Scrapbooks Collection: Isaac Anderson, WWII Scrapbooks

SCRAPBOOKS COLLECTION: ISAAC ANDERSON, WWII SCRAPBOOKS Collection Title: Scrapbooks Collection: Isaac Anderson, WWII Scrapbooks Dates of Collection: August. 1939 – December. 1945 Biography: Isaac Anderson was born on April 11, 1891 and […]

West Chester Methodist Church: War Scrapbooks

WEST CHESTER METHODIST CHURCH: WAR SCRAPBOOKS Collection Title: West Chester Methodist Church: War Scrapbooks Collection Number: 205 Dates of Collection: 1917-1965 Box Numbers: Books 1-8 Repository: Chester County Historical Society Biography: During World War II […]

World War II Homefront Collections

WORLD WAR II HOMEFRONT COLLECTIONS Collection Title: World War II Homefront Collections Collection Number: 234 Dates of Collection: 1941-1952 Repositiory: Chester County Historical Society, West Chester, Pennsylvania Project Archivist: Jasmine Smith, Maddux Pearson – Intern […]

World War II Soldiers’ Collection

WORLD WAR II SOLDIERS’ COLLECTION Collection Title: World War II Soldiers’ Collection Collection Number: 214 Dates of Collection: 1940-2000 Repositiory: Chester County Historical Society Language: English, French, German, Italian Project Archivist: Jasmine Smith, Seth Wheeler, Shane […]