwood Darlington –December  1950

40. Paper by Mrs. J.T. Rothrock  “Brandywine, Paoli and Valley Forge”

41. 150th Anniversary of Battle of Brandywine [Letters]

42. Mrs. Frazer’s Philadelphia Campaign”  Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society – contains discussion of the Battle of Brandywine

43. Dairy (parts 1 & 4) of Archibald Robertson, Lt General Royal British Engineers 1762 – April 1777

44. Dairy (parts 5 & 6) of Archibald Robertson, Lt General Royal British Engineers – March  1776 – April 1777

45. Dairy (parts 7 & 8) of Archibald Robertson, Lt General Royal British Engineers – May 1777 – April 1778

46. Dairy (parts 9 & 10) of Archibald Robertson, Lt General Royal British Engineers – Campaigns 1779-1780.

47. Sullivan , Thomas (Sergeant H.M. 49th Regiment of Foot) from Brandywine to Philadelphia   [ Diary]

48. A Sermon preached on the eve of the Battle of the Brandywine..   Trout, Rev Joab [From Collections of the Historical Society of PA]

49. 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine   [press invitations]

50. 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine – Police, Parking, Ammunition – Letters of request.

51. 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine  – Airship Los Angelos and Troops – Letters of request.

52. Manuscript Sources on the Revolutionary War

53. 175th Battle of the Brandywine  September 11, 1952

54. 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine – Notes and Program  September 1927

55. 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine – West Chester Committee – September 1927  [ Letters detailing of time schedule and program]


56. 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine  – September 1927  letters of planning activities and program.

57. Civilian Damages in Birmingham Township – Battle of Brandywine  Sept. 1777 Paper by Patricia Stokes and Edward Miller – Fall 1975  [ reference to CCHS Exhibit of Fall 1975]

58. Washington’s Army in Delaware in the Summer of 1777, An Address by John P. Nields, Sept. 9, 1927  150th Anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine  

59. Magazine of American History – Washington’s Letters – Published  February 1879.

60. Washington’s Own Story of his defeat at the Brandywine.

61. Battle of Brandywine documents and references in the collection of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Copied by Anne Cook, Oct. 1989]

62. Historical Society of Berks County Article: 33rd Pilgrimage of Battle of Brandywine and campsites of the continental army in 1777.

63. Pamphlet: The Perkiomen Region [Article – From Brandywine to Valley Forge]  (2 copies)

64. Pamphlet: The Battle of Brandywine with its lines of Battle The Old Flag’s Baptism of Fire etc.

65. Pamphlet: The Battle of the Brandywine” by Charles William Heathcote 1923

66. Article: “Controversial Brandywine” by Henry Pleasants Jr. – 1952

67. Pamphlet: The field of Brandywine” by Miss Leslie  1838

68. Pamphlet:  “The Battle of the Brandywine – address by Victor C. Mather Map:   Brandywine Battlefield District  1922

69. Pamphlet: 150th Anniversary of the Battle of the Brandywine [ Address by Charles William Heathcote, Ph. D.]   

70. Hartvigsen, John M. “The Brandywine Flag.” The Flag Bulletin, No. 186. XXXVIII, 2: 1999, p. 50-68.