Traveling Trunk Program

Trunk Rental

$40/Two Week Rental

We will work together to coordinate your Two Week Rental.

We are open for pick-up/drop off of traveling trunks from Monday-Saturday 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

Traveling Trunk Topics Include:

Lenape Life – Explore the life of the Lenape, the indigenous population that lived in what is now known as Chester County.  Discover how some Lenape traditions are different from your family’s, and some are similar.  This trunk highlights important cultural themes such as story telling, games, food, and music.

Grade Level: K-5th


Revolutionary Chester County, 1777-1778 –When American and British soldiers converged on Chester County in the fall of 1777, few could imagine the dramatic impact on soldiers and civilians alike. Students will experience an artifact exploration, role-play and practice a military drill, and examine and analyze original documents. 

Grade Level: 4th -12th 


The Underground Railroad – Because Chester County is just over the Mason-Dixon Line, escapes and kidnappings of enslaved people took place right in this area. Roleplay activities decision-making challenges, and original documents help students to understand the complexities of the slavery issue in the years leading up to the Civil War. 

Grade Level: 4th -12th


Civil War – Although fighting did not happen in Chester County, residents participated in the Civil War in a number of other ways. Using primary sources and object-based learning, students will discover Chester County’s role and impact on the Civil War. 

Grade Level: 4th -12th


Horace Pippin – Born in West Chester, students discover the life and art of Horace Pippin. Students will interact with his art, learn about his process, understand the historical context of his art, and understand his impact on Chester County. 

Grade Level: K-12th

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